Halloween Scavenger Clue Hunt Ideas

The next fun-filled and fast approaching event in your calendar is none other than Halloween coming this October! Are you planning to host this year’s Halloween for your close friends and family? If yes, then Meebily can help you out with the most challenging, spookiest and mysterious fun ideas for Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

An adventurous scavenger hunt can give people an opportunity to exhibit their adventurous nature through the most amusing ways. Whether Halloween Scavenger participants consists of kids, teens, tweens or adults, you can benefit from uncountable ideas to make your Halloween party better planned this time. So without further ado, let’s brace October with wide-open welcoming arms.

Happy Halloween Scavenger Haunting! … Correction, Hunting.

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How to Play Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Before your party people start to play Halloween Scavenger Hunt, the host needs to establish some pre-requisites set up to add a maximum fun dose. These pre-requisites set up are:

Step 1: Choosing An Appropriate Location

By appropriate location, it is meant to have a wide park or a community hall where the group of people can gather around without being suffocated. You will be lucky if own a lawn or garden or if your neighbors are guiding enough to lend their garden for Halloween scavenger hunt venue.

Step 2: Balancing the Groups

All Halloween Scavenger hunt participants can be divided in pairs or equal groups having different age groups. Being divided into groups will help people to break the ice before the Halloween Scavenger hunt and they will feel more comfortable to get socialize with each other.

Step 3: The Halloween Theme Setting

Be it, pirates of the ocean theme or brain-eating zombies, select that theme which your audience will love more. The choice is yours!

Step 4: Setting the Location Clues for Hunting

Playing a game with an interesting storyline will double the fun for sure! Plan a mind-boggling storyline or few not so time-consuming riddles for kids to ensure audience engagement level making it up to the next level during Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Step 5: Winning Unique Prizes

Establish prize criteria for winners and runner-ups and in accordance to your party budget so that motivation level can be maintained by the audience throughout the Halloween Scavenger hunt.

Halloween Themed Food

After Halloween Scavengers Hunter has put all the efforts in finding and solving clues, they will get hungry for sure. Try some super easy food that can be prepared in less time for Halloween Scavenger hunters. Try to have a pretty good stock of Halloween themed party supplies which includes cups, glasses, and plates specifically designed for Halloween themed based parties and get-togethers.

Upon setting all the pre-requisites for Halloween Scavenger Hunt, now you and your team is good to go to have unlimited fun. Always set a time limit for solving out each clue. Setting tight timelines will add additional thrill factor to the Halloween Scavenger Hunt making it more fun-filled. Firstly handover the clue to the Halloween scavenger hunters i.e. a storyline for the rest of the game. Each team of Halloween Scavenger hunt must be given some amount of money to help them in search of scavenger hunt clues in order to win the Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Remember to turn the lights to a minimum low level so that the hunt can be played in a more spooky and mysterious way.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Halloween Scavenger Hunt can sound too hard for kids but can be fun for teens, tweens and adults. Here are few easy ideas being defined for Halloween Scavenger tiny hunters so they will remember this year’s Halloween party till their entire lifetime.

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Spooktacular Clues

You can write clues on blank pages using a mysterious ink where kids have to use the special light to make those clues visible to their eyes.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks can be an attractive Halloween fun party idea where kids can collect them on solving or finding clues from the right place during Halloween Scavenger hunt.

Final Clue Revelation

The final clue should be placed somewhere a hard to find and unexpected place and this can add real thrill to Halloween Scavenger hunt for kids.

Prize Gift for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Winner Team

For kid’s team of Halloween Scavenger hunt, final prize may consist of Halloween themed cake, Halloween themed toys or Halloween themed board games or full king-size candy bars.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

Are people in your close social circle still discussing how well last year Halloween party was? Want to fade away last year’s Halloween party image in their minds by adding spooky factor beyond anyone’s expectation? So don’t delay for even a single second to get on Halloween themed roller coaster ride of Halloween scavenger themed ideas for 18 plus or adults.

Maize with Mirrors

Raise a notch up for the difficulty level for Halloween Scavenger hunt for adults where participants must have to be dressed in Halloween themed dresses and busy finding Halloween hunt clues by exploring right paths through a maze filled with Halloween themed props adding more scary and mysterious details to Halloween Scavenger hunt. You can further install mirrors at turns in order to confuse the Halloween hunters making them more panic during Halloween Scavenger hunt.

Point Deduction on Screaming

Add funny details to Halloween treasure hunt that will add a dose of entertainment for the participants. You can set a criteria of marks deduction of whoever screams first during the Halloween Scavenger hunt so that the competition can be made more attention-grabbing.

Blood Of Red Dragon

You can place containers filled with pomegranate juices and put the label on the bottle as “Dragon’s blood” as it will make the game more Halloween-ish.

The Distractors

You can assign few people to distract Halloween Scavenger hunters in the scariest ways ever possible and the one who successfully scares most persons would be eligible for some prize money.

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