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List of Bible Trivia Question And Answers

Bible Trivia Question
Bible Trivia Question


People around the world want to improve his or her knowledge about the “Bible” (Holy book of Christians) so, if you are one of them then it’s the best choice you have made. This site provides you with the best collection of Bible trivia Question and Answers that are divided into different categories such as Old and New Testament Bible Trivia Questions. We have also provided you with both easy and as well as difficult Bible Trivia Question. You can make Bible Trivia Quizzes out of these questions. Printable Bible Trivia can help teachers to make worksheets whereas Jeopardy Bible Trivia will develop the interest in kids and adults in gaining knowledge about Bible Trivia.

Interesting Bible Facts

Here is a list of amazing Bible Trivia Facts

  • Bible is considered as the best selling book of all times
  • Hundred million books of Bible are sold annually
  • There were 144,000 persons who were sealed as “servants of our God on their forehead”
  • “This Is The King Of The Jews” And “Jesus Of Nazareth” were the title placed on Jesus’ cross
  • Approximately 40 different human authors’ effort is involved in completing Bible
  • There are almost 600 languages into which Bible is translated

New Testament Bible Trivia Question And Answers

Q: Where did Christ’s first miracle take place?Show
Q: Name the city that was knows as City of David?Show
Q: Who has contributed as a writer of the most books of the New Testament in Bible?Show
Q: In Jesus’ story, how many wise and Foolish women are mentioned?Show
Q: Name the Angel who came to Mary.Show
Q: In which book Jesus’ birth is mentioned?Show
Q: At what time did Nicodemus came to Jesus?Show
Q: Name the blind man who was healed by Jesus.Show
Q: What was the name of the place where Jesus grew up?Show
Q: To whom did Angel Gabriel say that his wife would bear a child to be named John?Show
Q: Name the city where Paul went blind.Show
Q: Who were the first two disciples selected by Jesus?Show
Q: From where did Paul escape in a basket?Show
Q: Name the disease that Jesus cured of the 10 men?Show
Q: Why did Judas paid 30 pieces of silver?Show
Q: How many names did the women had who found Christ’s tomb open and empty?Show
Q: Before beginning his ministry, how long did Paul spend in ArabiaShow
Q: Act of Apostles is written by?Show
Q: What profession does the father of Jesus have?Show
Q: How can someone receives the crown of life, what does Book of Revelations say?Show

New Testament Bible Trivia Question And Answers For Kids

These are easy Bible Trivia Questions for kids that can be used as a Bible quiz game by the teachers in the school to enhance children knowledge about this holy book

Q: New Testament is mostly in which language?Show
Q: Name the last book of New Testament.Show
Q: What was the John the Baptist’s father Name?Show
Q: Name the nation, which is focused in Old Testament.Show
Q: New Testament is about?Show
Q: Who is the central character in Bible?Show
Q: Name the city where Jesus was born?Show
Q: New Testament contains how many books?Show
Q: According to bible how many brothers Jesus had?Show
Q: How many people did Jesus serve with two fishes and five loaves of bread?Show
Q: How many baskets were left behind after Jesus feed 5000 people?Show
Q: Which insect John the Baptist ate in the forest?Show
Q: What were the names of Jesus’s Brothers?Show
Q: What was Jesus Christ’s first miracle?Show
Q: What is the name of the first Apostle martyred?Show
Q: Name the Apostle who first denied Jesus?Show
Q: Who was Matthew?Show
Q: Name the shortest book of New Testament?Show
Q: Who was John the Baptist?Show
Q: Numbers of disciples that Jesus has are?Show
Q: Book of Revelation is written by?Show

New Testament Bible Trivia Question And Answers For Adults

This section of article contains a little bit difficult Bible Trivia Questions as these questions are designed for adults

Q: Jesus Christ directed whom to preach to the Gentiles?Show
Q: To whom did God assigned a task to build a boat called an ark?Show
Q: “Get thee behind me, Satan” to whom did Jesus said this?Show
Q: In the New Testament, What are the final words of Jesus recorded?Show
Q: Name the two Apostles who first started following Jesus?Show
Q: “Silver and Gold have I none, but such as I have I give thee” is saying of whom?Show
Q: To which tribe of Israel does Apostle Paul belong?Show
Q: Before becoming an Apostle what was the profession of Simon Peter?Show
Q: What is the name of the village where Christ turned the water into wine?Show
Q: What is the name of the woman mentioned in Paul’s letter to Philemon?Show
Q: What was the fulfillment of the Law according to Paul?Show

Old Testament Bible Trivia Question And Answers

Q: From where does the word “Bible” originated?Show
Q: Into how many parts bible is divided?Show
Q: Name the two parts into which Bible is divided?Show
Q: Where is the oldest extant copy of a complete Bible preserved?Show
Q: Who was the one to divide the Bible into different chapters?Show
Q: Name the longest chapter in the Bible?Show
Q: What is the shortest chapter of the bible?Show
Q: When and who divided the Bible into verses?Show
Q: What was the age of Abraham at the time of Isaac’s birth?Show
Q: At what age Abraham was circumcised?Show
Q: Moses belonged to which tribe?Show
Q: Two books of the Bible are named after women. What are those names?Show
Q: Who was Hannah?Show
Q: From where does the oldest copy of the Tanakh dates back?Show
Q: When did Moses die and in which valley was he buried?Show
Q: What is considered as a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham?Show
Q: What does the “Hebrew Bible” is known in Judaism?Show
Q: At that time when David slew Goliath who was the king of Israel?Show
Q: What is the name of the famous city that Nebuchadnezzar ruled on?Show
Q: Who asked Naaman to cure his leprosy by washing in the river Jordan seven times?Show
Q: What does “Emmanuel” means?Show
Q: What was written on the wall?Show
Q: Who was given a title of “a blameless and upright man”?Show
Q: To whom did God describe Job as a perfect and upright man?Show
Q: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” this is saying of whom?Show
Q: Why did God part the Jordan River?Show
Q: Which city is known as the City of God?Show
Q: What are the names of the twin brothers?Show

Old Testament Bible Trivia Question And Answers For Kids

Q: Most of the Old treatment is in which language?Show
Q: How many books are there in Old Testament?Show
Q: The first five books of Old Testament are written by?Show
Q: Old Testament is based on?Show
Q: The first thing created by God was?Show
Q: On which day of creation God created the plants?Show
Q: To whom did God give the 10 commandants?Show
Q: What is the fifth commandant Moses received from God?Show
Q: Who was Abraham’s second wife?Show
Q: Who buried Moses?Show
Q: Who was Adams’s third son?Show
Q: What is the name of Abraham’s son?Show
Q: What was the name of Abraham’s first wife?Show
Q: When did God create man?Show
Q: According to Old Testament which two animals spoke to humans?Show
Q: What was Joseph’s wife name?Show
Q: How long did the fish have Jonah in its belly?Show
Q: Name the woman whose age is mentioned in the Bible?Show
Q: Name the animals mentioned in the bible that were used for transportation.Show
Q: Joseph lived for how many years?Show
Q: Who came to Egypt to buy grains?Show
Q: Which four colors of yarn were used to make sacred ephod and breast piece worn by Aaron?Show
Q: How was James killed?Show
Q: What is the name of the person who witnessed Elijah being taken up to Heaven?Show
Q: What is the last word used in the Old Testament?Show

Old Testament Bible Trivia Question And Answers For Adults

Q: Who was Aaron?Show
Q: Who was the one who ate honey out of a lion’s carcass?Show
Q: Who removed the bones of Joseph from Egypt at the time of the Exodus?Show
Q: After killing the Egyptian soldier Moses flee to?Show
Q: What are the names of the two bodies of water that were parted according to the Bible?Show
Q: A lady tried to seduce Joseph. Who was that lady?Show
Q: Judah prevented his brothers from killing whom?Show
Q: Where did Jacob slept and dreamed of Jacob’s ladder?Show
Q: What does Joseph receive as a gift from Jacob?Show
Q: What is the meaning of “Golgotha”?Show
Q: The name given to the first five books in the Old Testament is?Show
Q: What is the name of David’s father?Show
Q: Who is buried in The City of David?Show
Q: Where did Elijah send Obadiah to announce his return?Show
Q: How many prophets of Baal lost their lives on the order of Elijah?Show
Q: Where did Elijah take shelter?Show
Q: Which weapon did Samson used to kill 1000 Philistines at Lehi?Show
Q: How a year old was David when he was anointed King of Israel?Show
Q: Why was the Red Sea parted?Show
Q: What is the name of the king in front of which Isaac hides his spousal relationship with?Show
Q: What relation did Isaac claimed to have with Rebecca in front of Abimelech?Show
Q: Who were David and Bathsheba?Show

How to Use Bible Trivia Questions/ Quiz for Kids

These Bible Trivia questions can be used as a part of games and quizzes in a family get together, Friends in school can ask these Questions to test their knowledge. And can be used as for developing a Bible Apps. Teachers can also use these questions to make worksheets or they can conduct a competition related to Bible Trivia for kids.

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