Andy Griffith Trivia Questions & Answers

If you seeking an Andy Griffith trivia questions & answers quiz then wait no more. A show with originality, novelty, distinctive perspective, and a broader vision. Yes, it is, in fact, the show aired a few decades ago known as “The Andy Griffith Show”. It is a sitcom created by Sheldon Leonard and produced by Danny Thomas which initially aired on CBS in 1960. Andy Griffith, the lead character on the show was featured as the justice of the peace and newspaper editor in a small town.

Even though it’s been quite some time ever since it aired initially but it is still famous even among the young ones. The concept, dialogues, idea, and the story, each and every single thing about The Andy Griffith Show is simply flawless and mind-boggling. As it is quoted “Old things are better than new things because they’ve got stories in them.” Andy Griffith’s show was one of the most popular shows which were not only popular among our ancestors but are also famous in today’s generation.

Literally, older television dramas and sitcoms were far better than the ones created and produced in modern days. The top-most favorite of most of the people being The Andy Griffith Show. If you are a major fan of the show just like I am, then here is a super-thrilling and exciting activity for you. We have designed an Andy Griffith Trivia questions & answers quiz especially for you. If you have watched the sitcom already than this is definitely the time for you to take this Andy Griffith trivia quiz.

Let’s see how well you know about the Andy Griffith show. All the Andy Griffith Trivia Questions are perfect to check how great of a fan you are. So, don’t wait any longer and start taking the quiz. Have a fun time quizzing!!!

Interesting Andy Griffith Show Trivia Facts

  1. Both the characters, Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his son Opie (Ronnie Howard) were initially introduced on another show named The Danny Thomas Show in the episode called “Danny Meets Andy Griffith”.
  2. Griffith and Knotts were actually real-life best friends which helped in transcending their roles in the show.
  3. Other than acting on the show, Andy cracked some really funny jokes of his own on set as well while Don was a little calmer in real life.
  4. Andy and Barney called were cast as cousins in the initial episodes of the show but the idea was dropped a few episodes later.
  5. Howard McNear who played the barber Floyd on the show had a stroke and couldn’t use the left side of his body.
  6. The instrumental version of the theme song “The fishin’ hole” was written in fifteen minutes.
  7. Knott wasn’t supposed to be the permanent part of the show and shot his scenes without a proper contract.
  8. The town of Mayberry, North Carolina – where the show took place is all made up and fictional. It wasn’t an actual place and was just a set.
  9. The original version of the theme song “The Fishin’ Hole” included only the vocals. The producers decided that whistling would work better.
  10. The first 159 episodes of the show were black and white and the final 90 episodes were in the colored Amazing, right?

Andy Griffith Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. What was the name of the girl Barney had in her life?

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Thelma Lou.

Q. Sheriff Taylor’s police car brand was?

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Q. How were Barney and Andy related?

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They were cousins.

Q. Which actress from The Waltons sold Barney a used car lemon?

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Ellen Corby.

Q. What was the real name of Sheriff Andy Taylor?

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Andy Griffith.

Q. According to Barney, what is Andy’s favorite dish?

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Leg of Lamb.

Q. What was the name of the cat woman who played the lead role in “The New Andy Griffith Show”?

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Lee Meriwether.

Q. Who does Barney try to arrest for jaywalking?

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Emma Watson.

Q. Who does Andy marry on the show “Mayberry RFD”?

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Q. What is the name of the character known as the town drunk?

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Q. What was the everyday job of Andy Griffith in the show?

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He was a Sheriff.

Q. Which banjo-playing comedian shortly replaced Don Knotts?

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Jerry Van Dyke.

Q. Sheriff without a gun was a movie produced after which character?

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Sheriff Taylor.

Q. Who played Opie in the season?

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Ronnie Howard.

Q. What was the character of Howard McNear?

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Barber Floyd.

Q. Who did Andy injure in the leg at the gas station?

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Luke Comstock.

Q. What was the name of the farmer who refused to take the tetanus shot?

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Rafe Hollister.

Q. Who played the manicurist that worked in Floyd’s barbershop?

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Barbara Eden.

Andy Griffith Show Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. What was the closest town to Mayberry, North Carolina?

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Mount Pilot.

Q. Who is the sponsor of the Mayberry bowling team?

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Emmett’s Fix-it shop.

Q. What song proved to Mayberry that Gomer Pyle could sing?

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Santa Lucia.

Q. Stand-up comedy got Howard Sprague into?

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Hot water with folks.

Q. Whose place did Aunt Bee take over in Taylor’s home?

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Q. What did Aunt Bee cook that Andy, Barney, and Opie couldn’t stand?

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Q. What was the name of the musical family who visited Mayberry after every few days?

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The Darlings.

Q. What was the name of the hometown on which Griffith based Mayberry?

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Mount Airy.

Q. What was the name of military comedy on which Don Knotts worked with Griffith?

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No time for sergeants.

Q. Which one was not a TV series starring Andy Griffith?

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Kingston: Confidential.

Q. Which of the Andy Griffith shows had more seasons than the Andy Griffith Show?

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Q. What did Floyd practice on in order to practice cutting hair?

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Q. What was the name of the show on which Griffith made his final guest appearance in 2001? 

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Dawson’s Creek.

Q. Did Barney keep his bullet in?

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In his shirt pocket.

Q. What was the exact amount Opie donated to the Underprivileged Children’s Drive?

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Three cents.

Q. What is the name of the state where Mayberry shoot takes place?

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North Carolina.

Q. How many seasons of the show have been aired?

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Q. What did Barney buy for his parents on their anniversary?

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New septic tank.

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