Disc Golf Rules: How to Play Disc Golf

Golf is quite a popular game from years. It is a gentlemen’s game that is played very gracefully. Other than traditional golf, disc golf is also played by masses. Disc golf is also known as Frisbee golf. Unlike traditional golf, disc golf is played with a disc or Frisbee. Disc golf rules are very much similar to rules of traditional golf. Disc golf was invented in the early periods of the 1900s.

The first game was played in Canada in 1926. It was played by Elementary school buddies. They played by throwing lids of tin into four feet wide circles drawn on the ground. Back then, it was called Tin Lid golf. The game was reintroduced at the Canadian Open Frisbee Championships held in Toronto. This game is now being played in about 40 countries around the world but with proper disc golf rules.

Game Play (Equipment and Layout)

It is much similar to ball golf but it is played with golf discs instead of clubs and balls. According to the disc golf rules, disc golf is played on a golf course. Golf course has 9 or 18 holes. Sometimes, the golf course has holes that are in multiples of three. Holes have different ranges where players throw discs. Holes are designed in such a way to challenge strength and skills of players.

As per disc golf rules, average hole should range 61 to 73 meters. To make each hole unique and challenging for the players, designers use bushes, trees, water hazards, and elevation changes, distance variations along with mandatory flight paths and out of bounds zones, to design the golf course. Many golf courses are equipped with various target position or multiple tee positions to accommodate players of different skill levels.

Unlike traditional golf courses, disc golf courses are not built in manicured environments rather they are built in natural environments. They also require less maintenance than traditional golf courses. One thing that is kept in mind while designing the disc golf course is the safety of the players playing the game. Professional course designers consider it a critical factor. They minimize the chance of being hit by a flying disc.

Scoring Rule of Disc Golf

All the players compete for a hole and they do this by throwing a disc from a tee towards a target. He will throw again from the landing position of the disc until the disc lands on the target. All the throws a player uses to reach the target are counted and all the players try to complete each hole and the course in the minimum possible number of throws.

Summary of Disc Golf Game Rules

Here are some disc golf rules you need to keep in mind when playing the game of disc golf:

  • Safety: Always look around when you are about to begin your game. New make a throw when park users and players are within the range. They can get hit by the disc.
  • Tee Throws: The practice of advancing the golf disc towards the goal is known as throw. Throwing can be done with different styles like forehand, backhand and rollers. Each throw is counted in the individual score of the player. Every hole begins with a tee throw. There is a designated tee area made of rubber or plastic. Every tee throw is made behind or within the tee area. This the area where the first throw will be made.
  • Lie: This is the spot where the previous throw of the player has landed. It is marked with a mini disk marker. The next throw of the player will be made from directly behind the marked lie.
  • Throwing Order: As per disc golf rules, the player who has the least amount of strokes at the end of the previous hole, is given the first turn to make the tee throw in the next hole. After teeing off, the player whose disc lands farthest from the whole, always gets the chance to throw first.
  • Fairway Throws: According to disc golf rules, fairway throws are made from behind the lie. After the release of the throw, normal follow through and a run up is allowed, unless the range of lie is within 10-12 meters of the target. Disc golf rules state that the player is not allowed to move away from the lie, until the disc lands.
  • Mandatory or Dogleg: Dogleg is the name given to one or more than one designated poles or trees in the fairway that should be crossed (as indicated by the arrow) as per the disc golf rules. Unless the dogleg is crossed by the disc, the foot of the player closet to the dogleg should be on the marked lie.
  • Completing the Hole: When the disc lands on the golf target, this regarded as the completion of that hole.
  • Unplayable Lie: When a disc lands above the ground, it is regarded as an unplayable lie. Now, disc needs to be thrown from behind the marked lie on the ground. Damage to the vegetation must be avoided.
  • Out of Bounds: If the area between out of bound line and disc is visible, then the disc regarded as out of bound. When a throw ends out of bounds, it must be then played from a 3 feet distance from where the disc went out of bounds. Public roads and permanent water hazards are always out of bounds.
  • Penalties: Recreational players are not penalized for rule violations.

There are some other basic disc golf rules that players need to keep in mind to play a fair game.

  • When others are throwing, you need to keep quite.
  • You need to stand right behind the player who has the turn of throwing. Keep on standing there until the throw is complete.
  • Remove disc pole hole after the completion of the hole.
  • Remove the trash from the golf course.
  • Never alter the courses (bushes, trees, etc.) in any way.

Winning the Disc Golf Game

The objective of playing this game to throw all the discs in the hole. One point is counted, every time a disc is thrown in the hole and penalty is incurred. The goal of the players is to play each hole in the minimum number of strokes possible. The player who has played the lowest total strokes in the game is the winner of the game.

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