Witty April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

Pranks are the most fun way to ease the tension in workplaces, make sleepovers hilarious, and confuse and laughs within a household. They are jokes that cause no harm and only enjoyment. If you are someone who has problems being out there and social, these will help you connect with the people in your surroundings and make more friends. Although pranks are a good idea at any time, the first of April is indeed a special day for them. April Fool’s Day is the best day to fool your friends and family for entertainment!

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Origin of April Fools’ Day

There are several incidents that ordinary people and historians believe have given birth to the iconic April Fool’s Day. Some historians believe that when the French sifted from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1582 the date for the celebration of the New Year changed from being celebrated as a start of spring, which usually occurred during the last week of March and first week of April, to being celebrated on the first of January, as it is done today.

As this was an age with no technological development, the news took a long time to reach far-out places. Hence the story of the calendar change did not reach everyone immediately and at the same time, leading to some people continuing to celebrate the new year on the old date.

These people soon became subject to ridicule and pranks, and the day came to be called April Fool’s Day. These pranks included a paper fish being put on their back to portray them as a natural and easy fish to catch due to its stupidity. Historians also speculate that the celebration of April Fool’s Day is connected to the celebration of the festival Hilaria at the end of March in Ancient Rome.

April Fool’s Day then spread throughout the whole world. People in Scotland even took it as far as to turn it into a two-day event. On the first day, called “hunting the gowk,” people were sent on fake trials, and on the second day, called Tailie Day, people were pranked by attaching fake tails and kick me signs to their bottoms. Other than single individuals, even big companies are often involved in pranks on April Fool’s Day.

In the past, fast-food chains such as Taco Bell and Burger King and news agencies such as BBC and Sports Illustrated have been involved in constructing elaborate plans to trick people during the days leading up to the first of April.

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April Fools’ Pranks Ideas for Kids

Who loves pranks and jokes more than kids? Children take joy in starting pranking wars with their friends, and these ideas are perfect for aiding them in beginning some harmless fun fights.

1. Make your friend’s breath smell bad: During a sleepover, you can add a little garlic powder to your friend’s toothpaste leading him or her to have garlic breath all day the next day.

2. The classic funny sign prank: Take a piece of paper and write “I am stupid” on it, now take some two-sided tape and put one side on the paper, leaving the other side open. When you see your friend next, put your hand on their back with the paper in your hand facing outwards discreetly and stick the paper to their back. They’ll spend the rest of the day walking around with a funny sign on their back without them knowing.

3. Fake report card: Come home with a false report card with your grades greatly reduced to prank your parents. Then disclose how it’s fake to enjoy double the funny reactions.

4. Rainbow on the windshield: Get paints in the seven colors of the rainbow and put drops of each in a line at the base of your parent’s car’s windshield. When they use the windshield wipers, they will spread the paint over the windshield in the form of a rainbow. This prank will surely bring a smile to their face

5. Put nail polish on soap: Before a sleepover or just as fun with your siblings and parents, grab a bottle of clear nail polish from your mother’s makeup bag and coat the soap with it. Whoever uses the soap next will be left confused when they try rubbing and get no soap on their hands.

April Fools’ Pranks Ideas for Adults

Adults can take part in pranks as enthusiastically as children, sometimes even more enthusiastically. These ideas can help you harmlessly prank the people in your life.

1. Hair Removal Cream: If you have friends, put hair removal cream in their shampoo and let the magic take its place when they take their daily morning shower.
1. Temporary Hair Dye: Put a temporary hair dye in your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s shampoo and let them get horrified and freak out for a while before disclosing that the dye will wash out in a few weeks.

2. Fake injury news: Put up a story on your Instagram or Snapchat about a close friend getting into an accident. It’s bound to cause worries amongst your friend group and the looks of shock on their faces when they see your friend completely fine will be hilarious.

3. Infinite Shopping Cart Circle: When your friend, parent, or partner goes into a grocery store, make an infinite shopping cart circle around their car, so their car gets stuck inside. Hide and watch their reaction when they come outside and find their car trapped.

4. Fake picture: Dress up your friend as a man using a hoodie or as a woman using a wig and take an intimate picture with them. Then make a mutual friend of you and your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s send that picture to them and wait for their reaction. Make sure the picture looks believable!

April Fools’ Pranks Ideas for School

There’s no better place for pranks than the one place known for rules and discipline. Pranks in school give an extra level of fun and satisfaction.

1. Whoopee cushion prank: Get a whoopee cushion from the nearest dollar store and place it on your friend’s seat before they sit down in class. When they sit, a fart noise will erupt throughout the class causing a good laugh.

2. Pull your friend’s chair out: Wait for your friend to arrive in a class you both share, and then as soon as they are about to sit down pull their chair back so that they fall to the ground.

3. Funny phrases: Write funny phrases and words on the face of the first one out of your friend group that falls asleep during a sleepover as a prank and fun punishment. Do so with a permanent market so the writing lasts longer.

4. Pull the fire alarm: Between classes, pull the fire alarm to scare the whole school. Make sure the hallways are empty, however as not to get caught!

5. Changing seats to confuse teachers: For this prank, you’ll need the support of the entire class. Once a new class starts, wait for the teacher to turn towards the board, with their back towards the class and when that happens, quickly switch places with different children in the class. Keep doing it every time she turns causing her to get confused.

April Fool’s Pranks Ideas for Office

Pranking your coworkers can ease the tension and awkwardness in the workplace as well as provide entertainment for everyone.

1. Quitting Job Prank: For this prank, you will need the help of your boss. Pick a time when most of your coworkers are around and then cause a fake scene at the office and quit your job to surprise your coworkers and cause confusion.

2. Attach air horn to the adjustable chair: Attach an air horn to the rod underneath the seat of an adjustable chair, so whenever someone sits in the chair, the air horn goes off.

3. Surprise balloon party: Fill up your coworker’s office with balloons to the brim, so when they walk in, they are consumed by a flood of balloons.

4. Different themed party: Create invitations for all your coworkers for a party but make sure all invites are differently themed. All coworkers will come dressed according to a different theme and the party will make no sense.

5. Food replacement: Take your coworker’s lunch from the fridge and change the food with gross alternatives. Like mayonnaise for yogurt and oil for apple juice etc.

Scary yet Harmless Prank Ideas

The best kinds of scary pranks are harmless ones. There’s nothing better than causing pleasure without any pain!

1. Fake giant spider: Make your dog wear a spider costume to scare your guests with a giant spider.

2. Infest office with fake rats or cockroaches: Fill up your coworker’s office with fake rats or cockroaches, hide them in plain sight in drawers, and on cabinets, etc. to scare your coworker every time they open any drawer.

3. Make your younger sibling invisible: Take help from your older siblings for this prank. Make them take a picture in a specific position at a specific place. Then tell your younger siblings or cousins that you have a magic blanket that can make them invisible. Put the blanket over them and say a made-up spell. Remove the blanket and pretend like you can’t see them.

Then tell your older sibling to take a picture with them to prove they’ve gotten invisible. Pretend to take the picture while your older sibling poses in the exact same way as they did before. Then show the old image with only your older sibling in it to your younger sibling. This will prove to them they’ve gone invisible!

4. Glue wounds: Take liquid glue and add red dye to it. Put it on your arm in a haphazard way and let it dry, then take a pencil or a compass to scrap off some of it. The end product will look like a clotted wound. This trick can also be used as a Halloween DIY.

5. Scary wakeup call: Put on a scary mask and linger over your sibling or parent’s face. Make light noises enough to wake them up but not to startle them. They’ll slowly and calmly open their eyes and see the terrifying mask in front of them, frightening them to death!

April Fool’s Pranks Call Ideas

The most convenient and easy way to prank someone is to give them a call and waste their time.

1. Marriage bureau prank call: Call a friend or sibling and tell them you are calling from a marriage bureau to confirm their acceptance of a marriage proposal. Go into detail describing their “perfect’ spouse to them.

2. Deadman calling: Take the phone of a recently passed away relative and call another relative from their mobile phone causing the relative to think the dead came back to life.

3. Lottery: Call someone and tell them they won the lottery.

4. Catching red-handed: Call your partner and have one of your friends make sounds in the back that indicate you’re with another man or woman.

5. Pregnancy scare: Call your parents and tell them that you are pregnant/ got a girl pregnant and see their reaction.

Funny Prank Gag Gift Ideas

Gifting your friend, a hilarious gag gift is another way to notch up the fun. If you’re clueless about which prank gag gift to give your friend, then have a look at some ideas below:

1. Fart plug
2. Toilet mug
3. Animal butt magnets
4. Burrito blanket
5. An empty box

Evil Revenge Prank Ideas

Want to take revenge from your school bully? Guess what? We have enlisted some funny yet evil prank ideas that you can have it on your school bully.

1. Food overload: Call a restaurant and order a thousand dollars’ worth of food to your enemy’s house address. They’ll be forced to pay for it when the delivery guy shows up to their door.

2. Something fishy: Hide a rotting fish in their house and let them figure out why their house smells.

3. Toilet water: Replace the water in your least favorite coworker’s water bottle with toilet water.

4. Key their car: Use a key to scratch up their car.

5. Toilet paper: Cover their house in hundreds of toilet rolls and then spray water on it to dampen it and make it stick to the walls and windows, this will make it harder to get it off.

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  1. These are great ideas! I think I’ll start off with garlic powder in my husband’s toothpaste, and then keep it going with some others from the list, as well.

  2. When I was much younger, I used to love coming up with ideas for April Fools. Now that I’m older, I just want to lock myself in my room for 24 hours lol.

  3. April Fool’s day is fun when no one is hurt or embarrassed. I think it depends who you’re pulling the prank on and what your relationship with them is. I like pranks that don’t directly affect a person, but are confusing nonetheless haha

  4. Hhhhmmmm….I don’t know why but I love this idea of doing something with the “Hair Removal Cream”, the most! I will surely think about it or even just do it, altogether.

  5. These are fun ideas. I just don’t like the evil revenge ideas. You know, karma. What if next year they do it to me? Oh no. And I don’t want my sons to prank me and tell me that they got their girlfriend pregnant. I’d faint. That’s for sure.

  6. Great April Fool’s Day prank ideas! I never knew that about the history of the day. I’ll have to try some of these on my kids, lol

  7. Never knew the history of April Fool’s day. Now I know and must thank you for that. I stopped playing pranks on April 1st long back but reading your post inspires me to go back to it this year with these great ideas.


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