100+ Badass Guild Names

Do you know the most exciting factor in books and video games? They allow you to create your own world where you are the boss and a true badass. Video games, especially, gives the feeling that you are part of a larger world with a bigger purpose.

It may involve a different world-building with a unique philosophy of life consisting of a group of gamers. Since we all want to be heroes and a true badass in an ideal world, what is the better way to make your dream come true than to have a perfect badass guild name?

Choosing a guild name can be a lot of work since there are different types of names. Some are funny, cool, intimidating, or heroic names. But if you are looking for a name that will give you an aura of a personality that is selfless, brave, honor, justice, integrity and responsibility, it is the badass guild names you need. No worries since you are just where you are supposed to be and we got just the right names for you to choose from!

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Badass Guild Names

Following are the badass guild names that are perfect for a guild that stands up for the truth and people’s prosperity and faces the brunt for the team. So put on your perfect badass suit and buckle up!

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6etaClan Agnew Elemental Aikenhead
Alchemy Assault Allardice Alpha Helix
Alpha Project aMaZeee Anderson
angles cry Apocalypse Arbiter
Army Of 4 Auchinleck Auchinleck
Auctorita Avl Clan Baillie
Barclay Void Bastards of Men Battle Cry
Battlefield Carrion Beg For Mercy Bethune
Beveridge Binning Hog Bitten Bone Bits
Bitter End Bizarro Colville Black Plague
Blackstock BlaDe Blane Ewing
Blood and Bones Blood Bath Blood Loss
Blood Rich Blood Hunters Bloodline
Blood-price of Terra Blue Clan Bone Sewn
Bounty Hunters Bravo Brisbane
Broken Silence broken wings broken wings
Buchanan BuLLe7 Armstrong BuLLe7z
By the Sword Byres Callender
Canibus Carrion Evolutiionz Chattan
Chemical Death Children of Gaia Cathcart
Chisholm Clan or Fam Clan-destin
Clash For Cash Cloak of Twilight CoC Inspectors
CoC Rules Cochrane Cochrane
Cocoon CoD Dead CoD Doc
Collateral Damage Cost of Clan CripTik
Cult of Death Contract Killers CooL
Dalmahoy Dalrymple Death Bloom
Death By Distraction Death Dose Death Eaters
Death Machine Death to Tronners Defaced by Mace
Delicious Deserts DeLiiRiuM Demolition
demonic faces Demons DeMoNz
Derezzed Diplomacy of the Sword Disgruntled Programmers
Dispatch Divided We Fall DONATORS
Doom Hammer DreTron DropshoTz
Drummond Dunlop Dynasty
Earthly Arbiters Echoes of the Lost Age Edmonstone
Elite Reborn Embers Rising Enmity
Erskine Et al Clan Ether
Ethereal Entities Executor Eye for an Eye
FaKi3 Fallen Angels Fallow Fields
Family Clan Farmer farmmebro
Farquharson Feast of Maggots Fenton Ogilvy
Final Strike Fire Dragons Fleming
Follow the Fallen Forgotten Warriors Forsyth
Fraser Charteris FreaK Fullarton
FuriousSteel Gaia Galbraith
Galloway Gartshore Ged
Gift of Prometheus Gladstains Glas
Glen Gods of War Graham
Grant Gregor Grid Kings
Grierson Haig Hall
Hamilton Harvest Hellfire Helix
Heir of Thrones Heart Vs Feather Harvester
Henderson Herries Gunn Hippocrates Bane
Hippocratic Heresy Hive Mind Horsburgh
Human Shield Hunters iEnVy
ifarm.01 Immortal Dynasty Immortal Essence
Inferno Oliphant Inglis Insect Autopsy
Insomnia Instinct Iron Edge
Irvine Jackals Jardine
JoKeRz JumPShoTz Killing Code
Kill-or-die Kincaid Kinloch
Kinnaird Kinnear Knaves
Kroniikz Kung Fu Phooey Lammie
Lamont Leask Leathernecks
Lennox SaS Leslie Letters of Marque
Lindsay Gordon Line of Sight Live to Kill
Lockhart Lumencidium Lumsden
Maces Mad Scientists Maggot
MaGiiCz Maitland Marauding
Marked For Death Matheson Matrix Clan
Maxton McCulloch Meldrum
Melville Mercenary Guild Mercer Whitefoord
Micro Bus City Moffat Moncreiffe
Monteith Montgomery Morrison
Mountain Men moveable Muir
Munro Murder For Hire Murray
Mutable Artisans Mutable Monsters Mutalist
My revenge Myst Mystic
NaDeZ Nairn Ne Agito Oppeto
Nesbitt Cranstoun Not In A Clan Newton
Norvel Kirkpatrick nyx`Clan Omega
Optic Tronners Order of Acolytes Osiris’ Scale
Our Fathers War Out Of Curry Pantheon
Pantheon Parabolic Projectiles Paterson
Parthian Tactics Peak Performance Project Pennycook
Pentland Pentland Peter
Phantom Knights Philistines Pillage the Village
Plunder and Pillage PlutoniumPotato Pollock Elphinstone
Porterfield Poseidon’s Whim Power of noobs
Pray to the Pantheon Pride of the Fallen Primeval
Primrose Pringle PuRe
Quantum Performance Ralston Hannay RaZe
ReaPeR RaG3 ReC
ReCoiiLz ReFuZR Relentless Rouges
Retain Rightplace2pst Ringing Blades
RioT Ripper Rise of the Fallen
Rise Of Abyss Rising Phoenix Ritzy Kings
Robertson Rose Ross
Rutherford Ruthven S.Y.G (Stole Your Glory)
Sacrament Sandilands Selection Pressure
Serenity Seton Seven Scimitars
Seventh Circle Shape shifters ShoTz
Siege of Ages Sinclair Skin Peels
Slay and Flay Slice and Dice solar
Song of the Blade Spalding Specicidal Tendencies
Squeeling Hog Spongerz sTaTiiC Headhunters
sTaTiiCz Stewart Stirling
Strachan Straiton Stratagems of Sedition
Sudden Death Suicide Sundown Rising
sunset moon Super Clan Sutures for the Future
Swarm Swift Symmers
Synergy Systems of Survival Tactical Telepathy
Tailyour Talisman Team Unknown
Team Y.o.l.o TeMPeR Terra Divided
Terrain Thedarkwim TheWhiteStoners
This Is My Clan ThreaTz Tools of Death
Tragiic TragiiKz TriB3z
Trident faka crew Tron Federation Tronners Clan
Tronners Unlimited Trotter Turnbull
TuRRe7z Turtle Twoearth
Under_eS!:timated Unique Legacy Unite the Clans
United Bretheren of Light Untitled Clan Uprising Rivals
Uranium Potato Urquhart Valhalla FirePizza
Vanguard ViiPeRz Vlad’s Children
Void Clan Volume Zero Wallace
War Crimes Warlocks Watson The DJ Clan
Wedderburn Wemyss Whitelaw
Wolverines Written in Blood Xclan
Xenocide Xtreme Tronners Xy Clan
Zenco Zero Gravity Zombie
Zombie Canibus Zone Avengers zRuSh

Intimidating Warrior Names

Looking for a name that will send shivers down the arms of your enemies? These badass warrior names will do that just for you. With names like Eternal ‘YoungBloods’ and ‘Majorslaughter’, you will be remembered like the warrior who is feared!

Babos Bloodstar Bogge
Brew Master Brosmash Bruiser
Death Node Death Voice DeathSlap
Deathstomp DeathThunder Elide
Eternal YoungBloods Executie Fenrys
Gavreil Glitter storm Haymaker
Ironeagle Lorcan Lyriah
Magesnack Magexploder Majorslaughter
Nagah Nesta OrcDork
Prythian Rhys Rhysand
Rowan Stargod Sureil
Swift strike Victrix Mortalis (conquerors of death) Warmonger

Cool Team Names

Are you team up with your friends or siblings for the weekend full of games and searching for a perfect badass team name? Then prepare for the win since names like ‘Skin Tailors’ and ‘Death Eaters’ will make you focused for your victory!

demonic faces A House Divided Aiton
Alchemic Elixir Anatomy of Death Blood Lust
Borthwick Caldwell Clan of Coats
clashmebro Death Eaters Death Zone
Destroy The Noobs Eat What You Kill Embers Rising
eRaZoR Fairlie False Flags
Fungi Halkerston Hepburn
Inevitable Prodigies Jugglers Leviathan
Lost Legion Maxton McKerrell
Meet Your Maker Militia Nobmping
Patullo Philosopher Kings RawR
RoadRunnerZ Seven Scimitars Shields
Skin Tailors Sniperz Klan Sons of Rauz
Spens story unfolds Strange Last Stand
Tears of Gaia ThunderCats United Warriors

Kickass Military Names

Sometimes you just need the perfect badass military name. These badass military names will allow you to become a hero or an adventurer yourself!

Armsageddon Axenhammer Betio Bastards
Bloody Bucket Bounty Hunters Brostorm
Courageous Cpt. slaughter Destroyers
Diamondbacks Exterminatus Gunslingers
Heat collector Hell On Wheels iEnVy
Immortals Letters of Marque Meet Your Maker
Ogilvy Old Iron Sides Panzer
Pownage Ragebar RaZe
Red Bull Roidrage SirNerfedalot
Strange Super Powers Super Squad
Warglaive Written in Blood Yellow Jackets

Savage Viking Names

We are not just limited to badass guild or warrior names! While a badass name is not necessary for a win, it is surely fun to play with.

Ballistic Deathwish Foresworne
Fury Gorebath Haomarush
Max Recoil Recon
Redline Spartan Warcry

Wicked Guild Names For Girls

If you are a girl and cannot find a badass name for you, no worries since we got you covered!  Names like Dragon’s mother and Queen of Ashes will surely fill the hearts of your enemies with fear.

56Churri ANGUStus Chalie’s Angel
Dragon’s Mother Goblin Hot Candy
Lady bond Lady Ninja Lady of Death
Queen of Ashes Queen of Thunder Red Chilly
Smashhy Super Girl Sweet Death

Fearless Sports Team Names

These badass sports team names will add a feeling of extra fun along with playing the game. The names like ‘battle of rage’ and ‘scythe wielders’ will make you focused on being a perfect badass!

Big Damn Hero Blades of Rage Block busters
Blood letting BluntMachete Bond007
Broun Bulletz4Breakfast Bumpin’ Uglies
Carmichael Carruthers Collision
Crash Helmet Cunning Stunts Death Dealers
DeCoiiLz Forsake the Fallen Fusion
Glendinning Hangmen illusions
IronMAN77 LaidtoRest Lost Boys
LuXiouZe Magister Mortalis McKerrell
NoNerdsJustGeeks Paradox PennywiseTheClown
Plague Power tippers Powerful Peons
Radioactive Redemption Regicide
Rescheduled RisingPhoenix Scythe Wielders
SeekNDstroy Shock Wave Smack your Boys
solar Immortals Speed of Light Spikers
The Damned Tyler Durden Viral 3D Clan
Warhead Xenomorphing Zombie Hordes

Badass Dragon Names

If you play around with your guild name, why not your dragon? Go one step ahead and name your dragon along with the badass guild name! Following are some of the ideas:

Glacion Abraxas
Hell-Fire Tatsu Igneel
Jabberwock Leviathon Glaurung
Flame-thrower Dracarus Danaerus
Abraxos Smaug Weisslogia
Flame-Monster Flame-hell Ragnarok

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