200+ Badass Halfling Names

Halflings yet another name for J. R. R. Tolkien’s hobbit. These pleasant creatures resemble humans in every way except they are half the size. With an unquenchable sense of curiosity they bring with them an incredible amount of luck too.

While playing dungeons & Dragons your Halfling names should strictly follow the tradition and the norms already set. The Halfling names are based on nature, or are wholesome homely names.

Halflings are maybe the friendliest kind you will go over. They’re known for their awesome spirits even in the most critical of conditions. They’re lighthearted, brave, and inquisitive, yet a large portion of them are content with little joys of their life. As long as they have incredible organization and the flexibility to seek for their fantasies, a Halfling will be cheerful as anyone might imagine.

Halflings use their small size as an added advantage. Their interest and courage can make them incredible adventurers, yet they have a tendency to stay away from dangerous circumstances. Their little size regularly encourages them to avoid suck situations. As one may discover, Halflings are equipped for incredible accomplishments, regardless of their size.

How to Name your Badass Halfling

Halflings have simple names based on their mediocre lifestyle which mostly consist of two syllables: “If you have problems pronouncing a name when your mouth is full with food, it’s too long and complicated”.

  • Halflings name consists of two parts, one being personal and the other being a family name or the surname. Like humans, their surnames are also passed down to later generations through paternal lineage and remains the same most of the time.
    Females, on the other hand, take the family names after they marry. Halflings are also given alternative names that are earned and are based on an achievement or an incident of an individual. This earned name can very well replace the personal name and can be used while a Halfling is introducing himself.
  • Most of my Halfling last names are usually NounVerb or VerbNoun combinations.
  • Male Halfling names end with ‘o’ or ‘u’.
  • Female Halfling names are similar to the male Halfling names, except for the fact that they finish with a vowel ‘a’, and if the name finishes with a consonant there is suffix ,’a’.
  • As mentioned above the surnames of Halflings mainly consist of a suffix or a prefix. There are infinite alternative names of Halflings that they may receive when they move out from their parental homes. However, the Halflings also distinguish themselves by clans or folk. More on folks in the article below.
  • Halfling folk names are also important since they are a part if their identity. It is a system of tracking their next of kin. They enjoy nothing more to discover how they might be related to one another.
    Another factoid: these folk names are actually the name of their location that each of clan formerly used to live in thousands of years ago. Foxburr, Fairdowns, Bywater, Danderphallow and brocksdown are some of the exotic Halfling folk names that they identify themselves from.

Funny Halfling Names

Convias Corhorn Davumo
Falser Falzin Garace
Idomo Iramin Jankin
Janton Joeon Kaston
Kasyver Kaszin Laace
Larin Nortran Pimser
Quinsire Sharner Sharrich
Tarlan Tarvias Tenan
Ulder Xohorn Yarner
Zenlan Zenner More Name Ideas

Coolest Halfling Names

Danwrick Davemin Davhace
Elorin Garsire Gomin
Halder Idofer Idomo
Korner Marhace Mervias
Meryver Panfer Pansire
Panver Pervias Perzin
Riton Sanras Sharpher
Tarkin Ulton Vinvon
Wenry Wilbin Wileon
Xandon Zalras Zalric

Exotic Halfling Names

Baryas Beleon Corkas
Dandal Davkas Gowan
Goyver Halbul Halgin
Hallos Haltran Horras
Idoorin Idorich Kaslos
Laton Ospos Osret
Sanamin Sanfer Tardal
Tarhace Tarmo Tezu
Valace Valkas Wenhace
Wilgin Xanyas

Badass Halfling Names

Anbrix Beldove Belzana
Calfira Calgwen Calrana
Chenvyre Eilie Fayelle
Gelyola Grabrix Idalyse
Kelalyn Kelwyse Lidlie
Lidphina Malphina Marda
Marora Odifira Odilienne
Orakis Therphina Rifice
Uvitrix Vane Welora
Wilyse Wisica

Male Halfling Names

Anhorn Anras Barnan
Barner Barumo Connan
Davyver Davyver Falrin
Flynry Gokin Goras
Haldon Halyver Hornan
Idoras Idover Joamin
Korrich Joyas Laeon
Lamo Laret Nemin
Norvias Oriyver Osfire
Ospher Ospos Osyas
Perdon Perpos Pimdal
Quinbul Quinry Ricry
Sharamin Tardal Tareon
Tarret Tarser Ultran
Uriorin Vinfer Vinrich
Yarpos Yarvon Yenrin

Female Halfling Names

Ankath Antrix Belfice
Calola Calri Calsica
Chenprys Chenzana Diaris
Eileigh Elizana Fenbyn
Frogwen Frovira Graeni
Grayola Hahaly Idarana
Idayola Isaris Jaylyse
Jaywyn Kelbrix Lidfice
Odida Odivira Paemia
Qiola Rimita Saleigh
Shaezira Therola Therphina
Trynbrix Trynelle Uvikis
Valie Vavira Verdove
Verdrey Verkath Verri
Wileigh Wimita Xanlie
Xanlie Xanni Yesree
Zeflyse Zefzana

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