Exquisite Halloween Mad Libs Game Ideas

Boo! You just have been booed by one of the haunted Halloween Mad libs themed game ideas. Whether your audience consists of kids, teens, tweens or even 18+ adults, Meebily got it all covered.

Bring Halloween’s thrilling and chilling experience to your home with amusing and super exciting Halloween Mad Libs Game ideas for every age group to enjoy.

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Don’t think of a second to cheat during Halloween Mad libs game as there is always someone who will be watching you! Have the spookiest fun of your life to begin now.

How to Play Halloween Mad Libs Game

Halloween Mad libs game can be played using multiple methods to break the monotony. The dose of Halloween monster madness can be poured in by playing Halloween Mad libs by any of these methods mentioned below so let’s get ready to start never-ending spooky Halloween fun.

Method # 01

With adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs being mentioned on notecards or small chits, each Halloween Mad Libs player have to take a chit having unique word type and have to construct a sentence using that chosen word.

Every Halloween mad lib game player will get a total of four points for each and every sentence he/she will make. Any player who will get more than fifty scores will be declared as a winner of Halloween Mad libs game.

Method # 02

You will need a preloved kids’ coloring book from any store. You can ask the participants if they like Halloween themed short stories more or Halloween themed poems.

What you have to do as a host is to make a list of all Halloween related nouns, verbs, and relevant adjectives and place a soft board or poster on which each player has to make a short story by using chosen words but the story has to be based on Halloween theme.

Get the chalkboards ready where participants will explain and read their short stories or poems aloud to entertain the guests.

Method # 03

Pick and choose the participants’ favourite type of writing whether it is in the form of a short story, a poem or a paragraph consisting of a few hundreds of words.

Write the whole story with blank spaces indicated underneath which part of speech would the player be using. You can create one mad lib for each of the Halloween mad lib players and distribute among the players randomly.

Give time to all the players to fill in the blank spaces and when they completely fill out all blank spaces they have to read out it aloud in front of other participants. The best writing piece would be declared as a winner.

Halloween Mad Lib Ideas for Kids

Mad libs are nothing but a word replacement game popular among kids, teens and tweens. Young participants will be more inclined towards short stories and comic poems.

One can write their own mad lib by crafting a short story of their own. You can take inspiration from any Halloween themed stories that can amuse young participants in a better way. Short stories can be typewritten or can be given to young participants in the handwritten form (preferably with pencil and erasers being provided).

You can start with writing a few sentences. Don’t write too long paragraphs consisting of more than half page. Instead, write only 100-200 words and it will be sufficient to keep your young audience tuned. Don’t forget to add an interesting title on the top of every short story you craft with all your love. To assist little participants in your game, you can write a little note with an explanation of every part of speech and what their definition and how they can be used in a sentence.

Remember to leave spaces between words and mentioning which part of speech will be more appropriate to use in-between the blank spaces.

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Halloween Mad Libs Ideas for Adults

Want to make Halloween mad libs a never-ending fun for adults? Go ahead with some top charts music song lyrics, yummy recipes, extracts from most popular TV series or from some interesting novels, tongue-twisting advertisements.

Mad libs can be found anywhere! You just need to pull out fun for your audience which can be found any writing piece. Competition can be run for the spookiest or the silliest Halloween tales. You can have a campfire in your garden or you can ask your neighbors to lend you their garden for Halloween Mad libs activity in outdoors because it will make the audience to deep dive in the fun of Halloween to great depths and with ease.

Don’t forget to arrange good food after the activity has ended. The best thing to have after Halloween Mad libs activity with adults is having a Halloween themed cake which only the winner will cut and the rest of the participants will clap.

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