Bar Trivia Questions & Answers

Want to become a Bar Trivia hard-to-beat champion? Be a trivia junkie like no other! Why prefer staying as a couch potato when you can always go out and play trivia game at a bar. Mind you, playing Bar trivia quiz is one of the smartest icebreakers to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Bar Trivia quiz is every party person’s perfect night out the dream. If you want to get yourself prepared to sound more intelligent and confident among your bar club members then why not giving a try to Bar Trivia Questions and answers quiz to gauge your knowledge level. Brace yourself as Meebily is here to start a rollercoaster ride of Bar Trivia Quiz so prove your awesomeness tonight!

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How to Host a Bar Trivia Night

Are you planning to host a bar trivia night for the first time or are you planning to sneak out as a host? Here is how you can plan bar trivia night at a nearby pub.

Design a Bar Trivia Format: Before you begin, invest some minutes in designing a bar trivia format first. A haphazard trivia night won’t prove to be much entertaining so it is important to set some bar trivia rules. Considering the number of participants at trivia night, you need to decide if the players want to play individually or in teams. You can either have a tie-breaker round as well.

Decide a Theme for a Bar Trivia Night: To doubled the fun dose, you can do with a theme for plying pub night trivia quiz. Themes can be #MondayMargarita #WednesdayWisdom #ThowbackThursday or whatever your audience likes the most.

Trivia Night Prizes: Isn’t it wonderful to have a spin a wheel at the end of the bar trivia night? It can be really exciting to reveal the surprise gifts for the participants by spinning the wheels.

Boozy Bar/Pub Fun Facts

Are you looking for ways to win the next pub trivia quiz? Worry no more as we have listed down some little known Bar trivia facts for you to review before you attempt to win next bar trivia questions and answers quiz.

  • The official drink of the US drink is Bourbon.
  • The word “Brandy is derived from a Dutch word “brandewijn” which means “Burnt Wine”.
  • The highest minimum drinking age in the world is in the United States.
  • In 1917, at St. Louis (Missouri), the first cocktail party was held.
  • Pabst Beer turned into Pabst Blue Ribbon after winning Chicago World’s fair in 1893.
  • Free drinks are offered in a pub in Ireland to those customers who do not use their phones.
  • In Australia, about 4000 people rioted outside a pub because it was closed.
  • A pub is owned by Sir Ian McKellen that was visited by Charles Dickens.
  • The national drink of Puerto Rico is Pina Colada.
  • There is a tram turned pub that tours around Helsinki, Finland.

Bar Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you facing the inability to attend pub trivia nights due to a lack of knowledge? Will you feel embarrassed for not answering a pub trivia question correctly? Well, you can always test your knowledge here before playing Bar trivia tonight. Let’s how much your score tonight!

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Q. Name the country that beaver as its national symbol.

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Q. Name your body part that continue to grow through lifetime.

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Nose and Ears

Q. Name something which is common in Mike Garret, Ernie Davis and Billy Simms.

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They all won Heisman Trophy

Q. What was the nickname of Earl Monroe’s during his basketball career?

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The Pearl

Q. Name the basketball star is referred as “The Mailman”.

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Karl Malone

Q. Which Black American completed US open tennis tournament?

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John Shippen

Q. Name the first Black American to lead an NFL Crew.

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Johnny Grier

Q. Name the professional sport which Lee Edler play.

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Q. Name the first Black American Olympic player.

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 George C. Poage

Q. Name the first Black American Football player.

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Fritz Pollard

Q. Name the first Black American inducted in Pro Football Hall of Fame,

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Emlen Tunnell

Q. What is extracted from a human body by a phlebotomist?

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Q. Name the year when Henry VIII became King of England.

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Q. Name Yoda’s last name.

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He doesn’t have one

Q. What was the weight of Chewbacca’s costume?

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8 Pounds

Q. Why Ralph Bunche won Nobel Prize?

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Mediating an end to an Arab Israeli conflict

Q. Who is Darth Tyranus?

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Count Dooku

Q. Name the first Black American admiral in US Navy.

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Samuel L Gravely

Q. Name the singer whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

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Lady Gaga

Q. Name the count of basketball team.

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Q. In which US State is Kodiak Island?

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Q. What is the name of Han Solo’s ship?

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Millennium Falcon

Q. Name the battle armor used by Boba Fett in Star Wars Series.

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Q. Name the most Voluptuous female in Toontown.

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Jessica Rabbit

Q. Name the famous weapon used by Jedi in Star War series.

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Light Saber

Q. Name the first Arnold movie to win four Academy Awards.

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Terminator 2

Q. How Darth Vader planned to capture Luke?

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Freeze him

Q. Name the youngest boxer to win heavy weight title.

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Mike Tyson

Q. Name the first female solo host of Oscar.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Q. Name first Black American Catholic Archbishop.

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Eugene A. Marino

Q. What is the nickname of Marcus Garvey?

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Black Masons

Q. What is the square root of 81?

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Q. What comes right after a thousand?

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Ten Thousand

Q. Do you what does the Roman Numeral (C) represents?

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One Hundred

Q. Name first Black American member of presidential cabinet.

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Robert Weaver

Q. What does the century represent?

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Q. Which is bigger? 100 or ten squared?

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Both are same

Q. Name the president of Vietnam (1945-54).

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Ho Chi Min

Q. Which vitamin is known as Pantothenic Acid?

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Q. Name batman’s butler.

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Q. What is the freezing point of water in degree Fareheit?

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32 degrees Farenheit

Q. What do you mean by Triskaidekaphobia?

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Fear of the number 13

Q. Name Chandler’s last name in Friends.

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Q. Name the highest waterfall in the world.

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Angel Falls, Venezuela

Q. Which type of animal is Kolinsky?

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Q. Name the leader of the wolves in Jungle Book.

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Q. How many feet are there in one fathom?

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Q. Name the capital of Netherlands.

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The Hague

Q. Name the green pigment in plant.

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Q. Jim Morrison was buried in which city?

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Q. Name the planet which is the closest to the Sun.

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Q. What is the alternate name of Groundnut?

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The peanut

Q. What is the name of Yellow Telly Tubby.

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La La

Q. Which type of creature does Snake belongs to?

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Q. Who is the author of “Waiting for Godot”?

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Samuel Beckett

Q. Name the currency of Switzerland.

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Swiss Franc

Q. Name the largest planet present in the Solar system.

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Q. According to Greek Mythology, state the count of graces.

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Q. Name the street in which Bert and Ernie live.

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Sesame St.

Q. What is the hobby of the Philatelist?

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Stamps collection

Q. Mickey Roney was named after which Disney character?

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Mickey Mouse

Q. Where does the strongest Earthquake occurred in 1999?

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Q. With reference to alcohol amount, name the most expensive drink.

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Q. What seven dwarfs from Snow White story were looking for?

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Q. Name the most common type of Blood group in humans.

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Q. Name the only fruit that has seeds on outside.

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Q. State the count of letters in Greek language.

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Q. State the count of prime numbers between 10 and 100.

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Q. State the count of rows of stars in American flag.

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Q. Name the first arcade game in video disc technology.

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Dragon Liar

Q. Name the first PC game to start a multi-player death match mode.

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Q. Mention the name of sequel to Centipede.

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Q. Name the film containing very hot title that won Academy Award in 1981.

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Chariots of Fire

Q. In which continent of the world, the yield of world’s banana is 80%?

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South America

Q. Name the type of animal that comes from a Greek word named Terrible Lizard.

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Q. Name the bird that can only swim and cannot fly.

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Q. State the number of employees at Google in December 31st, 2007.

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