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50+ Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions & Answers

List of great Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions

Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions & Answers
Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions & Answers


Ever came across anyone who hasn’t watched the most popular American TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”? We bet not! The American series exquisitely displayed the lives of surgical interns dressed in their white super clean lab coats armed with forceps and scalpel leading their emotional roller-coaster life’s ride dipped in the passionate feelings of love, friendships, teary sorrows, romance with a pinch all sprinkled over of many highly technical medicinal surgical terms (which were definitely very hard to understand sometimes!). If you are a die-hard fan of Grey’s Anatomy and all its much-talented characters then why not give a try to Grey’s Anatomy Trivia questions and answers quiz to calibrate your level of interest and knowledge about one of the most loved TV series.

10 Most Interesting Fun Facts of Grey’s Anatomy

  • The title of “Grey’s Anatomy” was initially decided as simply “Complications”.
  • Smoking was one unhealthy habit of Grey’s Anatomy doctors that almost every character possesses.
  • The concept of Grey’s Anatomy was inspired by Rhimes which is a show that couldn’t be made ever.
  • Bailey’s character is based on Rhimes’ mother.
  • Shephard’s nickname “McDreamy” was inspired by Patrick Dempsey’s real-life charm.
  • The character of Alex Karev was not created at the time of Grey’s Anatomy plot creation. It was added later on.
  • Grey’s childhood house is a real house in Queen Anne, Seattle.
  • In surgery scenes, cow organs were used.
  • It wasn’t expected for Grey’s Anatomy to survive after Patrick left the show.
  • The back story of Megan Hunt episode is based in a true vet’s life experiences.

Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Who was the producer and creator of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: What is the number of original characters that are left on the show?Show
Q: How many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy have been broadcasted so far?Show
Q: What was the name of the very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: From where the storylines of Grey’s Anatomy were extracted?Show
Q: Is Meredith Grey’s house a dream house only?Show
Q: What was the strangest prop on the set of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: What was the first inspiration of Grey’s Anatomy TV series for Rhimes?Show
Q: Was Grey’s Anatomy original setting was in Seattle.Show
Q: Does real surgeons were brought in for the surgical scenes?Show
Q: Were the organ’s displayed in surgical scenes were real human organs?Show
Q: Who was the most funniest on Grey’s Anatomy sets?Show
Q: Does the cast follows real life doctors?Show
Q: Who lassos in his free time on the sets of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Who was the one that actually got fired from the sets of “Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Who was the one who left the show and then later wanted to rejoin the show?Show
Q: What was the thing that was used as a replacement for blood in Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Who got actually pregnant at the same time as her character in Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Did Rhimes wanted a lot of Melodrama in the story of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Does every episode of Grey’s Anatomy is connected by its title?Show
Q: Did Kate Walsh was hired for few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy only?Show
Q: Did the cast actually learnt how to act to perform in surgical scenes from real life surgeons?Show
Q: Did the writers changed the names of the characters to prevent leakages during the audition?Show
Q: Were the names on the OR board real?Show
Q: Who are actually British in real life?Show
Q: Which of the cast members of Grey’s Anatomy are actually married?Show
Q: Which of the character is always in every episode of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Does the chosen title of the episode always relates to episode’s theme?Show
Q: Did Grey’s Anatomy was pitched like “Sex and the City”Show
Q: Was there real life pregnancies on Grey’s Anatomy show?Show
Q: Was there a double in the musical episode?Show
Q: Who was the real-life high school before being casted in Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: Which of the cast member received Humanitarian award?Show

Grey’s Anatomy Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Which of the character never lived in Meredith’s mother home?Show
Q: Who was stabbed by Cristina with an epi?Show
Q: In “Sanctuary”, what was the name of the second doctor that got shot?Show
Q: What was the original name of “Mc Dreamy”?Show
Q: Which of the character of Grey’s Anatomy never got pregnant or had a child?Show
Q: Who was the actress that played Alxendria Grey on Grey’s Anatomy, season 3?Show
Q: Which intern had a modelling career by which he/she paid off debts?Show
Q: What was the tragic event that happened to Cristina on her dream wedding day?Show
Q: Which character does not appear in Season 6?Show
Q: What was the name of Meredith Grey’s date in first five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy?Show
Q: What was the name of the ball to which three female characters were going to in the episode “Dream a Little of Me”?Show
Q: Harper Avery was nominated for what?Show
Q: Which animal did Izzie saved?Show
Q: The dress that Izzie chose for the prom was of what color?Show
Q: Who did Meredith Grey never see in her afterlife?Show
Q: What is the first name of Dr. Burke?Show
Q: Who first thought that George was gay?Show
Q: What was the name of Meredith mother?Show
Q: In the end of episode 23, what was the sentence that Meredith said in the last?Show
Q: Who did Jackson kick out?Show
Q: In “Let the Truth Sing”, who was the one who died?Show
Q: What was the name of Meredith’s half-sister?Show


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