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75+ Friends Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Friends Trivia Questions & Answers

friends trivia question and answers
friends trivia question and answers

Welcome to Central Perk! With 62 Emmy Award nominations and numerous awards, Friends has enjoyed immense success and acclaim throughout its air time, making it a definite choice to for the splendid Friends Trivia Game. The story revolves around six 20-something pals who reside in Manhattan (New York) being closely bonded together in a friendly relationship with each other. The plot gets interesting when their lives get entangled in love and financial problems but they stay closely together and remain with each other through thick and thin. Brace yourself as the most exciting and ultimate “Friends Trivia Questions and Answers Quiz” is just about to begin and don’t forget to compare your number of right answers with other die-hard admirers of the series in your “friends” circle.

10 Things you Might Don’t Know About Friends

  • Friends was initially supposed to be known as “Insomnia Café” with a bunch of some other weird words. The name later got rejected.
  • Ross’s role was designed and written by David Schwimmer.
  • Warner Bros got its opening credits shot in which is not in New York.
  • Before the show being broadcasted, the cast went on a trip to Vegas.
  • In the very initial days, Lisa Kudrow didn’t like playing guitar.
  • An early fan of Mental Floss was none other than Monica.
  • Chandler was thought as a gay by many people including Chandler.
  • The first ever TV show cast that negotiated with the channel was “Friends”.
  • Cox’s pregnancy was totally unplanned for the show.
  • It was really hard for the cast to play well with the animals during the show.

Friends Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: The very first episode of Friends was directed by whom?Show
Q: On which date, Friends was aired in UK?Show
Q: On what real place, Central Perk was located?Show
Q: “Since you’ve gone” was directed by whom?Show
Q: Who was the one who directed pilot episode?Show
Q: What was the first line of the pilot episode?Show
Q: What is the birth date of Cox?Show
Q: What was the first role of Joey?Show
Q: How many female directors directed the ninth season?Show
Q: Who sang “Endless Love” together?Show
Q: How many directors Directed ten seasons premiere?Show
Q: From where writers got inspiration to name the characters of the show?Show
Q: How many friends were supposed to be there in the actual lead cast group?Show
Q: What was Phobe actually pitched for?Show
Q: Where the Orange Sofa of Central Perk was initially found?Show
Q: The big white dog was actually belonged to whom?Show
Q: Who had huge crush on Jennifer Anniston?Show
Q: Was Marcel’s character played by two monkeys?Show
Q: Did Perry’s dad made a cameo in season 4?Show
Q: Did the characters of Monica and Phobe ever kissed each other?Show
Q: Was Cliffhanger ever shot with live audience?Show
Q: Who was actually auditioned for Chandler?Show
Q: Were Janice’s appearance kept as a secret?Show
Q: What was the name of the first episode that was filmed after 9/11?Show
Q: Which famous personality wanted a cameo in Friends?Show
Q: The espresso machine at Central Perk was ever switched on?Show
Q: Who started smoking again after being anxious on the sets?Show
Q: Did each cast member took pieces of Central Perk to their homes in last finale?Show
Q: Who said No for appearing in final season?Show
Q: Who directed Friends:The Stuff You Have Never Seen?Show
Q: Who spoke first in pilot episode?Show

Friends Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: To what place, Emily and Ross were thinking to go for their honeymoon?Show
Q: What was the name of Issac’s sister?Show
Q: “Tow the Ballroom dancing” was directed by whom?Show
Q: What was Joey’s pin number?Show
Q: What “Cute Coffee House Guy” was called by Ross?Show
Q: What was the title of the novel that Rachel began to write?Show
Q: In a can of soda, which strange thing was found by Phobe?Show
Q: Who is Paul?Show
Q: Who lived in dollhouse of Phobe?Show
Q: Carol’s baby was delievered by which character?Show
Q: What was the name of Gunther’s roommate?Show
Q: What was the name of the song that Ross plays on his keyboard?Show
Q: Which family heirloom was sent to Phobe?Show
Q: What was the name of Joey’s imaginary friend?Show
Q: What was the profession of Joey’s imaginary friend?Show
Q: What was the name of Susan’s first girlfriend?Show
Q: Who was the one-legged date of Joey and Chandler?Show
Q: What was the name of Ross and Monica cousin?Show
Q: What does Ross hate?Show
Q: What does Chandler hate?Show
Q: For what purpose, Carl was hired by Joey?Show
Q: Which things make up Poking Device?Show
Q: Right after birth, what did Ben resemble to?Show
Q: What was the name of Phobes’ dog?Show
Q: According to Joey, what does cow’s opinion called?Show
Q: What was the name of Eddie’s pet fish?Show
Q: What character does Cristina play?Show
Q: What is the name of the doctor who dates Monica?Show
Q: In which city Mathew was born in?Show
Q: What shoe size does Joey wear?Show
Q: What was the name of Joey’s chair?Show
Q: Who was Matt Wire?Show
Q: What is Tag’s last name?Show
Q: What was Monica’s maid name?Show
Q: What was the name of Monica’s date?Show
Q: At Halloween party, who does Joey dress up like?Show
Q: What is Ross’s middle name?Show
Q: What was the name of the poem written by Julio?Show
Q: What is Monica’s pet peeve?Show
Q: What freaks Rachel out?Show
Q: How much money Monica invest and lose in stock?Show
Q: What was the stage name that Phobe came up?Show
Q: Who taught Rachel to kiss?Show
Q: What is the first song that Ross learnt to play?Show
Q: According to Rachel, what was Chandler’s job?Show
Q: Name Rachel’s favorite movie?Show

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