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Glee Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Glee Trivia Questions

Glee Trivia questions & answers quiz game
Glee Trivia questions & answers quiz game


Quality music plus great story lines is what kept the audience hooked to Glee for six years. With a message of hope in this pessimist world the characters take us on a musical journey of their struggles as aspiring musicians. The show kept in mind people of color, disabled, and LGBT characters which is one of the best thing about Glee. Filled with emotion, drama and heartwarming comedy, Glee has won the heart of its fans and they still remember all the covers in the show, all the little side stories and their favorite ships.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Gleek? This trivia quiz will reveal whether you are worthy of being a part of the New Directions, or if you need to spend a little more rehearsing.

Interesting Glee Trivia Facts

  • Dianna Agron (who plays Quinn Fabray) was cast last minute
  • Jane Lynch can sing
  • Mark Salling hated his mohawk
  • The part of Kurt was written specifically for actor Chris Colfer
  • Amber Riley was an ‘American Idol’ reject
  • Cory Monteith was a Wal-Mart greeter
  • Matthew Morrison was one of the popular kids in real life
  • Lea Michele slapped a casting director
  • Ex-president Barak Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are Gleeks!
  • The Glee pilot was Darren Criss first audition ever
  • The cast’s favorite guest star was Kristin Chenoweth because she always brought gifts
  • Jane Lynch is deaf in her right ear.
  • Amber Riley’s mom is her vocal coach!
  • Mark Salling lied in his audition and said he was 19 years old when he was really 26.

Glee Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Who breaks up the fight between Blaine Anderson and Dave Karofsky?Show
Q: In the ''Rocky Horror Glee Show'' what iconic character does Finn Hudson portray?Show
Q: In what part of town does Santana reside?Show
Q: Who does Quinn sing ''I Had the Time of My Life'' with?Show
Q: In Season 4, Episode 8 it's revealed that Blaine has had a long-standing crush on who?Show
Q: Who does Mercedes have a crush on in the beginning of Season 1?Show
Q: Who is Rachel’s birth mother?Show
Q: What secret about Finn is finally made known in the episode ''Special Education''?Show
Q: What video game does Puck like?Show
Q: How many boyfriends have Mercedes had?Show
Q: Who is Kurt Hummel’s idol?Show
Q: Who does Finn get in a fight with causing him to be ejected from the school prom?Show
Q: Demi Lovato guest starred as whose love interest in Season 5?Show
Q: What character has two gay dads?Show
Q: Which two characters are Jewish?Show
Q: Who did Quinn Fabray cheat on Finn Hudson with?Show
Q: Why did Racheal and Finn break up in season two?Show
Q: Who did Sue Sylvester marry?Show
Q: What kind of drunk does Finn say Rachel is in the episode ''Blame it on the Alcohol''?Show
Q: Why did Burt Hummel get mad at Finn Hudson in the episode ''Furt''?Show
Q: What is Mercedes father's job?Show
Q: Which McKinley graduate did not come back for sectionals in Season 4, Episode 8?Show
Q: Who does Brittany still believe in?Show
Q: Who adopts Puck and Quinn’s baby?Show
Q: When did Finn and Rachel first kiss?Show

Glee Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: In season 1 did the glee club win sectionals?Show
Q: Who won the dodge ball tournament?Show
Q: What is the jersey number of Finn Hudson?Show
Q: What song does Finn sing with Rachel Berry that offends Will Schuester?Show
Q: What is the name of the guy, in the episode ''Silly Love Songs'', whom Blaine Anderson has a crush on?Show
Q: In ''Born This Way'', what does Santana catch Dave doing in the hallway?Show
Q: What does Santana Lopez list as Finn Hudson's flaw in ''Born This Way''?Show
Q: What is the name of the song that Finn and Rachel duet on at Nationals?Show
Q: In the episode ''Funeral'', what song does Santana use to audition for a solo at Nationals?Show
Q: What does Blaine Anderson attempt to teach Kurt Hummel in the episode ''Sexy''?Show
Q: What is the name of the anti-bullying club founded by Santana Lopez and Dave Karofsky?Show
Q: What disease has Santana Lopez had so many times that it turned to 'stereo'?Show
Q: What does Finn Hudson give to Rachel Berry at the kissing booth he has set up?Show
Q: In ''Rumours'', what song does Santana sing to her BFF and crush, Brittany S. Pierce?Show
Q: What song does Santana perform with Mercedes Jones at the high school prom?Show
Q: What word does Brittany choose for Santana's t-shirt in the episode ''Born This Way''?Show
Q: Why did Coach Sylvester make the Cheerios join the New Directions in Season 1?Show
Q: What was the name of McKinley High’s short-lived, all-boys glee club?Show
Q: What is the first song the New Directions sing together?Show
Q: Why does Puck get sent to a juvenile detention center?Show
Q: What song do the New Directions sing while helping Mr. Schue propose to Ms. Pillsbury?Show
Q: Who moves to L.A. after graduation to record an album?Show
Q: How does Quinn end up in a wheelchair in Season 3?Show
Q: Where does Kurt intern in NYC during Season 5?Show
Q: As Senior Class President, what does Brittany ban from prom?Show
Q: Who gets left at the altar in Season 4?Show
Q: What was the first song Rachel ever sang for Finn?Show
Q: Which Broadway musical does Rachel audition for in Season 4?Show
Q: Which college is Brittany accepted to?Show
Q: Originally, why did Sue hate the glee club?Show
Q: What is the name of Quinn's baby?Show
Q: Which Broadway musical did Matthew Morrison debut in?Show
Q: How many copies did the Acafellas sell of their CD?Show
Q: Which diva was Heather Morris a backup dancer for in real life?Show


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