Easter Trivia Questions & Answers

From DIY Easter decorations to fun-filled Easter family activities, there are many amusing ways to celebrate Easter in zeal and zest. This year unravels an intriguing list of Egg-Cellent Easter Trivia Questions and Answers Quiz to make your Easter Sunday a springtime event forever to remember.

Find everything to know about Easter by reading below a handful of interesting Easter Trivia facts that will help you spark your interest to know more about Easter’s history. You can set up an Easter Bible Trivia Questions and Answers quiz in your house on Easter evening to get this year’s Easter overdosed with even more entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Get the Easter-themed party started!

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Fun Random Easter Trivia Facts

Do you know a super fun way to make your kids learn about Jesus and Bible verses? Still, scratching your head cluelessly? Well, you can have a bunny-themed Easter trivia party game at your home or in your classroom. Imagine your kids crack open those cute Easter eggs (Obviously made of plastic) stuffed up with Easter facts or Bible verses with their faces glowing up with adorable smiles when they read holy verses of Bible. To double the fun, you want can stuff up the eggs with some interesting Easter candy facts too.

  • Easter and Halloween are the top-selling candy holidays.
  • Every year, Easter comes between March 22 and April 25.
  • Easter is called “Movable Feast” because every year the event’s dates change with phases of the moon.
  • Easter was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess who was then known as “Eastre”.
  • The symbol of the Anglo-Saxon goddess was Eggs and Hare (Rabbit).
  • Over 90 million chocolate bunnies manufacturing takes place for Easter.
  • New York organizes the most popular Easter parade every year.
  • Easter eggs were colored Red in the memory of bloodshed during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • The first largest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy.
  • On Easter, the main dish at Jewish Passover is Roast Lamb.
  • On Easter, the main dish in the USA is Ham, Chicken, and Lamb.
  • Approximately, 16 million Jelly beans consumption has been recorded yearly in America on Easter.
Easter Trivia Worksheet
Easter Trivia Worksheet Printable With Answers


Easter Trivia Questions & Answers for Kids

Are you looking for some indoor fun activities on Easter this year? Why not play some interesting Easter trivia questions and answers and challenge your friends and family to score the highest. Let’s see who wins.

Q. Approximately, how much money do Americans spend on Easter candy every year?

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$2.5 to $3.5 Billion

Q. Which is the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy in the United States?

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Q. Where did the easter bunny originate in the United States?

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Q. Does the word “Easter” appeared in the Old Testament in the Bible?

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Q. Which part of a chocolate Easter bunny does 59% of people eat first?

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Q. In which European country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originated?

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Q. Which sacrificial animal is considered as the symbol of Easter?

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Q. Which animal is considered as the ancient symbol of Fertility for Easter?

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Q. Does the Eggs represent “New Life” (resurrection of Christ)?

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Q. How many Gospels are in the Bible?

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Q. What is the name of Charlie Brown Easter Special?

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Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Q. What food did Jesus had in his last supper?

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Q. Which South American country has Eastern Island?

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Q. According to Jesus, for how many times would Peter deny him?

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Q. According to the Bible, what was Zacchaeus job?

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A Tax Collector

Q. Who has written popular Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”?

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Charles Wesley

Q. Which country has the tradition of eating Hot cross buns at Easter?

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Great Britain

Q. Name the two traditional Easter Games?

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 Easter egg Hunt and Egg Rolling

Q. Which color is associated with Easter?

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Purple and Yellow

Q. Where is the largest Egg museum located?

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Birmingham, England

Q. Which Flower is associated with Easter?

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Q. Name the event related to Jesus which is celebrated on Easter?

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Q. Who was the first to enter the tomb of Jesus?

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Q. Who mistook the risen Jesus for a gardener?

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Mary Magdalene

Q. When is Easter celebrated?

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First Sunday after full moon on or after vernal equinox

Q. Which is the earliest date when Easter can occur?

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22 March

Q. Which is the latest date when Easter can occur?

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25 April

Q. How long is the Easter season?

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50 days

Q. Which is the last day of the Easter season?

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Q. What are the 40 days before Easter known as?

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Q. What does Gethsemane mean?

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Press of oils

Q. Who rolled away the stone from the mouth of the grave in which Jesus had been placed?

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An angel

Q. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead how many days later?

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Q. Psysanka is a traditional way of painting Easter Eggs. Which country does Pysanka originate?

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Q. In the UK, each child is given, on average, how many Easter eggs each year?

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Q. The idea of the Easter Bunny was originated in Germany in the 1700s – but it was not a rabbit at first. What was it?

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A hare

Q. Jellybeans are the second most popular candy at Easter. What’s the most popular color of bean?

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Q. The Easter Season begins on Easter Day and lasts for how many days?

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Q. 76% of people eat which part of an Easter Bunny first?

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Q. What is another name for Easter Sunday?

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Resurrection Day

Q. What does the Easter egg symbolize?

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Q. Where will you find the world’s largest Easter egg?

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Vegreville, Canada

Q. What do Australian’s use to symbolize Easter instead of a rabbit?

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Q. Lent—a season of fasting before Easter Sunday—last for how many days?

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40 days

Q. What is the traditional name for Easter egg painting?

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Easter Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Nothing is more soothing than visiting a nearby Chruch on Easter with your friends and family. To keep your kids engaged on Easter, you can play with them Bible-themed Easter trivia game. Find below some interesting Easter Bible-themed trivia quiz.

Q. Who made the statement, “Take ye him, and crucify him, for I find no fault in him.”?

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Q. In which type of clothes, Jesus’s body was wrapped into?

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Q. What is the meaning of sepulcher?

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A cave-like tomb

Q. How many angels were on duty to guard the sepulcher?

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Q. Which disciple was absent when Jesus went to see them after his resurrection?

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Q. Name the prisoner that was released instead of Jesus?

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Q. Name the hill where Jesus was crucified.

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Q. What animal did Jesus ride on when he entered Jerusalem the week before his death?

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A donkey

Q. Name Jewish feast which was being celebrated the week Christ was crucified?

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Passover (Luke 22:1)

Q. Which disciple cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant in an attempt to protect Jesus from being taken as a prisoner?

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Peter (John 18:10)

Q. What was the name of the high priest’s servant who had his ear cut off by the disciple and subsequently reattached by Jesus?

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Malchus John (18:10)

Q. How many times did Peter deny Christ after the abandoned the Lord?

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03 times

Q. How many pieces of silver did Judas trade the life of Jesus for?

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30 (Matthew 26:15)

Q. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem (on Palm Sunday), what did He say would cry out if His disciples didn’t?

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the stones

Q. What was the man carrying whom Peter and John followed to prepare the upper room for Passover?

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a pitcher of water

Q. What did Jesus give to Judas as a sign that he was to betray Him?

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Q. Where was Jesus when he was arrested?

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A garden

Q. Who was the chief priest who had Jesus arrested?

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Q. On what charge did the Jewish court sentence, Jesus, to death?

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Q. Who was told to carry Jesus’ cross for him?

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 Simon the Cyrenian

Q. Who owned the tomb where Jesus was buried?

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Joseph of Arimathea

Easter Trivia Quiz for Workplace

Are you ready to challenge your office colleagues to score the highest in the most challenging Easter trivia questions and answers quiz for the workplace?

Q. When was the first Easter Egg roll held in the White House?

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In 1878

Q. Which is the second biggest candy consuming public holiday?

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Q. Is it true that the biggest Easter chocolate egg was made in Italy?

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Q. How much jelly beans are consumed by Americans on every Easter?

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More than 16 million

Best Easter Activities for Kids & Families

Be it Easter Church game or Easter Sunday school game, it is nothing but unlimited entertainment for kids. From chocolate rolls to Easter bunny pancakes, everything seems so much fun on Easter. Don’t believe us? Just check out the list below of some fun Easter themed activities for kids and families.

Easter Bunny Game

If you want to avoid the mess of papers during Easter gameplay, then you can go for another exciting Easter game alternative. Have an easter bunny bug sized poster printed and laminated and paste it on a cardboard. Hang that cardboard somewhere in your living room if you are playing the game indoor. Print bunny’s tail in some matching colors of the bunny and hand every participant the tail. Now blindfold every participant and let them stick that tail to the bunny with their eye blindfolded. Every participant should have a unique color of the tail so that you can declare the winner. The winner should be the one who pasted the bunny’s tail in the correct position.

Easter Christian Trivia Game

Find a comfy spot in your home, gather as many kids as you can and curl up with some easter themed storybooks about bunnies, eggs, and spring. Playing a trivia quiz on the Easter Bible theme is one of the creative ways to teach your kids about Bible verses about Easter.

Designing Easter Crafts

Decorating an Easter egg tree is one of the most amusing fun activity ideas that you can do this year on Easter. You can decorate an Easter tree with some Spring flowers, ribbons and plastic easter eggs to make it more catchy. You can decorate an Easter-themed gift basket having chocolate bunnies and dips and gift it to your friends. Making a chocolate fondue at home is also one of the creative ideas to enjoy this year.

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