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30+ Games of Thrones Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Interesting Games of Thrones Trivia Questions

game of thrones trivia questions and answers
game of thrones trivia questions and answers

Games of Thrones SuperFan Trivia

Games of Thrones have been quite popular among people of all ages. A fantasy drama produced by David Benioff and has so far garnered dozens of awards. The series initiated back in 2011 and within no time gained un-ending popularity. GOT, a television series that encompasses everything from seductive romance to thrilling warfare. GOT’s storyline has been inspired by ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ a novel series authored by George R.R Martin. Look no further as we have compiled the ultimate Game of Thrones Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz that serves as a challenging GOT themed game for all the die-hard fans. Work your head around some interesting yet difficult Game of Thrones trivia questions in the seven kingdoms. Play the GOT trivia quiz not by wielding a sword at your friends and family but your superior knowledge about Game of Thrones that can aid you in winning you the Iron Throne.

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10 Most Interesting Trivia Facts you didn’t know about Games of Thrones

  • You already know that there is a lot of fighting, wars, and bloodshed in the series but you probably didn’t know the actual death count which occurred in the seven seasons of the series. The total number of deaths all together were 150, 966. Yes, quite a large number, right. Well believe it or not it is true.
  • The series was shot in six different countries and three different continents, amazing isn’t? Well, this is also the reason why shooting a single episode cost so much, which also makes it one of the most expensive shows on television.
  • Alfie Allen who plays Theo Greyjoy in the series is the little brother of pop star Lily Allen. You never know!!! Maybe this is why he got the part so easily.
  • The women who played Robb Clark’s wife in the series is the grand-daughter of the television comedy star Charlie Chapin. Her name was Oona Chaplin.
  • Sophie Turner who was cast as Sansa Stark in the series adopted Zunni, the dog. Zunni played her pet direwolf in series. The attachment with the dog was the main reason which led Sophie Turner to adopt the dog.
  • The character Daario Naharis was played by two different actors in different seasons of the series. Ed Skrein in season three while Michiel Huisman in season four, five and six.
  • The British stunt performer Ian Whyte played four different roles in the series. In season one and two he played White Walker. In season two he also played Gregor Clegane (actually he was one of the three characters who played the role). In season three he was an un-named giant and in season five he played Wildling giant Wun Wun.
  • The wigs used in the show were made out of 2 feet of actual human hair. The cost of all the wigs summed up to be $7000.
  • Two new languages were created for the show named Dothraki and Valyrian, and believe it or not it was created from a few words only.
  • Since it is one of the most watched series of all time, therefore, it is also one of the most pirated shows too. According to BitTorrent, the season was downloaded 5.9 million times (this is for a single season only).

Game of Thrones Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: In the series, Jon’s direwolf was named?Show
Q: What can kill a White Walker?Show
Q: Who is the Master of Whisperers?Show
Q: Who was the Lord of Lightning?Show
Q: How are Meera and Jojen related to Howland Reed?Show
Q: Bran Stark was named after his?Show
Q: Bastards of the Reach were given the name of?Show
Q: What type of cake does Sansa Stark like to eat?Show
Q: Which character from the series says the Valyrian word “Dracarys”?Show
Q: Joffrey Baratheon's Valyrian steel blade was named?Show
Q: Mention the total number of kingdoms in Westeros?Show
Q: When Cersei Lannister became the Queen of Westeros which house was extinct?Show
Q: Ros’s regular customer at Winterfell was?Show
Q: The name of the direwolf who died in Season 1 was?Show
Q: Those who live towards the South of the wall were called?Show
Q: Who did Petyr Baelish love since he was a little child?Show
Q: Who gets badly stabbed in the eye?Show
Q: Whom does Oberyn Martin seeks revenge?Show

Games of Thrones Characters’ Trivia Question & Answers

Q: What is the natural hair color of Sophie Turner?Show
Q: Who played Sansa in the seriesShow
Q: What was the real-life name of the actress in the series who also played Hermione’s Mom is Harry Potter?Show
Q: Lisa Bonet is the long-time girlfriend of which Games of Thrones actor?Show
Q: Rob Stark’s new wife in the series is actually whose grand-daughter?Show
Q: Name the real-life profession of Kristian Narin who plays Hodor in the show?Show
Q: Name the real-life profession of Jerome Flynn?Show
Q: Which child star from GOT also played a role in “Love, Actually”?Show
Q: Jacob Anderson is actually a musician who works under the name?Show
Q: In real life how old is Thomas Brodie who played Jojen Reed?Show
Q: Hafter Julius Bjrnsson (The Mountain) is ranked at which number as the Strongest person in the world?Show
Q: What kind of disability does Peter Vaughan has in real life too?Show
Q: What is the name of the actress playing Arya Stark?Show
Q: How is Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen in the series) related to Charles Dickens?Show
Q: Who was Sibel Kekilli (Shae) before getting a role in GOT?Show

Game of Thrones Houses’ Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz

There are around 20 houses in the game of thrones but only 09 are main houses. The names of nine major houses of Game of Thrones are:

  • House Stark
  • House Lannister
  • House Targaryen
  • House Baratheon
  • House Tyrell
  • House Tully
  • House Martell
  • House Greyjoy
  • House Arryn
Q: Which of the houses words are “As high as Honor”?Show
Q: Name the house which dominates DorneShow
Q: Which house’s sigil is a cross with a man hanged upside down?Show
Q: Name the house whose words are “We do not Sow”?Show
Q: Name the house whose seat is located in Casterly Rock.Show
Q: Name the house whose words are “Fire and Blood”Show
Q: Name the house which dominates The RiverlandShow
Q: State the words of House LannisterShow
Q: Name the house whose seat is in HighgardenShow
Q: Name the house whose words are “Our Blades are SharpShow
Q: Name the house which dominates the StormlandShow
Q: Name the house whose words are “First in Battle”Show
Q: Name the house which dominates the Iron IslandsShow
Q: Which house rules from Castle of Winterfall?Show



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