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Big Bang Theory Trivia Question & Answers

List Of Great Big Bang Theory Trivia Question

Big Bang Theory Trivia Question & Answer
Big Bang Theory Trivia Question & Answer


Big Bang Theory, a hilarious combination of science and comedy wrapped in television series seasons in which a Physics genius named Sheldon who knows almost everything about universe funnily fails every time to interact with women. His crazy friends squad has some equally brilliant fellows namely Raj, Howard, Howard’s wife Bernadette and together they explore complexities of life outside science lab. Want to gauge how much you know about Big Bang Theory? Why not giving a try to the exciting Big Bang Theory Trivia Questions and Answers quiz and get a track of your Trivia quiz score and see who wins Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz game in your social circle.

Interesting Big Bang Theory Trivia Facts 

  • Penny’s surname is still unknown.
  • In real life Actress Mayim Bialik has an actual neuroscience PhD
  • All the elevator scenes are filmed on one floor.
  • Mostly Leonard has no lenses in his glasses
  • The two main characters of the show are named after late television producer Sheldon Leonard.
  • Before becoming an actor Kevin actually worked in a comic book store.
  • Sheldon Cooper usually wears shirts with the number 73 in the show and in real life Sheldon’s birth year is 1973.
  • Each male character of the show has a signature-clothing article that they wear throughout the show. Sheldon wear t-shirts over long-sleeve shirts, Leonard hoodies over a T-shirt and under a jacket. Most of the time Raj wear sweater-vest worn over a shirt and under some type of outerwear.
  • Since Episode 2 of season 1 Penny has been using the same purse.
  • During season 3 producers of The Big Bang Theory came to know that there is a series named “The Theorists” that was copy of The Big Bang Theory. Later on legal action was taken against it.

Big Bang Theory Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Who is the creator of the “Big Bang Theory”?Show
Q: When did the show premiered on CBS?Show
Q: When did the eleventh season of the show premiered?Show
Q: On how many characters is the show primarily centered?Show
Q: Name the band that wrote the theme song for the show.Show
Q: Where did Sheldon meets Amy for the first time?Show
Q: What is the color of the flag's background found on Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment?Show
Q: How many seasons does the show “ Bing Bang Theory has?Show
Q: How many episodes does the show have?Show
Q: In the episode ''The Apology Insufficiency'', why did Sheldon visit Cheesecake Factory?Show
Q: In which episode did Sheldon and Amy met?Show
Q: In ''The Rothman Disintegration'', on what did Sheldon and Barry Kripke argued?Show
Q: At the end of season 2 to what place did Howard, Leonard, Raj and Sheldon go?Show
Q: Name the contract that Sheldon makes the Leonard to sign in order to live with him.Show
Q: What specific word does Sheldon often use after a prank or a joke?Show
Q: In season 5 what name did Penny and Leonard gives to the evaluation of their relationship.Show
Q: What does Raj use to communicate with his parents?Show
Q: Where did Leonard want to take Penny to celebrate Valentines Day?Show
Q: What does Penny gives as a Christmas present to Sheldon?Show
Q: Why did penny punch Howard?Show
Q: Sheldon, Leonard and Penny live in the building having a number_____________?Show
Q: What does Amy asks Sheldon to wash when he tries to help her in neurobiological lab?Show
Q: Complete the lyrics “ soft kitty, Warm kitty”.Show
Q: Name the video game Penny becomes addicted to in season 2.Show
Q: What board game did Sheldon develop?Show
Q: What amount did Howard pay for his Iron Man helmet?Show
Q: In the second season which character gets his learner's permit?Show
Q: What Barry Manilow cover band does Amy wants to see in Vegas?Show
Q: What does the university require Sheldon to do in order to become a senior professor?Show
Q: Amy can stick in her mouth how many fava beans?Show
Q: For what does P.R.K stands?Show
Q: Name the episode in which Leonard proposes to Penny.Show
Q: What costume does Penny choose for Halloween party?Show
Q: In order to eat Thai food one should use what according to Sheldon?Show
Q: ''I don't care if no one else gets it, I'm going as the Doppler effect'' these are the words of which character?Show
Q: At what place does Howard and Bernadette got married?Show
Q: What is the number of apartment that belongs to Amy?Show
Q: Why did Howard buy a red cowboy hat in the ''Electric Can Opener Fluctuation?Show
Q: What song was said to be the original theme song of the show?Show
Q: With what name did Sheldon call his grandfather when he was a little kid?Show
Q: In which season does Wil Wheaton makes a guest appearance?Show
Q: What amount did the boys pay for Time Machine?Show
Q: In what episode did Sheldon used the word “Bazinga” for the first time?Show
Q: In what restaurant does penny works?Show

Big Bang Theory Character Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Name the singer that Howard and Amy realize they both liked in ''The Scavenger Vortex''.Show
Q: Sheldon's middle name is __________?Show
Q: What is Howard's education?Show
Q: In what field did Howard did Masters?Show
Q: What was the rest of three best friends’ education level?Show
Q: With who did Penny goes on a date?Show
Q: When Penny dislocates her shoulder; who was the one to help her?Show
Q: Penny is from which state?Show
Q: Who is Raj’s sister name?Show
Q: Amy’s full name is _____________?Show
Q: Name the Howard’s friend who have fantasies about Bernadette and often writes poems for her?Show
Q: To what city of India does Raj belongs?Show
Q: Who is the owner of Comic Book Store?Show
Q: What is Sheldon’s profession?Show
Q: What is Leonard’s profession?Show
Q: What is Howard’s profession?Show
Q: What job does Raj has?Show
Q: What is Raj’s surname?Show
Q: Who is known as the straight man of series?Show
Q: Sheldon copper’s I.Q is _________?Show
Q: What is Howard’s mother name?Show
Q: Leonard’s master password is __________?Show

Q: What does Raj hates?Show
Q: To what is Amy allergic?Show
Q: Whose middle name is Maryann?Show
Q: Name the character that has twin sisters.Show
Q: Who is the shyest character of the play?Show
Q: What is the real life name of Amy Farah?Show
Q: Sheldon is afraid of what animal?Show
Q: Name the surgeon Leonard dates in the second season.Show
Q: To what guest does Raj talk to when the boys leave him at Cheesecake Factory?Show
Q: What is the real life name of Raj?Show
Q: What is Leonard's mother’s name?Show
Q: What role does the actress Sara Gilbert has in the show?Show
Q: Name the real life name of Sheldon?Show
Q: What role does actress Kayley Cuoco portray in the show?Show
Q: ''I swear to God, Sheldon, one day I'm going to get the hang of talking to you'' are the words of which character in the show?Show
Q: Amy dressed up as what when the girls visit the Disneyland?Show
Q: What is the birthplace of Sheldon Cooper?Show
Q: At what age did Sheldon won Stephenson award?Show
Q: Name the actor who plays the role of Bernadette's father Mike Rostenkowski.Show


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