100+ Bakery Name Ideas

Happy to know that your bakery business is about to get the head start and you are eager to give your best shot! Since your bakery business is on the ball so let us help you in finalizing the name of your cake shop by enlisting some cute, creative yet unique bakery name ideas that are not taken yet.

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How to Come Up With a Perfect Cake Shop Name

Getting a perfect bakery name is not something impossible. Before giving up, why don’t you invest a few minutes to read below some handy tips for picking some awesome cake shop name ideas? Get a closer look at some freshly baked cake shop name ideas for your bakery business.

  • Keep it Short and Crisp: The bakery brand name should not be too long. It should be catchy and short so that people can easily recall it whenever they aim to buy cupcakes or any baking item.  Moreover, shorter business names are much easy to brand as compared to long brand names.
  • Get your own Name Branded: So if you feel proud in the uniqueness of your own name then why don’t you name the bakery shop with your own name? It will help people to know who is the boss (Wink!). Alternatively, you can name your bakery business with the name of your favorite location too.
  • Crazy and Cute Adjectives: Using adorable and catchy adjectives for your cake shop is something that hardly gets failed. Sometimes, it is the adjective in your bakery business name that does all the magic.

How to Choose a Worthy Name for Your Bakery Business

Choosing a unique, creative and catchy name for your bakery business is definitely not a piece of cake! The name of your bakery remains in the mind of your target audience so it should be really fascinating. Check out some bakery name ideas that can help you in choosing the appropriate name of your bakery business.

Best and Unique Bakery Name Ideas

If you are looking for some creative names for your newly inaugurated bakery business then head over to few unique bakery names before they are taken by someone else.

  • Wake, Bake, and Sleep
  • The Best Cake Smith
  • Bread, Butter, and Cake
  • Sweety Sweet Cakes
  • All about Cakes
  • The Ultimate Sugar Daddy
  • The Best Sugar Mommy
  • The Hole in the Donut
  • Let’s Knead
  • The Delightful Dough
  • The Sensual Sweetness
  • The Sweetest Spot of the Town
  • We Bake it for You!
  • Baked for You!
  • Cake and Cookie Monster
  • Bake me Up!
  • Cake me Up!
  • Chief Cake Maker
  • Rock, Cake and Roll
  • Bakery Bake
  • Let’s Cake It
  • Cake and Skies
  • Sweetest Tooth of the Town
  • Bake Lounge
  • The Cake’s Junction
  • Get the Cake Power
  • The Mighty Bakery
  • Black Velvet Cakes
  • Baked Fresh
  • The Cake Makers
  • Bake with Love
  • The Bakers’ Delight

Cute and Funny Cake Shop Name Ideas

Steal worthy cake shop name ideas are enlisted below for you to choose the cool cake shop name for your bakery business. Own any one of them before they get owned by your competitors.

  • Cake Bar
  • Just Make and Bake
  • The Bakery Room
  • The Cake Rise
  • All we Knead is Dough!
  • Bake and Shake
  • Baking in Your Face!
  • Bake with Delight
  • The Last Cake Line
  • The Cake Encounter
  • Call Cakes
  • Cutest Cupcakes
  • The Cake Talk
  • The Cakes’ Aroma
  • Outside the Cake Box
  • Sweet Bites of Delight
  • Let’s Cake your Day!
  • Bake me Sweet
  • Bake me Sweeter
  • Caked in Love
  • The Bake Town
  • The Happy Bakery
  • The Baked Designs
  • The Sweeter Side
  • The Baked Art Shop
  • Guilty Pleasures Bakery
  • The Cake Lane
  • The Cake Sprinkles
  • Cake with a Twist
  • Whipped and Baked
  • Cake at First Sight
  • Cakery at its Best
  • The Cake Craving
  • The Spicy Bakers
  • Tipsy Bakery
  • The Butterfly Cakes
  • Out of the Box Bakery
  • Cakes for You
  • The Baked Seduction
  • Fine Cakes
  • The Yellow Cakes
  • From Cup to Cakes
  • Bake-fection

Trendy and Modern Bakery Name Ideas

Looking for some clever yet trendy bakery name ideas for your cake shop? Look nowhere as we have cataloged some cool bakery name ideas for you.

  • The Street style Cakes
  • The Baked Galore
  • The Bake Walk
  • Frost me more!
  • Baked Pretty Well
  • The Cake Slice
  • Bake me more!
  • The Dream Bakers
  • Bake o’ clock
  • Some More Cakes
  • Cake please!
  • The Blackmarket of Cakes
  • It’s Bake Time
  • Cake-aholic
  • Bake-aholic
  • For Sweet-ohlic
  • Bake the Cake!
  • Get the Pie Chart!
  • For Goodness Bake!
  • Baked with Care
  • Baked in Sweetness
  • Baked and Frosted

Fancy Bakery Name Ideas

Tired of boring dull bakery names like Mr. Cake, Bake and Cake and The Cake Shop kinds of names? Scroll down the post below to get some inspiration for some fancy and unique bakery name ideas to banish the monotony.

  • The Bliss of Bakery
  • The Dream Cakes
  • We Bake Everything
  • The Regal Bakery
  • The Red Velvet Bakery
  • The Holy Bakery
  • The Bakery Basket
  • The Bakery Emporium
  • Bake My Day!
  • Tea Time Bakery
  • The Goddess of Frosting
  • Give the Cake
  • The Senior Bakery
  • Bake for Cakes
  • The Cake Power
  • Bake a Diem
  • The Purple Bakery

Indian Bakery Name ideas

Traditional Indian touch can be given to your bakery business name too. Want to know how? Scroll below.

  • The Maharaja Cake
  • Taj Mahal Delight
  • The Bombay Bakery
  • Baked by Indians
  • Indian Delights
  • The Brown Indian Cake
  • Cakes from Indian Grandma
  • Naan Khataai

French Bakery Name Ideas

Add a French touch to your traditional cakes by giving a French-inspired bakery name.

  • Le Panier French Bakery
  • La Madeleine
  • Choc o pain
  • Boul angerie
  • Petite palmiers
  • Fournos bakery
  • The art of french baking
  • Bouchon bakery
  • French vanilla
  • Delice
  • Amelie’s
  • Poilane

Italian Bakery Shop Names

Give an Italian touch to your bakery business by opting for any of the Italian inspired bakery names given below.

  • Oteri’s
  • Via Veneto bakery
  • Villa Italia
  • Zia Gianna
  • Mozzicato
  • Tosti
  • Francesco’s
  • Touch of Italy
  • Catania

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  1. Great bakery name ideas! I’m more the “Nailed It!” kind of baker but if I had a bakery I’d call it “Tout Sweet”.

  2. Love these. I found coming up with a name for my business to be one of the toughest things. Once you pick it you are pretty much stuck with it. What a great list of ideas for a baker!


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