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50+ Columbus Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Coolest List Of Columbus Day Trivia Questions & Facts

Columbus Day Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game
Columbus Day Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game


Every year, the second Monday of October is celebrated as Columbus Day to remember Christopher Columbus’ arrival in America. Not just in United States, this holiday is celebrated in various other countries, too. For instance, Latin America, Spain, Italy and Argentina are a few examples. It’s recognized with different names in different places such as Día de la Raza” (“Day of the Race”) in some parts of the Latin America. In Spain the calendars will read it as “Día de la Hispanidad” or “Fiesta Nacional”. Our list of Columbus Day trivia questions & answers is a delightful activity to give a recap of the reasons and facts pertaining to the National holiday.

Read below the history and interesting trivia facts about Columbus Day and take our electrifying Columbus Day trivia questions & answers quiz to see if you were really paying attention in history class. Score high on the quiz game to compete with your family and friends.

History of Columbus Day

He was an Italian sailor, out on an expedition to Asia sent by Spanish monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. His journey began on the third of August in 1492 from Spain in three ships namely, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Christopher Columbus changed history on October, 12th 1492 by accidently discovering the land of Americas on his search to a route to China and East Asia for their riches. He was the first European to set foot in Bahamas, after the Vikings back in the tenth century. This began the ‘age of discoveries’ and lead to colonization.

Columbus Day Trivia Facts

  • The holiday was fixed in 1971 to second Monday of October, every year.
  • Christopher Columbus was not the first European to ‘discover’ America, Vikings had been here before him in the tenth century.
  • Not everyone celebrate this event, some locales have named it Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
  • It has become controversial as Columbus’ actions brought slavery and death and he should not be called a hero.
  • Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy
  • Before being an explorer, Christopher Columbus was a trader
  • Of his three ships, Santa Maria was wrecked.
  • Columbus thought that Asia and Portugal were only 2,400 miles apart, when the actual distance was 10,000 files.
  • It took six years to convince Queen Isabella to fund Christopher Columbus’ expedition as she was doubtful that it will bear any fruit.
  • Christopher Columbus was 14 when he developed an interest in sailing and seafaring.
  • He used to sell maps and charts.

Columbus Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. How many trips did Christopher Columbus make to what he believed was Asia?

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Q. Which US States have declared it as Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day?

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South Dakota, Hawaii and Oregon.

Q. When did Columbus Day become an official Federal Holiday?

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11 October, 1937

Q. Which was the first U.S. state to adopt Columbus Day as a holiday?

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Q. In weeks, how long did it take Columbus’ crew to spot any land?

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Ten weeks

Q. How many people were her in Christopher Columbus’ crew?

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Around 90

Q. How many U.S. states celebrate Columbus Day as a paid holiday?

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23 states

Q. Which of the Columbus’ ships did not make it back to Spain?

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Santa Maria

Q. Where the largest Columbus Day parade is hosted every year?

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New York City

Q. How old was Christopher Columbus when he landed on the land of Americas?

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41 years old

Q. When Columbus landed, which native group did he come across?

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The Tainos

Q. What percentage of spoils from the voyage did Columbus keep?

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10 percent

Q. Which of the three ships that he took was Christopher’s favorite?

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Q. What is Christopher Columbus’ real name?

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Cristoforo Colombo

Q. How old was Christopher Columbus when he started sailing?

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15 years old

Q. Which famous U. S. city is named after Christopher Columbus?

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Washington D. C.

Q. What name did Christopher Columbus give to the place he landed first in?

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San Salvador.

Q. What is modern day name of San Salvador?

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Q. True or False; Christopher Columbus never set foot on North America.

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Q. In which country’s behalf did Christopher Columbus carry the voyage out?

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Q. According to his journal, what was Christopher Columbus’ objective if the voyage?

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Convert people to Catholicism.

Q. According to his first letter to his sponsors (the king and queen of Spain) what did he notice that the native people lacked?

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Q. Why did Portugal’s monarchs decline to fund Christopher Columbus’ expedition?

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He did not believe in him.

Q. Which of the three ships did Christopher Columbus himself travel in?

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Santa Maria

Q. How many voyages did Christopher Columbus made to America?

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Q. True or false: till his death Christopher Columbus thought he had discovered Asia?

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Q. In which Italian city was Christopher Columbus born?

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Q. How did the fist natives that Christopher Columbus encounter react upon seeing the Spanish?

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They fled.

Q. When he finally met natives who were ready to talk what gifts did Christopher Columbus offered them?

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Q. Christopher Columbus worked for the Duke of Median Celi, to learn about his exploration. How much did he get paid?

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3000 maravedis.

Q. On which date was Santa Maria wrecked?

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24 December, 1492

Q. According to his letter to the monarchs after the first voyage, what desirable commodity does Columbus mention to have found?

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Q. Which area did Christopher Columbus travel on his last voyage?

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Central America

Q. In which year was Christopher Columbus sent to Spain as a prisoner?

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Q. When did Christopher Columbus make his last trip?

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Q. On which date did the remaining two ships, Nina and Pinta were separated by a storm on the way back?

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14 February, 1493

Q. Why was Christopher Columbus brought to Spain as a prisoner?

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For bringing diseases, enslaving and mismanagement of Royal monies.

Q. In which World’s Fair was Columbus’ Voyage celebrated?

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The 1893 Chicago World’s Fair: The Columbian Expo

Q. Which Canadian Holiday is on the same day as Columbus Day?

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Q. How old was Christopher Columbus when he died?

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55 years

Q. What year did Christopher Columbus die in?

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In 1506.

Q. Because of the crash of Santa Maria how many people had to be left behind?

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40 people

Q. Which island did these men stay at?

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Q. How many days did it take to spot the first piece of land?

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35 days

Q. Which U. S. president made Columbus Day a federal holiday?

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Franklin D Roosevelt

Q. True or False: Christopher Columbus believed the earth to be flat?

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Q. What titles were given to Christopher Columbus upon returning from his first voyage?

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Viceroy of the Indies

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