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Futurama Trivia Question & Answers

List Of Great Futurama Trivia Question & Answers

Futurama Trivia Question & Answers
Futurama Trivia Question & Answers


From the creators of “The Simpsons”, here comes equally amusing series named “Futurama” whose story includes mysterious things like alien eggs, time travel, self-replication, and exposure to unexplored space dimensions and much more. For science fiction fans, here is the amusing compilation of Futurama Trivia Questions quiz game to be played with your friends and family for overwhelming entertainment so give it a shout out to perplexing yet exciting Futurama Trivia Questions & Answers quiz.

Interesting Futurama Trivia Fun Facts 

  • Billy West who voiced Fry’s voice is responsible for pretty much every famous character of the past 20 years.
  • The idea for Futurama came to Matt Groening when he was listening to the song “Robot Blues”
  • The title name of the show “Futurama” was taken from the1939 General Motors worlds fair exhibit that was about “the world of tomorrow.”
  • The alien language used in the Futurama was changed twice.
  • The outfit that Fry has in the show is modeled after James Dean’s famous red jacket
  • Fry’s dog’s character Seymour is based on real dog named Hachikō
  • Kristin Gore daughter of Al Gore’s has also contributed as a writer for the show.
  • Walking On Sunshine.” Get pumped! Is the favorite song of Fry
  • Writers created a new mathematical theorem when the characters swap their bodies.

Futurama Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Leela's surname is _____?Show
Q: Bender’s full name is _________?Show
Q: After what did Fry's dad name him?Show
Q: What is Fry’s dog’s name?Show
Q: What is Fry’s birth year?Show
Q: What is Fry's brother’s name?Show
Q: What is the name of Leela's pet?Show
Q: What is Leela’s father’s name?Show
Q: What is the color of Walt’s hair?Show
Q: What is Don Bot’s wife’s name?Show
Q: What is Fry’s boss’ and Pizzeria’s owner’s name?Show
Q: Name the first emperor of he moon.Show
Q: What is the name of the biological mother of Kiff’s children?Show
Q: What is Hermes’ arch-rival’s name?Show
Q: What is professor Farnswoth’s arch-rival’s name?Show
Q: What is the name of Bender’s super hero alter ego from the episode “Less Than a Hero”?Show
Q: In the episode “Less Than a Hero” what is Fry’s Super hero alter ego’s name?Show
Q: What is Leela’s Super hero alter ego’s name in the episode “Less Than a Hero”?Show
Q: What is the middle initial of Zoidberg?Show
Q: What is Mayor Poopenmeyer secretary’s name?Show
Q: Which character’s lines are these “I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar?Show
Q: What is the name of Bender’s ideal T.V chef?Show
Q: Which character replaced Scotty on Star Trek?Show
Q: Guess the character from the quote “Stop!Take one more step and I’ll breathe fire on you”?Show
Q: Who was the one to create Futurama?Show
Q: Who said ''Excuse me, I'm going for a scuttle.Show
Q: What is Larry’s hair color?Show
Q: What is the color of Fry's hair?Show
Q: What is the name of the real ruler of Amazonia?Show
Q: What is Hermes's badge’s rank?Show
Q: To what race does Zoidberg belongs?Show
Q: Who does the voice for Hermes?Show
Q: Whose voice is recorded for the Robot Devil?Show
Q: What is the apartment number that belongs to Leela?Show
Q: What is Leela’s Fiance’s name in the episode “ A Bicyclops Built For Two”?Show
Q: What is the name given to Leela's boyfriend In ''The Cyber House Rules''?Show
Q: What is the name of Fry's old girlfriend?Show

Futurama Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Name the city where Futurama is set.Show
Q: For Ted Danson's skeleton how much amount did Fry pay?Show
Q: Where is Leela’s home world located?Show
Q: What is the name of the university where Bender studies?Show
Q: Name the episode in which Leela kissed Fry.Show
Q: Lrrr is the ruler of which planet?Show
Q: Name the Vaguely Folkish Alterna-rock star with whom Bender went on a tour?Show
Q: What is the name of the planet where Amy Wong's parents live?Show
Q: Which drink did Fry likes the most?Show
Q: What is the name of Nibbler's worst enemy?Show
Q: On ''Xmas Eve''Show
Q: What reason did Bender state behind that he is not allowed to sing in the episode “The Sting”?Show
Q: When Professor Farnsworth reached age of 160 which group of Robots took him?Show
Q: In the episode ''The Anthology of Interest 2'' What happened to BenderShow
Q: Name the place where Leela grow up?Show
Q: Name the sorority to which Army belongs.Show
Q: Zapp Brannigan has a “Sexy learning disability”. Name that disability.Show
Q: Who are known as the three most Prominent members of Robot mafia?Show
Q: What quality of Bender does Leela likes?Show
Q: Name the place where Fry and Bender met.Show
Q: What dis the abbreviation of DOOP?Show
Q: Name the planet Elzar belongs to.Show
Q: Name the place where Fry's first delivers.Show
Q: What is the name of the one who invented the Smelloscope?Show
Q: What is Elzar's favorite item that he most of the time use in his cooking?Show
Q: What is the color of Fry's walking ashtray?Show
Q: Complete the phrase ''Larry, get your mother a ____________.''Show
Q: What are the first words of Dr. Zoidberg?Show
Q: DOOP headquartered is located at __________?Show
Q: Name the planet where Santa Claus lives.Show
Q: What is strange about Zoidberg according to Professor Farnsworth?Show
Q: In which episode did Fry ate Egg salad sandwich that had the parasites?Show
Q: How much did the sandwich cost that fry bought at the start of the episode?Show
Q: Name the planet that is considered as at the exact center of the universe?Show
Q: When Dr. Zoidberg said ''Two meals in one week'' what ''meal'' was he referring to?Show
Q: Whose voice is recorded for Professor Farnsworth?Show
Q: Who does the voice for Bender?Show
Q: Every night at what time did Fry play ''Baby Got Back'' in his apartment?Show
Q: What movie did Calculon collaborate with Dr. Zoidberg?Show
Q: Who became the Earth’s President at the end of the fourth season?Show
Q: Complete the line ''Bachelor Chow, now with ________!Show
Q: What Leela exactly was?Show
Q: In which episode did Leela meet her parents?Show
Q: Name the species that runs the pizzeria in ''A Leela of her Own''.Show
Q: In the Olympics for what sport did Hermes represent the Earth?Show
Q: What is Dr. Zoidberg referring to when he says''A feast is a feast''?Show
Q: Name the college that Fry attend while living in the 20th century?Show
Q: When was DOOP found?Show
Q: In which episode does Nibbler (Leela's pet) speaks for the first time?Show
Q: In which episode did Nibbler appear for the first time?Show
Q: Scruffy reveal that he has how many stocks of Planet Express In ''Futurestock''?Show
Q: What was Leela’s response when Amy shows her obscene tattoo?Show
Q: How did Fry tried to impress Leela to marry him?Show
Q: Complete the line “Angry _______ Anchovies''Show
Q: Name the planet where Leela find Nibbler.Show
Q: In order to kill yourself how many spoonful of space honey are needed?Show
Q: The session in the suicide booth cost about how many cents?Show
Q: In the episode ''Three Hundred Big Boys.'' On Zoidberg pronounce ''robot'' as _______?Show
Q: What did Fry spend the refund that he received?Show
Q: How much fund did Fry received?Show
Q: Who was originally selected to do Zapp Brannigan’s the voice?Show
Q: What film did Harold Zoid and Dr. Zoidberg make?Show
Q: In the episode “Amazon Women in The Mood” kiff sings a song. What is the title of that song?Show
Q: At what planet is Santa’s death fortress located?Show
Q: Who is known as the human-hating news anchor?Show
Q: Where did Fry met Malfunctioning Eddie?Show
Q: Amoung the four Futurama movies which one was the first?Show
Q: Which rival delivery company did cubert and Dwight started?Show
Q: What is the name of Planet Express Janitor?Show
Q: Name the planet from where the soft drink that Fry likes the most is originate from.Show
Q: The presidential election was won by whom in the episode “ A Head in the Polls”?Show
Q: Fry was originally pushed into Cryogenic Tube by whom?Show
Q: While playing Dungeons and Dragons what is the name that Bender uses?Show
Q: What is Kif Kroker’s Fonfon Ru’s name?Show


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