100+ Fun Icebreaker Questions for Workplace

Hesitation is the greatest barrier to the potentials of man. A person works best when he/she is bonded well with their colleagues. All work will only end up making you loose interest in your job. Therefore, organizations and workplaces often indulge their employees in icebreaker games to create a friendly atmosphere. Our compilation of Icebreaker questions for work will surely help in promoting harmony and establish a much needed fun environment.

Ice breakers are generally questions, activities or fun games that are employed to kill hesitation and it doesn’t matter if you are new or old in an organization. Such icebreakers can be used from annual meetings to daily meetings. They are often used in training sessions, group activities or any other place where strangers come together for team work. Icebreaker questions for workplace are a wonderful means of developing communication skills.

Interesting Icebreaker Questions for Workplace

Warm up your employees and colleagues with these interesting ice breaker questions and see the tension drain. Once they’re at ease, you can expect positive outcomes at work and see how well icebreaker questions can work

  • What would you chose, Love or Money?
  • Five reasons why you think you’re an asset to the organization
  • What do you admire about yourself?
  • What is your dream job?
  • What did you want to become when you were a child?
  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • At what age do you wish to retire?
  • A wish that hasn’t been fulfilled?
  • One movie that you can watch over and over again?
  • Would you rather spend a night at your office or in your car?
  • How well do you bond with your siblings?
  • How long have you gone without sleeping?
  • Your worst travel experience?
  • Are you naughty or nice?
  • Who’s your favorite human being?
  • R.I.E.N.D.S. or How I Met Your Mother?
  • Game of Thrones or Grey’s Anatomy?
  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Lasagna or Spaghetti?
  • Would you like to become four inches taller or shorter?
  • Which features on your face do you like the most?
  • What is one thing that you’re most confident about?
  • Sweet or savory
  • Best decision in life?
  • A life changing lesson?
  • Your biggest loss in life?
  • Would you rather eat everything and never get fat or have perfect hair all the time?
  • What you’d prefer, Rainbows or sunny days?
  • If you had to keep a pet for life, which animal would you chose?
  • If you had to pick one color for the rest of your life, which would you chose?
  • How long have you slept the longest?
  • One person you wish was alive?
  • Would you rather live without internet or mobile phone?
  • Have you ever experienced an earthquake? How was it like?
  • Your favorite activity to do on a vacation?
  • Which country would you chose for a vacation with friends?
  • Would you like to marry a famous person or a rich person?
  • Would you marry someone you love or someone who loves you?
  • Which country would you chose for your honeymoon?
  • Your saddest memory?
  • One food that you can eat straight for a month?
  • Favorite fruit?
  • If you could have unlimited supply of any one thing, what would you chose?
  • At what age would you want to die?
  • Do you believe in life after death?
  • Would you date someone ten years older or ten years younger?
  • Would you rather be remembered with hatred or forgotten altogether?
  • What is the stupidest decision you think you’ve made in life?
  • Whom do you think you love more, mom or dad?
  • If you could have one sibling, would it be a brother or sister?
  • Which celebrity do you dislike?
  • One place that you wish to visit in your lifetime?
  • If you could propose to the love of your life which place would you do it at? Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower?
  • Fruit diet or soup diet?
  • If you could have one thing for breakfast for the rest of your life, would it be eggs or cereal?
  • Your New Year’s resolution?
  • What do you pray for the most?
  • If you find a dead insect in your plate at a restaurant, how would you react?
  • What would you do if you had one million dollars?
  • Which quality do you value the most in your boss/coworkers?

Funny Icebreaker Questions for Work Meetings

Work doesn’t have to be monotonous or boring all the time. Funny icebreakers for adults are a great way to take a break off the hectic schedules. Amongst the approaching deadlines, these funny icebreaker questions revitalize the moods and spirits of workers making their minds fresh to work on with more improved skills.

  • If you could be a chocolate bar, which one would you be and why?
  • If you could choose to be immortal or have never ending supply of money for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
  • If you had to chose one, which of these would you do and why? Sky Diving or Scuba Diving?
  • What is the funniest thing you believed in as a child?
  • Food or Sleep, which is your priority?
  • If you had the chance to work in a Hollywood movie, who would you chose as your hero/heroine?
  • If you had the authority to dismiss one person from the workplace, who would it be and why?
  • If you could date one person from office, who would it be?
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?
  • What’s the most adventurous thing that you’ve done till now?
  • How would you react if someone spills coffee on your new suit?
  • If you could time travel, which time in the past would you re live?
  • What scares you, sharks in the ocean or monsters under the bed?
  • If you were stranded in an island, who would you chose to be with you?
  • If you had to go on a trip, would you choose a plane or a cruise?
  • Three things that you don’t leave home without?
  • Three people that you depend on?
  • With whom would you want to exchange loves with?
  • Your favorite Ice-cream Flavor?
  • If you could become a character from the cartoon world, which one would you chose to be and why?

Icebreaker Questions For People Who Already Know Each Other

Just like before any sport you need a warm up session, these icebreakers for meetings are bound to energize your team and keep their interest, throughout your session. The warm up exercise makes your activities much more fun!

  • Your fondest memory
  • Your favorite workplace memory
  • If you had to choose one person from the team to work with you, who would you chose?
  • Your favorite band and song?
  • Would you wear a Pink shirt to work, or you think it is for women only? (for men)
  • Do you cook? IF yes, what’s your signature dish?
  • Kids or Pets?
  • Family or Friends?
  • Which is your favorite day of the week and why?
  • Which is your least favorite day of the week and why?
  • Early to bed, early to rise or the opposite?
  • What do you prefer, home cooked food or fast food?
  • Vegetarian or Non Veg?
  • Are you a dessert person or not?
  • What do you miss the most about your childhood?
  • If you had one wish granted, what would it be?
  • What would you rather own, a Ferrari or a Mercedes Benz?
  • If you had to chose between a roller coaster ride or a huge water slide, which one would you chose and why?
  • Would you rather sit back and enjoy the rain pouring down or dance in the rain?
  • If you could date a celebrity, who would it be?

Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

When aiming for team work, icebreaker games for adults are a great activity to create enthusiasm among the members and get them geared up for further action.

  1. Open your bag and pick out the first thing that you see. Show it to everyone and tell us something about it.
  2. Read the last three messages of your sixth Whatsapp conversation for everyone, tell us who it is and how do you feel about that person?
  • Ask everyone to pick chits, one chit contains detective and one murderer, rest of them all are common people. The murderer will have to wink at people and the one winked upon will turn dead. A detective has to keep an eye out on who is winking at everyone!
  1. Connecting Stories: Give a topic and ask one person to start a story on that topic. After every two minutes, the next person has to continue forming the story. Funny and Interesting!
  2. Burst the balloons! Only one balloon has the winner chit in it, let’s chase each other and see who find the chit!

Icebreaker Games for Large Groups

Keep the zeal and zest alive with these icebreaker games for work! These games are a fun way to make everyone participate and feel a part of the group, increasing communication and feeling of belonging to the group.

  • Chinese Whisper: circulate a sentence from ear to ear and see how it modifies as it reaches the origin
  • Sort the large group into smaller groups and ask them to make a word with human alphabets, it could be the name of your organization too!
  • Hunting Quests: Make a list of items that you’ve hidden around the place and hand it to each team, the team that finds the most items win!
  • Pass a parcel as the music plays and the one who has it when music stops will have to tell everyone a joke!
  • Ask the public for common everyday items and see who has them. For example, a cotton bud, a comb, nails cutter or even a television remote!

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