260+ Badass Car Nicknames

Car enthusiast or not, we all have an emotional attachment to our cars we worked hard to get. These vehicles are not only for transportation, but they also reflect our personality. If you own a flashy sports car, it screams your social status, rich, successful and adventurous.

If you own a minivan you are likely to be a family man, these cars promote a wholesome look. Owning an electric or hybrid car shows that you are an environmentalist or a person who cares about the planet enough to make a change in your life. Hybrids scream sustainability!

Cars are much more than a vehicle, they are practical, luxurious and not to mention, your first car occupies a special place in your heart. So what better way to celebrate your fondness than by giving it a fun car nickname? We have shortlisted some of the most badass car nicknames.

How to Nickname your Car

What better way to cherish your hard-earned possession than by giving it a nickname that is endearing and badass at the same time. Here are some ways that you might helpless while coming up with your own unique yet clever car nickname.

  • To have a personalized car nickname you should definitely include the color of the car. Color is a defining feature of a car and it is most likely why you bought the car in the first place. For more ideas check out our list of Car nicknames based on the color below.
  • Including the car model in the nickname is also another way to make your car’s nickname unique. The model represents the value of the car. And if your car is a retro, there is no better way to commemorate is by including its model name.
  • As mentioned earlier, there is always a way you are attracted or attached to your car. So, there is no better way to name your car by the vibe it gives. Name your car after the feelings it gives off. This is only possible when you have spent considerable time in your car to know how it makes you feel. We all have memories in our cars that we cherish! Maybe your parents bought you this car and every time you drive it, it reminds you of them. So be sure to consider this aspect while naming your car.
  • Be sure to give your car nickname a funny, clever or witty spin so that it catches and actually seems cool (while preserving the badassery!) We have plenty of ideas that will surely help in this endeavor. Be sure to check them out below.

Funny Car Nicknames

America Bad Average Bazinga!
Big Trunk Blondie Bumpy
Cookie Monster Dented Diablo
Drunk Drive Ducky Entourage
Greaser Ice Ice Baby Illuminati
Leonardo Mad Max Miami Vice
Moby Dick Mystery Machine Picklemobile
Pop n’ Fresh Pumpkin Eater Queasy
Scratchy Skippy Tequila Sunrise
The Booger TNT Unwashed
Wobbled Won’t Start Zombie

Coolest Car Nicknames

Blur Braking Bad Carzilla
Cherry Bomb Chick Magnet Cross Bones
Cross Roads Dynamite Exile
Formula 666 Getaway Godspeed
Godzilla Hitchhiker Hot Wheels
James Bond Klutch Knight Rider
Light Speed Nebula Need for Speed
Panther Promise Land Sub Zero
The Aftermath The Blitz The Escapade
The Patrol The Stallion Van Halen

Exotic Car Nicknames

Bright Day Clock Work Doc Zoom
Dominatrix Drizeldell Eliminator
Executioner Fury Road Gargoyle
Low Rider Maxed Out Maximus
Metal Drive Midnight Fury Night Fury
Outlandish Plutonium Roadster
Severus The Expedition The Explorer
The Martian The Outlander The Smolderer
The Transporter The Wanderer Thor’s Hammer
Voyager Whisky Wagon Wrath of Khan

Black Car Nicknames

Black Car Nicknames

Bat Mobile Black Abyss Black Ace
Black Beauty Black Cat Black Drill
Black Hawk Black Jack Black Leathery
Black Magic Black of beyond Black Pearl
Black Ruin Black Seats Black Shadow
Black Spot Black Vail Black Widow
Blackie Doom of Black Grim Reaper
Jet Black Mamba Night Rover
Shade Sirius Black Strike Black
The Bandit The Blackley More Names Ideas

White Car Nicknames

White Car Nicknames

Blond Deville Elsa
Freeze Freeze Machine Frosty
Full Moon Ghost Buster Ghostly
Ice Cube Ice Pack Ice Pick
Ivory Milkmade Polar Bear
Polarity Snow Flake Snow Leopard
Snow White The Glacier White Ghost
White Noise White Phantom White Shadow
White Whisperer Marshmallow Jon Snow

Gray Car Nicknames

Grey Car Nicknames

Battleship Gray Cadet Gray Charcoal
Cool Gray Dim Gray Gazing Gray
Glaucous Gray Gray Gray Ghost
Gray Joy Gunmetal Gray Marengo
Middle Grays Nickel Platinum Gray
Shades of Gray Shady Slate Gray
Smoke Coal The Gainsboro Magneto

Silver Car Nicknames

Silver Car Nicknames

Glittery Heavy Metal Metallic
Mystic Silver Old Silver Pale Silver
Quicksilver Rock N Roll Roman Silver
Silver Chalice Silver Core Silver Delta
Silver Edge Silver Fox Silver Phoenix
Silver Pink Silver Sand Silver Streak
Silver Thames Sonic Silver Titanium

Red Car Nicknames

Red Car Nicknames

Bloodshot Dyes Cherry Blossom Claret Red
Crimson Mirrored Flaming Red Inferno
Lava Maple Car Maroon Tire
Red Commando Red Rock Red Terrain
Red Wine Redington Rose Gold
Rosewood Ruby Sindoor
Tattered Red Vermilion Ladybug

Blue Car Nicknames:

Blue Car Nicknames

Avatar Baby Blue Berlin Blue
Blue Blood Blue Carey Blue Grit
Blue Moon Blue Romance Blue Swings
Blue Tube Blues Indigo Round
Navy Clad Ocean Blue Only Blue
Sapphire Blue Smurf The Badfinger
The blues Wishing Blue Mystique

Badass Car Nicknames for Boys

Armor Audacity Bacardi
Benelli Cascade Cosmic
Dauntless Egomania Exterminator
Hannibal Hollowman Malevolence
Merlin Nebula Raven
Savagery The Agony The Deviant
The Exorcist Zeus Gunner

Badass Car Nicknames for Girls

Athena Beatrice Cougar
Cowgirl Up Devi Disenchanted
Enchanted Falchion Gladius
Harlem Lolita Machete
Montante The Valkyrie The Vixen
Theadora Vanity Wonder Woman
Xenon Yellow Canary Trinity

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