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Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers

Marvel’s “The Avengers” Trivia Quiz

Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers
Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers

It’s time to forget all your worldly troubles and wander to a science fiction world of superheroes and their notorious enemies with Avengers. With ever-growing popularity and blockbuster hit movies under the belt, Marvel Avengers never disappoints to satisfy our craving for superhero action. To fight the unparalleled threat to the universe, an extraordinary team is recruited by Nick Fury that comprises of our favorite superheroes: Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, the Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Together they face the ultimate challenges in battle with unconstrained evil forces that require a super-team effort. Alone they are deemed to be defeated but together they can succeed.

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We grew up watching and imitating these superheroes. Now, it’s time to see if we remember all the details of the Avengers movies. Our elicit list Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers will give you and your friends a run for their money. Use this Avengers Trivia Quiz as a printable worksheet game and prove if you are really the true Avengers fan that you say you are. But first, here are then interesting Avengers Trivia Facts that I bet you didn’t know.

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Interesting Avengers Trivia Facts That You Never Knew

  • Joss Whedon, the co-writer and director of The Avengers was also the creator of the TV series “Firefly” and the follow-up movie Serenity. The Avengers was the second movie he directed after Serenity.
  • While Lou Ferrigno was the Hulk in the TV series of the ’70s and ’80s, he did not play him in the movies. However, he did provide the Hulk’s voice in “The Avengers”.
  • Stan Lee made a small cameo in the movie and his only line was “Superheroes in New York, give me a break”.
  • Initially, Spider-Man and Daredevil declined to join the team when offered a spot on the roster, because they wanted to keep their crime-fighting close to home. They both joined the team later, though.
  • In the post-credits scene, Chris Evans (Captain America) isn’t eating because he’s wearing a fake jaw. It’s because at that time the actor was filming his movie Snow Piercer which is why he couldn’t shave his beard. A prosthetic jaw was created for him and he sat on the table covering his jaw with a fist.
  • Robert Downey Jr. the actor who played Iron Man hid food all over the set. Every time you see him offer food he was snacking on, it was improvised.
  • In the comics, Hawkeye is ambidextrous. In real life, actor Jeremy Renner is left-handed. Still, you can see Renner shoot right-handed in Thor and both left- and right-handed in The Avengers.
  • The Black Sabbath T-shirt that Tony Stark is wearing on the Helicarrier is there for a reason. Black Sabbath’s signature song in Iron Man.
  • Tony Stark has nicknames for Loki, Thor, and Hawkeye. He calls them Reindeer Games, Point Break and Legolas, respectively.
  • In the attack of New York City real military Police were used. The crew hired twenty-five members of the Military Police Force Battalion for the attack on New York City, to add realism to the battle.
Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers Worksheet
Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers Worksheet


Avengers Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Who does Clint fight with?Show
Q: Who does Tony say security breach to?Show
Q: How does Tony react when he sees Steve?Show
Q: Who comprised Clint?Show
Q: When the military pilot yelled into his radio, ''Target angry! Target angry!” to who was he referring?Show
Q: What is Director Fury’s real name?Show
Q: Who does Loki say that he's going to make him/her kill Natasha?Show
Q: What is the name of Loki’s brother?Show
Q: Can you name all the superheroes?Show
Q: Who does Natasha run from when the arrow hits the helicarrier?Show
Q: Which Avengers team did not possess ''powers'' or physical alterations, but were just extremely talented?Show
Q: Of all the heroes, only one of them was not of Earth. Who was it?Show
Q: Before the epic fight in the woods, what did Iron Man refer to Thor as?Show
Q: What was Clint Barton's (Hawkeye's) special ability?Show
Q: What is Agent Coulson's first name?Show
Q: When all of the Avengers are bickering in the lab on the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier which Avenger is not present?Show
Q: While inside Stark Towers who did Hulk say ''Puny god'' to while throwing this person around like a rag doll?Show
Q: When describing the Avengers to Loki, how did Tony describe Captain America?Show
Q: Who was the first member of the Avengers team that Natasha went to retrieve?Show
Q: When Loki is locked up in the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, who gets him to reveal that he is planning to get Banner to change into the Hulk and destroy the ship from within?Show
Q: Which Avenger's girlfriend makes an appearance in the film that isn't just a quick picture or a flashback to one of their solo movies?Show
Q: When Tony Stark is threatening Loki and going through the Avengers roll call what is he doing?Show

Avengers Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Nick Fury made a bet with Steve Rogers (Captain America) of $10 that he could surprise him. Who won the bet?Show
Q: What object did Loki possess that the Avengers team was desperate to recover?Show
Q: By the time the battle in New York City ended, what was the only letter left on the top of Stark Tower?Show
Q: What does this A stand for?Show
Q: What was Phase Two that Nick Fury had moved to the airship from the compound in the movie's beginning?Show
Q: When leaving Stark Towers, what kind of musician did Pepper Potts mention that Phil Coulson was seeing?Show
Q: What is the name of the blue glowing square that Loki uses as a weapon?Show
Q: When Iron Man is struck by Thor's lightning what happens?Show
Q: How did Nick Fury win the bet?Show
Q: Where did Natasha Romanoff find Bruce Banner?Show
Q: What did the final scene of the movie (post end credits) show the Avengers team doing?Show
Q: Who won at the end?Show
Q: When the Avengers are in the streets of New York Captain America starts issuing orders. What are his orders to the Hulk?Show

Hardest Avengers Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: Can you name the metal clad hero?Show
Q: Name the war which Captain America foughtShow
Q: What green rage monster does?Show
Q: Name the location of the Avengers towerShow
Q: Name the first film in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseShow
Q: Name the weapon which Captain America useShow
Q: Name the robotic villainShow
Q: Name the organ of Tom Stark that is damagedShow
Q: Name the Sorcerer SupremeShow
Q: Where is Black Widow from?Show
Q: Name the agency which Nick Fury runsShow
Q: Name Black Panther’s originShow
Q: State the count of infinity gemsShow
Q: Name Thor’s hammerShow
Q: To where did the Hulk go at the end of Age of Ultron?Show
Q: Name the alien race which invaded New York in the AvengersShow
Q: Name the person who killed Black Panther’s fatherShow
Q: Name Captain America’s lover in World War IIShow
Q: Name Sam Wilson’s superheroShow
Q: Name the fictional metal which is found in WakandaShow
Q: Name Hawkeye’s favored weaponShow
Q: Name someone who turned Bruce Banner into the HulkShow
Q: Name the city which Ultron attackedShow
Q: Name S.H.I.E.L.D.s’ flying base operationsShow
Q: Where did the collector live?Show
Q: How did StarLord defeat Ronan?Show
Q: What is the name of Tony suits’ AI called?Show
Q: From which part of New York does Spiderman belongs to?Show
Q: Name the unique Iron Man suit of armorShow
Q: Name the head of Jabari’s tribeShow
Q: Whose logo appeared in the post credits’ scene in Infinity War?Show
Q: Name Agent Coulson’s first nameShow
Q: Name blue glowing square that Loki uses as weaponShow
Q: In which location did Natasha find Bruce?Show
Q: Name something which Loki have that Avengers team want to recoverShow
Q: Name someone who was the first to join the AvengersShow
Q: Who gave Avengers their name?Show
Q: Name the first member who left AvengersShow
Q: What is in the centre of Captain America’s shield?Show
Q: What is the color of Iron Man’s armor when the Avengers were formed?Show
Q: Name the creator of the VisionShow
Q: Name the Avengers who initiated their career as a villainShow
Q: Who gave Wonder Man his Super powers?Show
Q: Name the material from which Captain America’s shield is made fromShow
Q: Name the object which is actually the vessel for the Space StoneShow
Q: Name the person who gifted Loki his power scepterShow
Q: Who murdered Frigga in Thor: The Dark World?Show
Q: During Captain America civil war, who gave a speech in Vienna when the bomb went off?Show
Q: Name the movie which marks the beginning of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic UniverseShow

Avengers End Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: Who killed Thanos at Thano’s farm?Show
Q: Name an Avengers who went to 2014 to get Power StoneShow
Q: Name Tony’s kidShow
Q: Who sacrificed to get the Soul Stone?Show
Q: Name an Avenger who went to 2013 to get Reality StoneShow
Q: Name an Avenger who went to 2012 to get Mind StoneShow
Q: Who ended up being worthy of wielding Mjolnir?Show
Q: Which Avenger came back as its own past version?Show
Q: Who snapped away stones from Thano’s entire army?Show
Q: In which year Thanos attacked the Avengers?Show
Q: Which actor played Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3?Show
Q: What AIM stands for in Killian’s company?Show
Q: Name the role of Jarvis in Iron Man 3Show
Q: Who played the character of Thor?Show
Q: What is the nickname which Iron Man gave to Thor?Show
Q: Can you mention real name of Thor’s axe?Show
Q: Name the location of the opening scene of Captain America: The Winter SoldierShow
Q: Name Shield Headquarters buildingShow
Q: Name an Avenger who lifted Thor’s HammerShow
Q: Do you know the Wifi password given to Dr. Strange by Karl Mordo?Show
Q: Name the very first Black PantherShow
Q: Name Thano’s ship in the infinity warShow
Q: Who hired Ten Rings to murder Tony Stark?Show
Q: Who stole the mysterious relic in March 1942?Show

Avengers Infinity War Trivia Questions and Answers Quiz

Q: State the count of Avengers in the infinity warShow
Q: State the count of Infinity Stones on Earth before arrival of ThanosShow
Q: Name Infinity Stone that Vision had on his foreheadShow
Q: Name Infinity Stone that Eye of Agamotto possessShow
Q: Name Iron Man armor that Tony Stark woreShow
Q: According to Quin Jet, who is the strongest Avenger?Show
Q: Define ThanosShow
Q: Name Spiderman’s new suitShow
Q: State the count of members in the Black OrderShow
Q: Name the Avenger who appeared first on the screenShow
Q: Which Infinity Stone did Loki possess?Show
Q: Which country did Vision and Scarlet live in?Show
Q: Who proposed idea to bring Vision to Wakanda?Show
Q: To where Gamora brought Thanos to lead him to Soul Stone?Show
Q: Which movie did Star-Lord refer to while talking to Spiderman?Show
Q: Which coffee chain was namedropped by Okoye?Show
Q: Who murdered Proxima Midnight?Show
Q: Which MCU villain guided Thanos and Gamora to the cliff?Show
Q: Name the creature who fought with Avengers during Wakanda battleShow
Q: State the count of survivors that are left on TitanShow
Q: Who provided Infinity Gauntlet to Thanos?Show

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: Who voiced Ultron?Show
Q: What was Natasha’s ability to calm Hulk back into Bruce Banner?Show
Q: Name the first Avenger who tried lifting Thor’s hammer after Tony Stark’s placeShow
Q: Name the creature that was created UltronShow
Q: With whom Bruce Banner work with?Show
Q: Can you mention Thor’s last name?Show
Q: How tall is the Hulk?Show
Q: Name something which Tony Stark have in his chestShow
Q: What is the nationality of the Black Widow?Show
Q: Which Avenger warned Iron Man to watch his language?Show






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