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100+ Cool Crossfit Team Names

Terrific List Of Crossfit Team Name Ideas

Funny Crossfit Team Names
Funny Crossfit Team Names


For this summer you and your mates have decided to lose their beer bellies, love handles and are determined to finally have that Greek god summer body that you have desired since forever. You and your peers are jumping on that CrossFit band wagon that has been all over the place lately. If that sounds like you at all, then you are going to fit right in!

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements that are performed in high intensity. It’s a workout for people who get bored easily and always love the thrill of something unexpected and new. And your CrossFit team name should definitely serve as an example of this. Your team name should be unique, motivational, funny, and something to keep the team morale high like your heart rate. You need a funny CrossFit team name that demands attention, it should either get a roar of laughter or stimulate gut clench when your competitor CrossFitters hear.

We have got you covered with our list of funny CrossFit team names and clever CrossFit team names, so you can sign up your local CrossFit competition with a badass name!

Funny Crossfit Team Name Ideas

Giving your team name a humorous spin can take the edge off for this high-intensity training. With our list of funny crossfit team names, you are bound to get laughter. These will also make your team seem playful. There is a lot of room for creativity here:

  • Flexual Healing
  • Im having Burpees
  • Weights before Dates
  • Butt Clench
  • Sore Loins
  • Just do it… tomorrow
  • Butts and beer bellies
  • Salute the Glutes
  • We’re weighting for you
  • Uncultured Bisons
  • Seeking abs
  • The Flimsy Worms
  • Better weight than never
  • One over the Weight
  • Talk Fat Talk
  • Been there, Done fat
  • Fats all Folks!
  • Fat Earthers
  • Shwetty Balls
  • The Cross Shits
  • Far Beast Movement
  • We lift more than we make
  • The Couch Potatoes
  • Slow Burn
  • The weight list
  • The Squatting Dead
  • Look at ma Guns
  • Son of a Gun
  • Dirty Lifters
  • Booty and the Beast

Clever Crossfit Team Names

With these our witty and clever names your competitors wouldn’t know what hit them! This list is brimming with sly pop culture references, puns, and innuendos. So go on and have your pick.

  • Oh, Kale yeah!
  • Who let the dogs out
  • Hi, this is average
  • Dwayne the Rock Bottom
  • Hustle the muscle
  • Don’t you muscle cross me!
  • Bob’s your muscle
  • Work it before you twerk it
  • Open belly wide
  • Take down a Leg or two
  • Meat and two leg
  • The Cuckoo’s Leg
  • It’s that time of the month
  • Buff and nonsense
  • Crazy, Stupid Buff
  • The Good, The Bad and The Dirty
  • Labor of Buff
  • I want 6 pegs
  • Bacon before Biceps
  • Winner winner chicken dinner
  • Sweat Dreams
  • Turn a Grind eye
  • Love is Grind
  • Pork U Pine
  • Grab ‘Em by the weights
  • Noob Here.
  • The slow Buffaloes
  • Pack of weight wolves
  • Optimal Turtles
  • We are HIIT
  • Blow your Grind

Crossfit Team Names from Movies

We are all crazy about one liners and references from classic blockbuster movies. They also make for great team names. Witty word play of catch phrases makes for some awesome puns that will floor the audience. Here your movie fanatics may also show off their movie trivia! So, have at it:

  • First Rule of Crossfit: Always talk about Crossfit.
  • Yippie kie yay! Heavy lifters
  • Beastjuice, Beastjuice, Beastjuice,
  • Its showtime!
  • I’m your Hustleberry.
  • Kirk, screaming out of frustration
  • We know CrossFit
  • We pity the fool!
  • CrossShit just got real!
  • Smash!
  • Time to nut up or shut up
  • Get off my weight.
  • Why so serious?
  • I feel the need…the need to lift!
  • Forrest. Lift

Remarkable Crossfit Team Names

We scoured the internet to find these awesome set of Crossfit team names, they will will surely enhance the appeal of your team, communicate a message of positivism, and keeping your team unified!

  • Bros before rows
  • Buck Furpees
  • Butts and Nuts
  • Baby Got Track
  • The Omniscient Chimpanzees
  • The Crowded Koalas
  • The Serious Sheep
  • The Depressed Eagles
  • The Hapless Hamsters
  • The Cool Stinkbugs
  • The Victorious Louses
  • The Full Monkeys
  • The Aware Flys
  • The Devilish Lobsters
  • The Glorious Mules
  • The Valuable Walruses
  • The Cowardly Penguins
  • The Sharp Whales
  • The Actually Anteaters
  • The Naughty Larks
  • The Cowardly Apes
  • The Sharp Seals
  • On the Grind
  • Butts and Nuts
  • One more rep!


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