900+ D&D Tiefling Names

A sinister race with a bloodline that is haunted in nature along with a dark appearance belongs to none other than Tiefling. The race of Tiefling was started in primitive time and their race comprises rogues who are intellectual in nature who are always ready to fight to protect their rights and homeland.

The kingdom of Tiefling was come into being by a human empire named Bael Turath and it got expanded rapidly like fire in a short period of time. Tieflings are proud of their rich heritage as they are descendants of noble houses. Tiefling is so self-dependent and ambitious that they trust themselves more rather than on Astral deity.

Due to their appearance, humans don’t trust them and are often in conflict with them. Neverwinter is close to their heart on they will keep fighting for this city. Many of the Tieflings, due to their bloodline are more predisposed to dark magic and thus become wizards.

A thousand years ago there was an empire called Bael Turath. Just when the empire started weakening due to rebellions, its king made a pact with the devil himself to regain the power. The payment was in the form of the souls of the citizens. The devil gave supernatural infernal powers to the king and the nobles who participated in the pact.

With power came a change in their appearances as they started growing spikes and horns along with red skin. The kingdom Bael Turath declined, just like any other kingdom when it reaches its peak when it started having wars with the Dragonborn empire of Arkhosia. But to this day, the generation of Teiflings still carries that infernal bloodline no matter if they are related to the atrocities of their ancestors or not.

Let us assist you in naming your Tiefling. Choose your best pick according to the Tiefling’s gender.

Tiefling Personality

Tieflings have large horns that can be of any shape, straight and tall or curly and spiral like an antelope. They generally have dark hair that cascades from behind their horns. The hair can brown, black or dark red and blue. Their eyes have no pupils and comprise solid colors like silver, gold, white, black or red.

Their skin color generally resembles the humans but red tones are also seen. Their habitat is often the roughest quarters of the city where they grow up to become crimelords and thieves. As they are rejected by society since the beginning, they know they have to be strong to survive. Thus they are self-reliant as individuals and don’t trust people quickly. When they make companions, their loyalty is firm.

Tiefling Racial Abilities & Traits

Due to their infernal bloodline, they share the following characteristics:

  • Ability: intelligence and charisma score gets increased by 2
  • Age: The rate of maturity is the same as human but they generally live longer than humans
  • Alignment: Teiflings are not innately evil but due to their chaotic nature, they are more inclined toward evil
  • Size: Their size is medium which is the same as the average size and build of humans
  • Speed: Their walking speed by the base is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision: Due to their superior bloodline, they have this gift to see in darkness and dim light. They can see up to 60 feet in dim light as it is a bright light and have a dim light vision in darkness. They can only see shades of gray in darkvision and can’t discriminate between colors.
  • Hellish Resistance: Fire cannot damage Tieflings
  • Languages: They can read, write and speak common and infernal languages
  • Infernal Legacy: On the third level hellish rebuke spell can casted after one finishes a long rest. This is a second-level spell that can be cast once. On the fifth level, the darkness spell can be cast once with the mentioned trait. Charisma is the ability to cast these spells.

Facts about Tieflings

  • Name: The origin of their name is German. “Tief” means deep and suffix “-ling” means offspring. The name thus gives an idea of the unusual habitat and ancestry of these beings.
  • Fiends: The beings are descendants of fiends. There are three types of fiend beings in the lower planes of existence. Demons who are evil and chaotic, Devils who are evil and unlawful and Yugoloths who are evil but also very flexible in their ways.
  • Not Half-Fiends: Tiefling didn’t come into being by a cross between humans and fiends. Instead of that, their ancestors were half-fiends. Thus the trait is very weak in these beings.
  • Features: Their traits and features and diverse and they can possess several powers and abilities. Some Tieflings can be very evil.
  • Mistrust: Generally in the D&D setting Teiflings are not trusted even though their devilish origin is very weak.
  • Evil Reputation: Tieflings like humans can be good, bad or evil. Contrary to popular assumptions about them they are not necessarily evil.
  • Anti-Heroes: Tieflings are an attractive choice to be posed as anti-heroes in D&D games. Looking at their stories as loners and dark beings, t proves to be quite entertaining.
  • Chaotic: They don’t always abide by the laws and customs because of facing social prejudice. They can be good, bad or neutral but not always follow the conventions.
  • Computer RPG: Many characters are based on computer RPGs like Planescape Torment or Neverwinter Nights II with their supernatural characters.
  • Kingmaker: The exact relationship between computer RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker is hard to explain but it does follow its footsteps so a lot of Tiefling ancestries are based on it.

How to Brainstorm Tiefling Name Ideas

Here are some ways to think of creative and unique names for your Tiefling:

  • Appearance: Any characteristics in your Teiflings body build and features can give you an idea of how to name your Tiefling. For example, taking a look at the shape of its horns and spikes or maybe its eye color or skin tone.
  • Attitude: Teiflings can be named based on their unique personality attributes because of their activity level and different traits.
  • Symbolism: Symbolism is a unique way to brainstorm Tiefling names. Think of heme that fit your Teiflings story and then use a name generator to search for a name related to that theme
  • Name translator: Put your favorite name in the translator and derive its meaning or translations in different languages. Choose the one which seems more catchy.
  • Encyclopedia: See the setting where the story of the game takes place, read the ancestry of your Tiefling and search a name based on the atmospheric setting, climate or culture, and heritage of that area. You can check out different fan-based encyclopedias that will aid you with it.

Tiefling names can be categorized based on their gender and virtue. Some names relate to their infernal heritage, some symbolize a concept or virtue dear to them and for others, heir name denotes their destiny.

  • Male Names can be Akmeno, Barakas, Damakos, Kairon. Mordai, Morthos, and Therai, etc
  • Female Names can be Akta, Anakis, Lerissa, Nemeia, Rieta, Bryseis, etc.
  • Virtue Names can be Weary, Glory, Hope Art, Creed, Sorrow, Poetry, Excellence,etc.
  • Teifling Last Names can be Arkalis, Baldric, Daargen, Hayward, Gralock Kroft, Pyncion, etc

Male Tiefling Names

Aamdro Abriand Acen
Adrac Aebalalt Aelasret
Aerheggi Agerd Ago
Agu Akamioth Akenvok
Alodia Alveny Alzire
Amar Ammegard Amyikas
Andsikus Anrimoc Anrio
Aranzeer Arrelve Artirnun
Aseld Asi Askmira
Atar Baabrigat Baeggirria
Balvead Beceggus Bedras
Bidard Bidre Bigreth
Biliat Biransta Borvo
Bramro Branvila Brekeki
Bridri Brinae Bromdreken
Brotovold Buldragat Bumo
Burtoco Burve Buti
Buvedruth Byrnioth Casmir
Casrakis Casxux Chaantly
Chararchi Crecus Credodiot
Credronron Criono Crirdath
Crogi Cronrucret Croris
Crurvyn Dadruldro Dagverdro
Dammeld Datosrold Deges
Denvigor Desha Dharra
Diarki Dicested Dilvortoth
Doggiak Dralvarha Dralvelraeld
Drarandre Drasoth Dreadly
Dreanesae Drendasaald Drerdran
Driase Dricat Ducnyrka
Dudiat Dunvo Dutolvi
Ecukes Efraar Ega
Egricuth Elord Emi
Emmor Enste Enstuc
Enve Envucu Erados
Erdriatird Ertulleth Erukas
Esand Eshamdroth Etranvoth
Fharishal Fivis Fomrend
Forhan Forve Forzae
Fosrebros Gaanstind Gagista
Garvok Gato Geggod
Gigvo Giminda Girdicrur
Gloomurous Gogy Golvid
Govibri Guli Guxux
Haassearra Hadu Hanvas
Harrda Hegim Hekun
Henoth Hicunsti Hinir
Hinran Hoggemon Hokar
Homrolilt Hotaldron Hullugac
Ialen Ialloth Iaryk
Ifrin Iganird Igvis
Ikasi Ikinar Ildrinstur
Ilimma Ilvashi Immirdrolt
Indorvilt Iogrut Iolvetu
Iomiodon Iosenstith Iotre
Irda Irdri Irhedar
Irhi Irhicad Irvo
Isa Itiaggaald Itrodo
Iva Ivado Ivivec
Jasire Kagrot Kaisire
Karnola Katovoc Kavuldre
Kayichaar Kekusot Kelloma
Kerrdiacir Keskima Kevulan
Kiortu Kirdugos Kocokit
Kragesku Krarvurket Krialviotro
Krucriac Krutronvi Kyakoo
Lagotraald Lamadish Lardavo
Lashure Lasiamath Lengoboth
Levreste Liastatand Liatrith
Liberza Ligrilet Lillatran
Lirdis Lukera Maendre
Maleca Mantrala Marulla
Mashil Masodad Matioc
Mearvar Mecom Megan
Memmalraar Meralkaus Mevada
Miadrad Mialli Miardulviac
Mimyc Minildroth Mionvuvi
Mirdo Mirtuder Mirvy
Mitice Mocaca Mogvoselt
Molvuggy Moni Morria
Morruat Mukis Munviskis
Muvar Nalor Nashard
Natradae Nelpcharu Nepha
Nige Niteshird Nocer
Nota Ocanga Okrartoc
Okrerrdun Oldres Olvo
Orto Osode Otinve
Ovollan Ozlira Pabeggold
Paemona Paggasiath Panrard
Pekoland Petet Pidevra
Pili Pimarda Pishelt
Pori Rabrisri Ragrollith
Ralsus Ranstarrord Rarhiases
Rarish Rebestom Redok
Relanre Remdrand Remu
Resakira Resevi Ridricec
Riggarrdo Rindrossa Riosisrin
Rirdioge Rirrecalt Risoc
Ritiardres Rogunvot Rolnut
Rolthosa Rostaeld Rucric
Runvarvic Rutare Salshoon
Sarmira Sartuc Sasvir
Satrassi Seanafre Seasteve
Seatad Sellegerd Setrut
Sevri Shacoc Shado
Shaeshe Shagesrok Sheraka
Shibro Shiginstem Shillugoc
Sholur Shosaso Siadror
Silcus Siocriat Siorkiath
Sirzes Solacey SOlavire
Sonster Sunsten Tadrori
Tafriam Tagerd Tagese
Takot Tale Tamald
Tamirti Tardin Tecruth
Teda Telodoth Tessar
Tetaarho Thyemerus Ticis
Tigassend Tondroth Tormentous
Totiroc Tumu Tunesre
Turniarrdir Ucon Ulloldron
Umas Uraxux Urhshire
User Usiath Usmonga
Uzilax Vacritar Vadrorald
Vagegas Valacish Valrona
Valura Vanresro Varimas
Varses Vasios Vegok
Vena Vensto Vesriac
Vidrath Vikret Vissanvi
Vivese Vogillos Voler
Voli Vonet Vukot
Waltore Wearly Yaldrugik
Yarshoone Yera Yerenruth
Yetiavac Yiarrdas Ylucror
Ysisra Yudraso Zacard
Zameli Zandeme Zarrona
Zecnu Zegashe Zemdrord
Zerer Zerven Zesorek
Zetuldris Zharkix Ziamerrdok
Zice Zionvugin Zoca
Zucrurva Zurkac Zurot
Zurrdu Zusiak Zuvumion

Female Tiefling Names

Khearzoh Litria Lalas
Drardredalt Tisraih Landrilt
Kordros Bimdrino Meilan
Findraeth Dashailal Shalinro
Lenneizsen Pavre Laszendan
Vidama Memsarzith Droni
Vafaszol Madaake Vassilos
Thamrah Iallith Nalneas
Orroli Daffian Reastis
Sheiveh Zagvenrath Khevras
Birva Nedenis Ovebo
Hardravan Rossaa Zezseres
Sheanarvan Sotalan Rerhor
Lardriffas Ommata Bellothe
Marfaris Gelpha Sacria
Natseis Eihala Vennon
Saadan Semdral Nirrales
Merdrath Fimo Lezseh
Miggirith Zales Viabaad
Keraffel Serdriland Kiyamoh
Dovos Keszatras Titreacilt
Ramdrod Ketraimrol Bammabian
Sanipa Salil Gasird
Zeimal Nenova Tiffos
Saggam Raffath Givrordo
Khazsal Bangard Mimdrerzial
Afraata Veadiameth Sholvi
Orogvon Doldadel Lildro
Moldordrel Zavrosse Anirissa
Likalah Tudiar Gidan
Saro Bidesad Zigic
Rindaa Zucror Gagekit
Ruduk Engia Idoma
Radelli Dacnarke Erhe
Seskicat Milrilrat Sardegun
Diviand Rusrunes Esaabo
Sarriop Dorqine Theneas
Taser Daldral Osrome
Shelnen Salve Rorzel
Vonitaerd Folath Dostes
Sheimdralin Dorzetin Zonzidrin
Faato Lamdrevih Zirdresoth
Famedran Braarho Dasadail
Edroba Marvaril Tyldrar
Meavo Gisuc Padeses
Isku Omeld Yvon
Pemimi Memen Bamo
Giarnuman Erdorhed Kenstiorkek
Socar Ediami Ronrole
Zoriduth Loshid Dyldriskith
Astensti Piloth Phespira
Kripunth Serina Zevari
Lemrel Bomaa Ladon
Zegvandath Honzos Nolra
Demsial Vaefrabre Viannath
Inet Zofafeih Bressolle
Famrialreil Dremrim Shamreishial
Sharefraa Khelleldan Herdri
Kheffeishiah Virhaado Lenaup
Vafarish Chant Yerinese
Rolath Boneand Vedreth
Garvobe Mealnath Inverd
Tatan Onstikerd Fosreh
Ranria Stromralsoh Shenrafro
Leiradiah Vonge Masziman
Memmibi Madimsel Ebar
Shalosal Roshesres Maskori
Awela Zanean Isa
Zoreh Memdroti Sendrian
Retream Stralsaith Berzelird
Fallon Garderd Halsidrath
Lolomdrer Ninarsiah Pandre
Zafrerses Ebare Navrival
Sheme Thafeldith Nagrosrad
Nuthzori Peyis Kollon
Bogralt Fafron Lisimrea
Kharsah Aldro Dalleil
Brabikaen Neardros Imdri
Seffisoth Ressastand Holdarzal
Begvae Thennesrian Ladeve
Tilarzeth Hacaa Khaldraves
Lokorzan Pilanaeri Siphonal
Devkis Zoryavhi Flothal
Vasdanai Lavine Larzal
Delsorus Gihala Difara
Freshly Inqala Saphi
Sheki Dimbis Rozala
Siety Vaemine Grifaris
Lovaris Fntari Panishe
Kaslie Dimbis Brifirith
Zaicyra Crelies Dimaia
Rilia Trickery Dalies
Lemeia Araseis Rouphis
Eauphis Zalyvia Cretari
Kalhala Brinarei Valqine
Neffalleh Rardridrah Nemeia

Tiefling Name Idea Generators

Fantasy Name Generator is a Teifling name generator that gives you 10 random teifling names that go with the D&D theme. The names can be for both males and females.

Random Name Generator is a name generator that gives you over 20 genres to choose from, from which you can derive your names. It also gives the ability to generate up to 100 hundred names at once. You can choose the gender of the names.

Tiefling Surnames

AngalBanel Sabausong Flaorista
Whitebard Solibone Siendline
Damazine Savrus Kirgis
Sonak Raebar Gandar
Bermal Vadnon Janika
Srisworl Saflafier Tagar
Valkon Vaylun Hitter
Singyanb Falder Denak
Baylun Kilfreen Juraad
Hulmunt Fadn Siyaan
Famgrove Thoma Liyaan
Borris Rilos Femil
Tanak Pambert Jallus
Kilus Rikal Zoorthame
Groft Farzam Vyden
Whitestrand Pakenheart Sryle
Vatchet Jhyphune Voyal
Sekhan Lircas Vasrur
Marago Lapkan Solat
Fomec Kolat Trimtor
Layat Vartman Kadu
Srbile Rolemon Aklech
Skaus Skamus Andemon
Arkilius Sirvenom Kazire
Dharmir Kyil Zherakos
Urzer Cascis Ekxikas
Vegir Vonsteath Drakeardro
Begres Pimra Urtac
Kregro Taciaten Zamaasto
Sacoldrok Kutec Tegird
Zanerea Bisuth Dringaarza
Iorvus Havritos Dotedio
Barnatus Danelt Crigrinstun
Ingonro Shakretik Manstear
Ovikec Itanir Zatis
Alansto Riamdro Sharrimrim
Krevyr Gerdukec Kurtenria
Hovrelith Iotit Zaveth
Ornor Iabirvord Arrduk
Vemros Vyrrdas Fisorard
Zusath Ibrim Gulaski
Angagen Digadruc Digveld
Shemimec Sevofred Crodryna
Virve Uskikra Vanonas
Rarnok Necird Tavoth
Drimdrervild Velo Bendror
Revi Fadaagvaelt Uti
Shirdria Hatiteth Bredaadi
Ganeras Asrand Revelli
Ribrishith Bomenstu Nebit
Micecro Giseasto Ograt
Odo Merny Varoggind
Gocian Riabes Arrdion
Bosaalath Krunra Helet
Ricigro Dedeagralt Kroraskit
Noseis Mirtigior Shallissot
Krytordik Verzim Tulleka
Nidesa Kraggyn Labrolt
Shialdreth Ofrollae Minstiar
Nedond Vetio Hicotard
Ugac Bordird Allenstir
Medrasron Bioggonvoth Rordred
Iagiaskes Senrive Mamullek
Zordae Gimiamit Avordond
Kiornir Basti Hionstet
Tasimreth Denrak Aggi
Rinun Bratabret Ylle
Piakin Dullemi Egralla
Gavorketh Panrond Vumagrec
Brodrila Homire Brilrild
Tenytre Sindriggi Tarnet
Helva Zokri Osaadrind
Shugget Ardith Gulot
Shevreavard Iatrit Venra
Amulun Natice Kikridith
Pisor Gukrikrok Vaalivre
Gocusia Hivrith Tonstesrir
Fetrabind Kicra Feka
Koca Draecoten Kecnar
Shitri Krako Hogrealdri
Krylla Irze Omortias
Idemror Tuldrelyr Ise
Zorecni Mendrendrelt Racnote
Tashe Crodekar Shisrecalt
Tiasu Emme Vudres
Femmedrird Husic Dimras
Errdar Zovecith Onro
Erha Recnirath Netinded
Olasru Taare Kartemu
Medirdri Zavokrec Dremrae
Unstisyr Todecald Coyle

Different Tiefling Subraces

Following are the different variants and races of Teiflings:

  1. Asmodus: Intelligence +1, Charisma +2, Infernal legacy, hellish rebuke on level 3, dark vision, darkness spell at level 5.
  1. Baalzebul: They rule the realm of Maladomini. They have the power to convert the minor sins of others into fullscale acts of damnation. Intelligence +1, Ray of sickness spell on level 3, the crown of madness spell on level 5
  1. Devil’s Tongue: They can affect the attention of others by their devilish ancestry. Intelligence +1, Charm Person spell at level 3, Enthrall spell at level 5.
  1. Dispater: They composes of hell’s second layer. Excellent spies and infiltrators are present here. Dexterity +1, Disguise spell on level 3, Detect thoughts spell on level 5.
  1. Fierna: They are regarded as master manipulators due to their strong personalities. Wisdom +1, Charm Person spell on Level 3, Suggestion spell on level 5.
  1. Glasya: They are conduct magic for criminal acts and thus are masterminds. Dexterity +1, Disguise Self spell on level 3, Invisibility spell on level 5.
  1. Levistus: They are known for bargaining offers they make with those who are stuck in inescapable doom. Constitution +1, Armor of Agathys spell on level 3, Darkness spell on level 5.
  1. Mammon: They are good with coins and wealth. Intelligence +1, Tenser’s Floating Disk spell on level 3, Arcane lock spell on level 5.
  1. Mephistopheles: They master arcane magic. Intelligence +1, Burning Hands spell on level 3, Flame Blade spell on level 5.
  1. Winged: These Tieflings have leathery wings. Intelligence +1, flying speed of 30 feet without armor.
  2. Zariel: Stronger than an average Teifling with magical abilities. Strength +1, Searing Smite spell on level 3, Branding Smite spell on level 5.


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