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Deadpool Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Deadpool Trivia Questions

deadpool trivia question and answers
deadpool trivia question and answers


Deadpool, a Marvel creation with superhuman self-healing abilities and physical prowess. A physically disfigured and mentally fickle mutant who gives the audience jaw dropping action. His love for tacos and violence makes him the most outrageous yet funny superhero in the Marvel’s Universe. If you have been planning to host a ‘Deadpool’ themed party then we bring you the ideal fun trivia game. Let the Deadpool fans have an opportunity to score high on the Deadpool Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz game that shall never cease to electrify the occasion. Apart from getting involved in idle party gossips, Deadpool trivia quiz game will be an entertaining activity to spark up the social gathering as well as the sleepovers that you have planned out.

Most Interesting Trivia Facts about Deadpool

  • The idea about Deadpool was brought to the table by Liefeld as a parody of Deathstroke from DC’s Teen Titan.
  • Deadpool design is actually an inspiration from Spiderman.
  • Deadpool belongs to Canada.
  • Deadpool was confirmed as Pansexual for his 2016 movie.
  • Deadpool was once cursed by Loki to look like Tom Cruise.
  • Deadpool is respected by one of the few superhero in which Captain America is one of them.
  • Captain American inspired Deadpool to join Weapon X program.
  • Ben Franklin’s ghost is friends with Deadpool.
  • Deadpool has been married to ex-fiancé of Dracula and has a daughter too which doesn’t belongs to ex-fiancé of Dracula.
  • Taskmaster cannot copy Deadpool’s character due to unpredicatability.
  • Deadpool corporation actually exists which consists of Ladypool, Kidpool, Headpool and Dogpool.
  • Deadpool has a fear of cows and kittens.
  • Deadpool has made $58 million, became first R-rated movie to get opening of above $100 million and was shot in 48 days only.
  • Deadpool has comparatively lower budget than most superhero movies like X-Men, Iron Men, Avengers or Captain America.
  • Deadpool’s costume was taken away by Ryan Reynold from the movie set.
  • Ryan Reynold has publically announced that Deadpool is the last superhero movie that he has done. However he is always available for the Deadpool’s sequel.
  • While filming Deadpool, Ryan used to visit sick kids via Make a Wish Foundation dressed as Deadpool similar to what he looked like in the movie. 

Deadpool’s Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Did Deadpool’s cancer made him volunteer for the Weapon X program?Show
Q: What was the odd that Deadpool had in the Dead pool?Show
Q: Did Deadpool stab Weasel in the leg?Show
Q: Name the guide dog that Deadpool gave as a gift toShow
Q: Name Blind Deadpool character.Show
Q: With which character Deadpool share a comic title?Show
Q: Which X-Men did Deadpool uppercut?Show
Q: Name Wade Wilson’s roommate.Show
Q: Name Deadpool character which hired Wade to the Weapon X program.Show
Q: Which character Wade Wilson became friends with?Show
Q: In which character Stan Lee made cameo appearance?Show
Q: Which lethat illness that Deadpool character Wade Wilson have?Show
Q: Name the occupation of Deadpool character.Show
Q: Name the bar where Deadpool met Weasel. Sister Margaret’s Home forShow
Q: Which Deadpool’s character commented to Wade that Love is blind?Show
Q: Which Deadpool’s character really named Francis?Show
Q: Who is Wade Wilson’s love interest in the movie?Show
Q: Which aircraft do Colossus and Teenage fly in the movie?Show
Q: Name the character that T.J. Miller played in the movie.Show
Q: What is the real name of Vanessa?Show
Q: What is the real name of Ajax?Show
Q: What is the real name of Colossus?Show
Q: What is the real name of Negasonic Teenage Warhead?Show
Q: What is the real name of Weasel?Show
Q: What is the real name of Dopinder?Show
Q: What is the real name of Angel?Show
Q: What is the real name of Blind Al?Show
Q: What is the real name of Stripe Club D.J?Show
Q: What was the name of the character that was a warrior in Greek mythology?Show
Q: Who was named after the song Rock Band Monster Magnet?Show

Deadpool’s Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Which actor played the title role in the film Deadpool?Show
Q: When did the character of Deadpool first time appeared?Show
Q: In Deadpool, name title character’s real name.Show
Q: What was the name of the imaginary barrier which Deadpool crossed?Show
Q: Name the villain in Deadpool movie.Show
Q: What does Deadpool call Professor Xavier’s state?Show
Q: What was the desired age of Deadpool before dying?Show
Q: Was the Deadpool movie shot in less than 50 days?Show
Q: Name Deadpool’s main super power.Show
Q: Name Comic artist and author who created Deadpool with Fabian Nicieza?Show
Q: Which country has banned Deadpool?Show
Q: What was the nickname of Deadpool’s character?Show
Q: What was the color of the box in which Deadpool used to speak?Show
Q: When was Deadpool’s first appearance in a comic book?Show
Q: Name Deadpool’s prisoner.Show
Q: What is the number of voices that Deadpool had in his head?Show
Q: Which Alien race tried to clone Deadpool’s super powers?Show
Q: Which of the Deadpool’s members has no limbs?Show
Q: Name Deadpool’s Irish crush.Show
Q: Name the doctor that gave Deadpool the superpowers?Show
Q: Name the person whose identity Deadpool stole.Show
Q: Name the killer of Marvel’s universe.Show
Q: How long did Ryan has to sit for his full body make over?Show
Q: Was Deadpool a lower budget film as compared to X-Men?Show
Q: Who was the first character that got nominated for the Golden Globe for playing in Deadpool?Show
Q: Did a sword master was hired to train Ryan for playing Deadpool?Show
Q: Did all the stunts in the movie was performed by Ryan himself?Show
Q: When was filiming of Deadpool started?Show
Q: Where was filming of Deadpool started?Show
Q: For how many times Hugh Jackman can be seen in the movie?Show


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