Disney Frozen Trivia Questions & Answers

Disney’s Frozen is a whimsical fairy tale that portrays an optimistic yet fearless female character named Anna who strongly teams up with a highly enthusiastic outdoorsman, Kristoff to fight against Everest- type brutal conditions. Olaf, a funny snowman and her loyal reindeer Sven join them in their harsh journey to search Anna’s beloved sister Elsa.

Disney’s Frozen has been inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story called “The Snow Queen”. The magical story revolves around the power of sisterly love between Elsa and Anna and how they conquer difficulties faced during their combat against tough circumstances which audiences of every age captivated throughout the movie.

The lovely princesses Elsa and Anna are not only dearly sisters but are closest friends to each other too until one day when Elsa lost her superpowers to create snow and ice. Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf join Anna in her journey to save her sister Elsa and helped her to explore her deepest feelings so that they can save themselves and their kingdom altogether.

Disney’s Frozen, an enjoyable cartoon fairytale that mommy and daddy can watch with their kids whose story is about two sisters named Elsa and Anna whereas Elsa is a potential candidate for becoming a queen having a magical secret power to make things freeze. Unfortunately, Elsa’s magical powers became unveiled on the day of her coronation ceremony and Anna decided to be her support system through thick and thin.

A movie with excellent CGI effects can definitely make up to your list of Must-To-Watch films and Frozen Trivia Questions & Answers quiz is a Must-To-Play family fun activity game that can ignite unstoppable amusing family moments to get cherished all the way long. Let’s see how big a Disney Frozen fan you are and how well you can perform on the ultimate Disney Frozen Trivia Quiz.

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10+ Interesting Disney Frozen Trivia Fun Facts

Want to know some little known yet fun facts about Disney’s Frozen? Hold tight and scroll a little below:

  • Frozen is released by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • There are four parts of Frozen which have been released till 2019 namely Frozen (2013), Frozen Fever (2015), Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017) and Frozen 2 (2019).
  • Frozen (2013) was successful in earning two Academy Awards. One was for Best Animated feature and other for original song.
  • The team for 50-60 animators worked while designing Disney’s Frozen movie.
  • The highest of Disney’s grossing movie is Frozen.
  • Kristen Bell voiced Anna in Disney’s Frozen song named “Do you want to build a Snowman?”
  • Elsa and Rapunzel are fraternal twins.
  • Frozen 2 will be released on 22nd November 2019.
  • At the 2014 Academy Awards The frozen song “Let it go” won the award for Best Original Song.
  • Frozen is the 53rd animated feature film on-aired on Disney
  • On November 19, 2013, Frozen was premiered at the El Capltan Theatre in Hollywood, California
  • The film earned $1.2 billion in the worldwide box office that includes $247 million in Japan and almost $400 million in Canada and the United States.
  • In 2014 with over 18 million home media sales frozen is known as the best selling film of the year in the United States.
Disney Frozen Trivia Worksheet Meebily
Disney Frozen Trivia Worksheet Meebily


How to Make a Frozen Trivia Game

So you’re done watching all parts of Disney’s Frozen so why not enjoy the post-celebration of Frozen’s success with your social circle. Playing trivia games on a theme set on Disney’s most loved fairytale Frozen is not less than a treat to your heart and soul. Remember not to become a party pooper at Disney’s Frozen trivia party!

Step 01: Disney’s Frozen Theme

Organizing a trivia game on Frozen theme is one of the best things that you can do this winter with your friends and family. You can adapt to your friends’ suggestions on how to set up the theme for Disney’s Frozen to enjoy a burst of energy after watching the movie together.

Step 02: Crafting the Trivia Questions about Disney’s Frozen

Don’t just start jumping the gun by adding random trivia questions about Disney’s Frozen. You can start by having the easiest trivia questions in the beginning and then gradually raise the level up to the most hardest Disney’s Frozen trivia questions.

Step 03: Designing the Frozen Trivia Cards

You can opt for any of the two methods to design Frozen theme trivia cards to play with your friends. The first method is pretty simple. You can simply purchase Disney’s Frozen theme cards and write the questions in handwritten form. The second method is to get blank business cards and get them printed at your home with Frozen’s background and Frozen’s trivia questions being printed on them.

Rules to Play Frozen Trivia Game

Be an Eager Beaver and design some fun rules to play Frozen-themed trivia game with your friends and family so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

Rule 01:Start with the Youngest Player

The youngest player will start the Frozen-themed trivia game.

Rule 02: Sitting Arrangement

All contestants should sit in a circle and game will start clockwise or anti-clockwise (or whatever you like).

Rule 03: The Most Fun Rule

The winner will sing and dance on any Disney’s Frozen soundtrack and entertain the rest of the players.

Rule 04: The Frozen Dress Code

It is a must for every participant to wear dresses in White and Light Blue.

You can make more rules to enjoy the second wind with your friends and family members.

Disney’s Frozen Characters’ Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. What is Anna ‘s hair color?   

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Q. While obtaining supplies for her journey whom does Anna meet?

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Kristoff and his reindeer 

Q. To whom did Anna Convince to Guide her up the North Mountain to the Ice Palace?

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Q. Whose voice is recorded for the Kristoff the mountain man?   

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Jonathan Groff 

Q. What is Elsa’s hair color?   

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Q. Name the one who helped Anna and Kristoff to reach Elsa’s hideaway?   

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Q. During the animated movie ”Frozen” Elsa creates a talking snowman with her powers. What’s snowman’s name?

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Q. What does Olaf calls Kristoff?   

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a donkey 

Q. Who does Elsa injures accidently while playing one night?   

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Princess Anna 

Q. What two characteristics does Elsa’s magic have according to the old troll?   

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Beauty and danger 

Q. What actress’ voice is recorded for Elsa in ”Frozen”?   

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Idina Menzel 

Q. ”This is awkward. Not you’re awkward but just because I’m awkward you’re gorgeous.” Which frozen character’s lines are these?

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Q. What is Elsa’s younger sister’s name in the movie ”Frozen”

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Q. At what age was to be crowned queen of Arendelle?

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Q. ”Conceal, don’t feel.” Are the words of which frozen character?

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Q. What are the names of two sister princesses in the movie?

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Elsa and Anna 

Q. With whom did Anna falls in love?

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Prince Hans 

Q. Name the two Disney characters that make a cameo appearance at the start of the movie.

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Rapunzel and Flynn Rider 

Q. What is the name given to the apparent leader of the trolls, the one who thaws Anna’s frozen head?   

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Grand Pabbie 

Q. What is kristoff’s pet name?   

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Q. What is the name of the monster that Elsa creates?   

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Q. What animal chased Anna and Kristoff?   

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Who are the Disney’s Frozen Characters?

Let us introduce to leading Disney’s Frozen characters played in the movie.

Anna: Frozen has one of the perfect fairy tale characters who manage to remain optimistic no matter what happens.

Elsa: The most prominent, leading yet magical character in Frozen is Elsa. She is the princess of Arendelle kingdom and the eligible heiress to the throne having a superpower of creating snow and ice. The Arendelle princess is portrayed as an evil villain in Disney’s frozen. Guess what? Elsa is Rapunzel’s cousin.

Olaf: Someone who loves warm hugs and the welcoming character of Frozen is none other than Olaf!

Kristoff: The man of a highly enthusiastic outdoorsman spirit is none other than Kristoff. He dwells somewhere high up in mountains and manages to harvest a large amount of ice and proudly sells to the Arendelle kingdom.

Hans: The handsome, young, royal who belongs to the neighboring kingdom but comes especially to Arendelle for only Elsa’s coronation.

Snowgies: The adorable snowmen unintentionally created by Elsa every time she sneezes.

Marshmallow: The giant snowman made by Elsa’s superpower.

Duke of Weselton: Are you trying to guess the name of the person who has a large pointy nose and a pale grey mustache but with a short slender height in Disney’s Frozen? He is Duke of Weselton and he traveled to Arendelle just to attend the coronation of Elsa.

Sven: Meet the most honest and loyal friend of Kristoff who has the heart of a Labrador but is a reindeer!

Disney Frozen Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. Where did the king find the map? 

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In an ancient book 

Q. When was frozen released? 

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27th November 2013 

Q. Who wrote the song for frozen? 

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Robert Lopez And Kristen Anderson-Lopez 

Q. In order to locate the trolls what does the king used when Anna needs their help? 

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Q. Where did the movie take place? 

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In the fictional Kingdom of Arendelle 

Q. What does The Duke of Weselton calls Elsa? 

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A monster 

Q. Where does Elsa flee? 

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To North-Mountains 

Q. At the beginning of the movie what does Anna say that make Elsa to get out of bed? 

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”Do you want to build a snowman?” 

Q. How did Anna and Elsa’s parents die in the movie ”Frozen”? 

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They died in a storm 

Q. The movie “Frozen” is produced by which company?   

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Disney Animation Studios 

Q. What power does Elsa has? 

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She can make Ice, frost and snow 

Q. From whom does Elsa’s parents got help? 

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The troll king 

Q. After healing Anna troll what memories did he removed of Anna? 

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Elsa’s magic 

Q. Where does Elsa spend most of her spare time? 

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Her room 

Q. Who did Anna meets with while exploring the town? 

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Prince Hans of the Southern Isles 

Q. What does Hans do during the coronation reception? 

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Proposed Anna 

Q. What does Anna build High in the nearby mountains? 

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Ice palace 

Q. Why did Elsa create Marshmallow (a giant snow creature)? 

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To make Olaf, Kristoff and Anna leave the palace 

Q. From whom did Kristoff seek help? 

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From his adoptive family 

Q. Into what did Elsa escapes and heads out? 

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Q. In the end, what promise does Elsa promise makes at the end of the “Movie”? 

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To never shut the castle gates 

Q. What are the frozen men cutting in the opening scene of the movie? 

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Q. Where does Elsa makes her first appears in the movie? 

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In a room on her bed 

Q. Name the kingdom to what Elsa and Anna belong? 

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Q. What occasion lead to the decision that the gates of the Kingdom have to be opened once again? 

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Elsa’s Coronation 

Q. What item of jewelry is placed on her Elsa’s head on a ceremony where she is declared as Queen? 

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A tiara 

Q. ”Were you raised in a barn?” are the wordings of which frozen character? 

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Q. Name the song that Elsa sings while creating a palace of ice? 

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Let It Go 

Q. Where does Anna found Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna signs? 

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on the cabin 

Q. Why did Anna and Olaf believe that Kristoff is crazy? 

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Because he call Rocks as his friends 

Q. Kristoff is referring to whom when he says, ”Now back up while I deal with this crook here,” 

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Q. What does Kristoff told Anna that he sells for a living when she meets Kristoff in Oaken’s store? 

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Q. What song does trolls sing in the movie? 

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Q. ”Some people are worth melting for.” What frozen character says these lines? 

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Q. Why did Anna get to Elsa? 

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Asks her to fix what she did 

Q. Where did Elsa accidently strikes Anna with her powers once again in the palace? 

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On the heart 

Q. What does Olaf likes the most? 

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Warm Hugs 

Q. ”You have to tell them to let me go.” Are the words of which frozen character? 

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Q. What did Kristoff discovered that can save Anna? 

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an act of true love 

Q. How many brothers Kristoof had? 

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Twelve and Kristoff was the thirteenth one 

Q. Why did Hans try to kill Elsa? 

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To become ruler of Arendelle 

Q. What frozen character says, ”Your sister is dead because of you”? 

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Q. Who stops Prince Hans when he tries to kill Elsa’s at the end of the movie? 

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Q. What duet do Elsa and Anna sing together? 

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For the First Time In Forever 

Q. What does Elsa gives Olaf to make him survive in the summer? 

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His own personal cloud 

Q. What does Sven likes the most? 

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Q. What season does Olaf likes the most? 

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Q. With who does Olaf dances in his song about summer? 

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Q. For how many years were the gates of palace closed? 

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13 years 

Q. What phrase does Elsa repeat when trying to control her powers? 

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“Conceal it…don’t feel it…don’t  let it show.” 

Q. Anna and Elsa own how many salad plates? 

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Frozen Trivia Games and Puzzle Apps

Want to enjoy Disney’s Frozen trivia games and puzzles without encountering movie spoilers? Then get ready to get a head start on our drive to explore Disney’s Frozen a little more.

Quiz for Frozen Movie Fans

With a fun interface on IPad and iPhone, the frozen trivia movie quiz is here to entertain you by giving Disney’s Frozen vibes. Isn’t it magical? It is addictive, entertaining and full of brain-teasing frozen themed puzzles. The best part is it has a free downloadable feature and you can play it with your friends to get to know who has more knowledge about Frozen.

Quiz For Frozen Fever

Spoiler-free, Frozen fever is something that you will enjoy this winter. Starting with level 1 which is the easiest, you will have to clear four levels to get the mastership on Disney’s Frozen trivia knowledge. The feature of a time attack is something that makes it more challenging.

Frozen Quiz

With free downloadable feature, Frozen quiz comes up with 180 plus trivia questions about Disney’s frozen in which 50 trivia questions are story-based, 30 trivia questions are about scenes, quotes and characters, 35 trivia questions are about Frozen’s music and soundtracks, 20 trivia questions are about casts and productions crew, and 15 trivia questions are one of the hardest categories that asks little known facts about Frozen movie.

Disney’s Frozen Soundtracks Enlisted

Let us know which one is your favorite Disney’s Frozen soundtracks that you love humming all day long and want to stream right away! Here is Disney’s Frozen playlist to pick your favorite number.

  • Frozen Heart
  • Reindeers are Better than People
  • For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
  • Do you want to build a Snowman?
  • Love is an open door.
  • For the First Time in Forever
  • In Summer
  • Let It Go
  • Fixer Upper

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