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110+ Animal Trivia Question & Answers

List of Animal Trivia Question And Answer

animal trivia question and answers
animal trivia question and answers


Tired of a boring ways to acquire knowledge? So here are Fun Animal trivia questions and answer that you can enjoy. Through this article you can easily test your knowledge related to Animal kingdom. We have tried our level best to cover all the information related to different animals belonging to animal kingdom. Type of questions vary from easy Animal trivia question and answer for kids to difficult Animal trivia question and answers for adults. Along with these you can also go through some of the amazing Animal trivia fun facts that we have covered. Solve the Animal trivia quiz and see the results that how much you are aware of the natural world. To make it more interesting you can share this jeopardy Animal trivia question with your friends and compare the result that who knows more about animal kingdom. At the end of the article printable Animal trivia question can also help you out with your work related to animal kingdom.

Interesting animal trivia facts

  • Yorkshire Terrier is considered as the world’s smallest dog, which weighed only four ounces.
  • Each dolphin forms a special whistle after it is born and this whistle is used to identification of each dolphin.
  • Deer lacks gall bladder.
  • Snakes are carnivore animals that mean they eat only animals.
  • The Male songbirds has a capacity to sing more than 2000 times each day.
  • Tarantula Spider has the ability to remain alive without food for more than two years.
  • Clownfish are male by birth but can change gender while mating if there is need.
  • Bat has so thin leg bones that they are unable to walk.
  • The color of the goldfish become pale if it is kept in dark room.
  • Cows have an ability to sleep while standing but they can only dream when they are lying on the ground.
  • “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog” has all the alphabets A-Z in it.
  • Spitting spiders spit poison on their enemies which catch the enemies an later on die because of the poison.
  • The male ostriches can roar like a lion.
  • Rhinoceros Beetle has a capacity to carry up to 850 times its own body weight.

Animal Trivia Question And Answer For Kids 

Q: What is a baby dog called?Show
Q: With the help of what do kangaroos maintain their balance while hopping?Show
Q: Which is the only mammal that can fly?Show
Q: Lobster has how many legs?Show
Q: The animals that give us milk are called?Show
Q: How many colors do crane has?Show
Q: What is the life span of the Deutsche Bracke?Show
Q: How many species of river dolphin are there?Show
Q: For ho many hours does dog sleep each day?Show
Q: For how long do adult bear run in one hour?Show
Q: What are young rabbits called?Show
Q: What is female rabbit called?Show
Q: What is the baby deer called?Show
Q: What is eagle’s nest called?Show
Q: Name the highest-flying species.Show
Q: The animals that are kept at farms are called?Show
Q: Those wandering freely in the jungles are called?Show

Q: The kid of lion is called?Show

Q: Which feet do plumed basilisk use while walking on water?Show
Q: For how long does plumed basilisk can remain under the water?Show
Q: Rhinoceros are herbivore or carnivore?Show
Q: Deer are mostly found in?Show
Q: In which two colors river dolphin is found?Show
Q: What is the favorite food of river dolphin?Show
Q: A Bactrian camel has how many humps?Show
Q: What is the name given to female elephants?Show
Q: Bats belong to which category?Show
Q: Name the fastest land animal on earth.Show
Q: Pair of wings that bee has are.Show
Q: What nickname does Basilisk Lizards have?Show
Q: Which animal can survive with out head for weeks?Show
Q: What does sea lion eats?Show
Q: What is the lifespan of butterfly?Show
Q: Which animal is born blind?Show
Q: Which animal is the tallest animal on earth?Show
Q: Name the largest mammal in the whole world?Show
Q: Is basenji a hunting dog?Show
Q: Spider has how many legs?Show
Q: Portuguese man o' war is?Show
Q: Most of the starfishes have how many arms?Show
Q: Where does arboreal animals live naturally?Show
Q: Is python a poisonous snake?Show
Q: A calf is a?Show
Q: Where do lion live?Show
Q: Which organ helps the snake to hear?Show
Q: Name used for male guinea pig is? 
Q: Which animals are usually kept in aquariums?Show
Q: Komodo dragon is?Show
Q: Which animal like garbage?Show
Q: Which animal eats once a year?Show
Q: Which sea animal looks like tiny horse?Show
Q: What we call the young owl?Show
Q: Is fox herbivore or carnivore?Show
Q: What is present in the tail of stingray?Show
Q: Name the wild dogs that like to play?Show
Q: Which animal can send messages to one another through body movement or by producing whistle?Show
Q: Tadpole is grown into?Show
Q: Does crow lay eggs?Show
Q: Animals that only rely on plants are called?Show
Q: What are burrows?Show

Animal Trivia Question And Answer Fir Adults

Q: Who was the first to describe the Uguisu as a documented species?Show
Q: Group of lion is collectively called as?Show
Q: Where are Uguisu mostly found?Show
Q: What does Spiders produces?Show
Q: Bird with webbed feet is called.Show
Q: How much distances can a bottlenose dolphin cover in one hour?Show
Q: What is mohair?Show
Q: What specific ability does gorilla has?Show
Q: Which two mammals are the only mammals that lay eggs?Show
Q: How much does an adult fox weights?Show
Q: What specialty does “The wandering albatross” has?Show
Q: Bullfighting is a sport. Which animal is used it?Show
Q: Dole, Bevy, cote and dule are different names used for?Show
Q: From where does the breed “Dalmatian dog” come from? 
Q: For how log does Captive mice live?Show
Q: Wild mice have a life span of?Show
Q: Male honeybees that are the only bees allowed to mate with the queen are called?Show
Q: Its sense of smell is 100 times more than human being what animal is this?Show
Q: Which animal has an ability to change themselves into liquid and than return back to its original body?Show
Q: Which bird can mimic any sound it hears?Show
Q: What is the largest cat species?Show
Q: The collective noun for a group of Crows is?Show
Q: Which phobia refers to the abnormal fear of spiders?Show
Q: Name the largest living bird?Show
Q: Cabbage white is?Show
Q: What is Proboscis?Show
Q: What is the main prey of shrimp fact?Show
Q: What is the weight of a Swiss mountain dog?Show
Q: What is the scientific name for starfish?Show
Q: Basket star, brittle stars are other names of which animal?Show
Q: What is the weight of crocodile?Show
Q: Male Nilgai are the larger in size or Female Nilgai?Show
Q: To which family does Felidac belong?Show
Q: Sea lion are also called as?Show
Q: There is an animal that can produce its own sunscreen that animal.Show
Q: Why is Frogs’ eyes bulge out of their heads?Show
Q: Bees are best known for?Show
Q: Which sea animal is known as highly intelligent animal?Show
Q: Why do gestropoda has shell?Show
Q: What is the approximate length of crabs?Show
Q: Why do Crocodiles swallow stones?Show
Q: How many species of scorpion contain venom?Show
Q: What is the gestation period of dog?Show
Q: An animal whose eye weighed more than it’s body is?Show
Q: Name the animal whose guano is used to make face cream?Show
Q: Swiss mountain dog is best known for?Show
Q: What is the other name for “Guinea pigs”?Show
Q: The immune system of Salamanders is known as?Show
Q: To which kingdom does crane belongs?Show
Q: Which dog is known as ideal tracking dog?Show
Q: Bloodhound is best known for?Show
Q: Which animal has ability to regenerate lost limbs and different parts of internal organs?Show

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