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60+ Fortnite Trivia Questions & Answers

Coolest List Of Fortnite Trivia Questions

Fornite Trivia Questions & Answers
Fornite Trivia Questions & Answers

Are you one of those people who are sucked into the world of Fortnite and find it hard to leave the controller? Since the launch of Fortnite, it has broken numerous records and changes the gaming world.

It is a popular video game released by Epic games that consist of action and survival instinct. Test your grasp on how much you know about your favorite Fornite battle royal with our assortment of Fornite trivia questions & answers. The game is fun for explorers, builders, ninjas and shooters alike.

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite then you probably live in the Himalayas. Fornite: Save the World and Fornite: Battle Royale, both can be played on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Mac OS, however, few versions are also made available for iOS and Android devices.

In Fortnite almost 95 percent of the population has been wiped off and the remaining are under attack of “Husks”. Your job is simple, save the rest of the population and get rid of the Husks.

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Always dreaming of taking over the world and be the last one standing? Let’s see if you can really win our Fortnite trivia questions & answers quiz mentioned below.

Fascinating Fortnite Trivia Facts

  • More than 125 million players played Fortnite Battle Royale on the first year of its release.
  • Fortnite won two Webby Awards in 2018 along with other awards as well
  • Developers have been working for years and the initial release was planned in 2011
  • In the first week of its release 500,000 digital copies of Fortnite had been sold already.
  • Drake is a huge fan of Fortnite and plays the game to take a break
  • Tyler Belvins (Ninja) was joined by Drake, Travis Scott and other celebrities while he was live streaming the game on Twitch
  • The live stream had more than 628,000 viewers making it the biggest non-tournament Twitch viewership
  • Students in Ohio made a bet with their teacher that if their tweet received 6,700 retweets he will have to change the final exam into questions about Fortnite.
  • The tweet received 30,000 tweets.
  • Epic Games ban and even sue players who try to cheat their way into winning
Fortnite Trivia Questions & Answers Worksheet
Fortnite Trivia Questions & Answers Worksheet


Fortnite Trivia Questions & Answers

Own your Fornite fandom by scoring higher than your family and friends on the below stated intriguing Fornite trivia questions & answers quiz while making it more fun for kids and adults equally.

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Q: Fortnite is fun forShow
Q: What is a win called?Show
Q: Name the newest weapon in the game.Show
Q: What is the name of the drinkable item that gives you 35hp / 25 shield?Show
Q: How many places begin with T in Fortnite?Show
Q: Name every place beginning with J in Fortnite.Show
Q: True or false: there is a place called Dlipated Desert.Show
Q: Which of the two is newer, remote explosives or hand canon?Show
Q: Which of these two was first to get vaulted’ smoked grenades or regular SMG?Show
Q: What is Fortnite’s biggest rival?Show
Q: Does a Pump Shotgun have the highest rate of fire or a Tactical Shotgun?Show
Q: Which weapon has the longest reload time, a Tactical Shotgun or a Bolt Action Sniper?Show
Q: Is Fortnite still in early access?Show
Q: What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?Show
Q: What does V stand for in V Bucks?Show
Q: In which season was the Launchpad released?Show
Q: Of the two, which item was introduced first into Fortnite, bush or smoke grenade?Show
Q: What is the cost of a skull trooper in V bucks?Show
Q: Does the YouTuber Denis Daily play Fortnite?Show
Q: What is the first ever legendary skin called?Show
Q: How many different background music variations were there for the original Fortnite dance in season 1?Show
Q: Name the very first Fortnite item to get vaulted.Show
Q: How many different dab emotes are there?Show
Q: How many shields could you stack at a single time in early season 1?Show
Q: What item creates a fort around you?Show
Q: Can an impulse bomb kill you?Show
Q: In the game, what is the name of the place with towers called?Show
Q: Which is the best gun in the game?Show
Q: In the start of the game, what do you jump out of?Show
Q: What is the glider that you receive on winning your first game called?Show
Q: What’s the name of the company that created Fortnite?Show
Q: Are there any hidden places in the game, Fortnite?Show
Q: What did the asteroid in season four of the game hit?Show
Q: Name the two items that heal you when your health is down.Show
Q: Which weapon is the best close range?Show
Q: Who is the last person on season 4 battle to pass?Show
Q: How many rarities are there?Show
Q: What is the number of mac materials you can own?Show
Q: What is the best long range weapon?Show
Q: Does the famous YouTuber DanTDM play Fortnite?Show
Q: What do boogie bombs make you do?Show
Q: In the game, can you ride the shopping cart?Show
Q: What engine does Fortnite run on?Show
Q: Usually, what color is the balloon on the Battle Bus?Show
Q: How many weapon tiers are there on Fortnite: Battle Royale?Show
Q: When was the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite released to the public?Show
Q: How many shield points does a mini shield potion give you?Show
Q: How many seconds does it take to finish an entire chug jug?Show
Q: What is the western most point on the Fortnite map?Show
Q: What is the center most area or location on the Fortnite map?Show
Q: How many building item options are there in the game currently?Show
Q: What are the building item options in the game?Show
Q: Fortnite added a special harvesting tool for popular streamer, Ninja - what was it?Show
Q: What does the writing on the side of the mini gun say?Show
Q: How much does it cost to get 1000 V Bucks in U. S. dollars?Show
Q: How many named areas are there on the Fortnite map?Show
Q: Can you land on spawn islands?Show
Q: True or false; gentleman dab is an emote on the game?Show
Q: How can you get skins?Show


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