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Golden Girls Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Golden Girls Trivia Questions

Golden Girls Trivia Questions & Answers
Golden Girls Trivia Questions & Answers


If you have been looking for the Golden Girls Trivia questions quiz, then wait no more to browse through the list and discover for yourself. The Golden Girls show is about four mature women who share a house and amusement. The show leads you to a hilarity like never experienced before, with its brilliant characters: Dorothy, the sarcastic one; Rose, the dreamy one; Blanche, the pretty one and Sophia, the blunt one. Each of the four stars received an Emmy Award, making it one of only three sitcoms in the award’s history to achieve this. Along with that the show won numerous awards and top rankings. First aired in 1985 but the show still appeals today’s generation with its smart jokes and bold topics.

We’ve prepared the perfect Golden Girls trivia quiz to challenge your friends and family. Ask away the Golden Girls Trivia Questions to see if you still remember the characters, their punchlines and the right answers to questions after all this time. But first go through our astonishing Golden Girls trivia facts that will blow your mind.

Interesting Golden Girls Trivia Facts

  • Sophia’s character was intended to be a guest star, but the audience’s reaction to Getty’s performance convinced the producers to make her a main character.
  • First episode sees a gay cook named Coco (played by Charles Levin), but the role was dropped as the writers decided he took up the spotlight and bonding time from the girls which usually happened in the kitchen, preparing food.
  • The idea for the show came from a joke that Brandon Tartikoff (ex-president of the Network) had overheard. He later revealed that he had been thinking of show about a group of retirees living together ever since he watched the movie How to Marry a Millionaire.
  • The series was originally called Miami Nice in its early ages.
  • The team wanted Betty White to play the role of Blanche and McClanahan to perform the character of Rose. The pilot director, Jay Sandrich thought so otherwise and this is why we see Betty White as the dreamy one and McClanahan as the lusty Southern woman, thankfully.
  • Rue McClanahan convinced Bea Arthur to join the Golden Girls cast. Arthur wasn’t totally on board with the idea but her co-star worked her convincing powers and we see Bea Arthur bring the role of Dorothy to life.
  • ­­Getty suffered from stage fright because she feared that she was inferior to her co-stars who had more experience on TV.
  • Queen Elizabeth, just like us is a huge Golden Girls fan.
  • Even though there were four women in the house, there were only 3 chairs in the kitchen. To avoid squeezing all four women together or one of them had to have her back to the camera.
  • ­­The kitchen set was reused from the sitcom It Takes Two.

Golden Girls Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Who played Rose?Show
Q: What was Sophia’s husband’s name?Show
Q: Where was Blanche from?Show
Q: What was the name of Rose’s husband?Show
Q: What are the names of Dorothy’s two children?Show
Q: What is Rose’s biological father’s occupation?Show
Q: What was Rose’s adoptive father’s profession?Show
Q: What did Rose's adoptive parents want her to be when she grew up?Show
Q: Blanche had a gay brother, what was his name?Show
Q: What famous '80s celebrity do the Golden Girls wish to meet in Miami?Show
Q: What is Dorothy’s career?Show
Q: Where is Rose from?Show
Q: What is Sophia’s nickname for Dorothy?Show
Q: What is the color of Blanche’s wedding dress?Show
Q: Which Golden Girl became distraught when she started menopause?Show
Q: Where did Dorothy grow up?Show
Q: Which Golden Girl got married in the series finale?Show
Q: What was the name of Harry the neighborhood vet’s dog?Show
Q: Which two Golden Girls appeared on Jeopardy?Show
Q: Who played Dorothy?Show
Q: What famous person shops in Dorothy’s sister Gloria’s grocery store in California?Show
Q: And what comedic actor played the groom in that final episode?Show
Q: What was Blanche’s father’s nickname?Show
Q: What was the name of the piano bar “fought over” by Blanche and Dorothy?Show
Q: What was Dorothy’s childhood nickname?Show
Q: What 70’s actress – known for her role as Ida Morgenstern on Rhoda – played Sophia’s sister on the show?Show
Q: What was the name of the mean neighbor lady who dropped dead after Rose told her to “drop dead” in the episode, “It’s a Miserable Life”?Show
Q: What was Blanche’s late husband’s name?Show

Golden Girls Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Dorothy sought help for her addiction to what?Show
Q: What was Sophia’s infamous phrase?Show
Q: What kind of car was Dorothy knocked up in?Show
Q: What is the name the retirement home Sophia lived in?Show
Q: How long were Dorothy and Stan married for?Show
Q: What does B.E.D stand for on Blanche's book by her night stand?Show
Q: What event leads Rose to become a nervous wreck?Show
Q: Who do Dorothy and Sophia dress up as for the Shady Pines Pageant?Show
Q: What fairytale story do the Golden Girls perform a play for?Show
Q: What was the name of the spin-off starring McClanahan, White, and Getty?Show
Q: What caused the fire at Sophia’s retirement home?Show
Q: What did Dorothy often threaten her mother with?Show
Q: Where is the show set?Show
Q: In the pilot, why did Sophia, Blanche’s mother moved in with her?Show
Q: Why did Rose say she lost the St. Olaf Butter Queen Pageant?Show
Q: When Rose saw handsome game show host Guy Corbin she famously said, “That man ______!”Show
Q: Where did Dorothy and Blacnhe work at the same time?Show
Q: What secret was revealed about Rose’s boyfriend, Miles Webber?Show
Q: What are the unusual circumstances surrounding Dorothy’s birth?Show
Q: According to Rose, what is the motto printed on St. Olaf’s license plates?Show


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