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Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

List of great trivia christmas questions!

Christmas Trivia Questions
Christmas Trivia Questions


Christmas is an annual festival, that is celebrated in remembrance of the Jesus Christ’s birth on 25th of Dec. The trend of Christmas started in 336. It’s a day of religious and cultural celebrations for billions of people all over the world. Christmas begins with the Christmas Eve that is held on 24th of Dec. Christians take Christmas as religious celebrations so, they start their day by visiting Church where they pray and sing Christmas trivia songs. After that they greet each other for this day. There is a family get together and the most interesting part of this family get-together is when they play different Christmas games that include Christmas trivia question and Answer fun game, Christmas trivia jeopardy questions and Christmas quizzes, In which all the family members team up into two teams and answer the Christmas trivia Questions one by one. The team that gives more correct answers is declared as the winning team. This article has lots of interesting and knowledgeable Christmas trivia questions that can be used while playing these games on Christmas Eve

Christmas Trivia
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History of Christmas

  • Why is Christmas observed?

Christmas means a lot to Christians; as they believe that it was the day when Jesus (son of God) came into the world; to guide them toward the right path. The day of Christ’s birth is not know although people have imagined 25th of Dec to be the day when Jesus was born. Some Christians say that it was 25th of March when Mary (Mother of Jesus) came to know that she was expecting a baby (Jesus) so after 9 months 25th of Dec was imagined as the day when Jesus’ was born.

  • How is Christmas celebrated all over the world?

Every country has their own customs and traditions so the people belonging to each country celebrate Christmas differently. Decorating Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions that are adopted by almost every country around the world. Cities are decorated with different lights to welcome the Christmas. Some people start their day by visiting Church where they pray and sing Christmas trivia songs. After that they greet each other for this day, there is a family get together, some people go for shopping, exchange presents, Some plan lunch or dinner with their friends, and Kids wait desperately for Santa Claus to arrive. The most interesting part of family get-together is when they play different Christmas games that include Christmas trivia question and Answer fun game, Christmas trivia jeopardy questions and Christmas quizzes, In which all the family members team up into two teams and answer the Christmas trivia Questions one by one the team that gives more correct, answer is declared as the winning team.

  • Christmas Trivia and superstitions

There are many superstitious beliefs associated with Christmas trivia.

  • Some people believe that eating Mincemeat pies on Christmas Eve is associated directly with the good luck that you will have in the coming year. Cutting the pies is considered as not good for your luck.
  • Some superstitions believe that the Yule log for the fireplace should be big enough so that it keeps on burning whole night otherwise is will bring a bad luck for the upcoming year. (Some people sit around the fire and tell scary stories to one another.
  • The one who is first to open the door on Christmas morning have to say “Welcome Father Christmas” to welcome the good luck and so let the bad spirits escape.
  • Every member in the house has to stir the plum pudding three times and with each turn has to make a wish. If one who is Un-Married will miss this tradition will miss a chance to find their spouse in the coming year.
  • There is a tradition of going into People’s house and singing charismas trivia Carols for them. There is a superstitious belief regarding this tradition that if you will return the carolers without some present, bad luck is waiting for you.

Christmas Trivia Facts

Here are some interesting and funny Christmas trivia facts that you people didn’t know earlier.

  • Jingle bell was not a Christmas Carol it was a thanksgiving song
  • The actual birthday of Jesus is still not known.
  • Christmas was declared as a federal holiday in U.S in June 1870.
  • Earlier fruits and nuts were used to decorate the Christmas tree.
  • In 1895 people started decorating Christmas tree with electric lights.
  • Pig’s head was served with Mustard in a Christmas traditional dinner in England many years ago.
  • There are two Islands in the world having name “Christmas”.
  • The tallest Christmas tree has height of 221 feet
  • Santa has 4 other names St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost and Kris Kringle.
  • S has three towns that are named after Santa Claus.

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

Kids will take more interest in getting knowledge about Christmas trivia if parents will make a tradition of giving present to children covered in different layers of gift wraps. Each layer has a secret question in it and with each layer, the question becomes more difficult and children can’t uncover the other layer until they haven’t answered the previous question. This will develop more interest in children to answer the Christmas trivia questions more accurately. Here is a list of some Christmas trivia questions for kids that will surely help you out!

Q: When is Christmas celebrated all over the world?Show
Q: Which two colors are mostly associated with Christmas?Show
Q: Which state first declared Christmas as a national Holiday?Show
Q: Which state was the last to declare Christmas as an Official holiday?Show
Q: In Italy, a witch drops the gifts through?Show
Q: In which country Christmas tree is exported on a large scale?Show
Q: What is other names for Christmas tree?Show
Q: What relation exists between Jesus and God according to Christmas?Show
Q: What does the red color signify?Show
Q: What were the gifts that baby Jesus received from the three wise men?Show
Q: Traditionally who opens the gifts first?Show
Q: What is the color of the costume of Santa?Show
Q: What does white color signify?Show
Q: Other than green and red which two colors are associated with Christmas?Show
Q: People remember whom on 26th of Dec?Show
Q: What is the traditional food of Germany?Show
Q: Which two vegetables are crossed to produce Swede?Show
Q: What tradition did Italy initiated? Show
Q: Which company used red and white associated with Santa’s costume?Show
Q: Which snacks do kids leave for Santa?Show
Q: St. Nicholas belongs to which country?Show
Q: Which official day is celebrated after Christmas?Show
Q: In which year was Christmas declared as national holiday in the United State?Show
Q: What are the two phrases that are mostly used for Christmas gift tags?Show
Q: Where do most elves where bells?Show
Q: Where was Jesus born according to Holy BibleShow

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers for Adults

Q: Who designed the first Christmas car?Show
Q: When was the first Christmas card designed?Show
Q: What does the Spanish phrase Feliz Navidad means?Show
Q: What are the long shiny foils strips called that are used to decorate the Christmas tree?Show
Q: Where was the first Christmas tree appeared?Show
Q: What are the names of the eight reindeer of the Santa Claus?Show
Q: There is a difference of twelve days between which two events?Show
Q: What do Finland people do on Christmas Eve?Show
Q: Who was the one to create Rudolph (reindeer of Santa)?Show
Q: When did the Rudolf L.May created Rudolph?Show
Q: What did the Grinch stole?Show
Q: Name the country that first adopted the tradition of Christmas tree?Show
Q: Electric Christmas lights were invented by?Show
Q: When were electric Christmas lights invented?Show
Q: Which country first issued Christmas postage stamp?Show
Q: Norway gifted a Christmas tree to London where it is placed?Show
Q: Which ornament is usually placed on the top of the Christmas tree?Show
Q: The French name for Santa is?Show
Q: Who celebrates Christmas on 7TH of January?Show
Q: When did “Tournament of roses” held for the first time?Show

Christmas Trivia Movie Question and Answers

Here is a list of Christmas movie questions for you guys that you can ask one another while having a coffee or cup of tea on Christmas Eve. You can also make Christmas Movie quizzes out of these questions. 

Q: Who was the director of “It’s A Wonderful Life”?Show
Q: What was the name if the pumpkin king of Halloween town in the movie “ The night before Christmas”?Show
Q: Miracle on 34th street took place in which city?Show

Q: In which year Scrooge was released?Show

Q: In “A Christmas Story” what was the gift that Ralphie desired to have?Show
Q: George Bailey lived in which town in the movie” It’s a Wonderful Life”?Show
Q: For how long Eddie was Unemployed in the movie?Show
Q: Who brought Frosty back to life in Frosty the snowman?Show
Q: After killing the mouse king nutcracker was transformed into?Show
Q: When was National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” released?Show
Q: Bing Crosby was a star of which movie?Show
Q: Who played the main role in the movie “Jingle all the way”?Show
Q: What was the little girl’s name in most of the versions of Nutcracker?Show
Q: I’ll be back again someday were the last words of?Show
Q: What was the name of the Bill Murray’s Character in the movie “Scrooge” (1988)?Show
Q: Where did Scott Calvin take his son in the film “ The Santa Claus” (1994)?Show

Q: Where did the Krank's daughter go in Movie “Christmas with Kranks”(2004)?Show

Q: The Ox and the Lamb kept time with whom?Show
Q: In the Night before Christmas what was hung on the chimney?Show
Q: Which song was herd on the corner of every street?Show
Q: Which number was printed on Santa's sweeter while playing a football game?Show
Q: Where did the Santa’s plane landed in Movie “Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)?Show
Q: In which movie did the Lucky asked Schroeder to play Jingle bells on the piano?Show
Q: Whose voice was recorded for the conductor character in the animated movie “The Polar Express (2004)?Show
Q: How much did the Buddy Hall won in the movie “Elf” (2003)?Show
Q: In fifties which sad song did Elvis Presley recorded?Show
Q: What is “Santa Claus is coming to town” carol about?Show
Q: Frosty’s eyes were made of what?Show
Q: Of what does Frosty’s nose was made of? Show
Q: Eggong comes in both?Show
Q: Who wrote the novel “A Christmas carol”?Show
Q: Who was the main character in the novel “A Christmas Carol”?Show
Q: When was Love actually released?Show

Christmas Trivia Song/Carol Question and Answers

Q: Joy to the world, the savior reigns is the lyrics of which song?Show
Q: The cattle are lowing” is the second line of which carol?Show
Q: Rudolf the Red nose reindeer is based on what?Show
Q: Which Other Carol is based on children other than Rudolf the red-nose?Show
Q: What are the second verses of the carol it came upon the midnight clear?Show
Q: Who is the writer of “The night before Christmas”?Show
Q: Who wrote “A Holly Jolly Christmas” song?Show
Q: In which year “A Holly Jolly Christmas” was written?Show
Q: Name song was the title song of “The Quinto Sisters” first album?Show
Q: Who was the first to record “Here come Santa Claus”?Show
Q: Which Christmas carol was awarded for the best original song?Show

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