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70+ Hanukkah Trivia Questions & Answers

Ten Little Known Festive Facts about Hanukkah

Hanukkah Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game
Hanukkah Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game


Lighting up a Menorah in Mid winters by Jews is what indicates the world about Hanukkah holidays. This year make the most of Hanukkah’s celebrations with all your friends and family. You can quiz yourself to test your knowledge about Hanukkah and the reason of celebrating this event every year in somewhere mid of winter season.

Get ready to have unlimited hours of fun exploring the answers of Hanukkah Trivia Quiz game. Mesmerize everyone with magical Hanukkah celebration starting from Menorah lightening to collecting blessings of Hanukah. We bet that your eight nights of Hanukkah will be filled with dazzle and amusement with Hanukkah Trivia questions and answers quiz. Happy Chanukah!

Ten Little Known Festive Facts about Hanukkah

  • The word “Hanukkah” means “Dedication”.
  • The word “Hanukkah” is derived from Hebrew word “Hinuch” which means “to teach”.
  • Hanukkah is the celebration of the military victory of Maccabees.
  • The holiday lasts for eight days.
  • Hanukkah is not actually mentioned in The Torah.
  • The traditional Hanukkah food consists of all fried in oil to address the oil miracle.
  • There is no set date for Hanukkah celebration as it is based on Hebrew calendar.
  • A Menorah is lit on each night of Hanukkah celebration.
  • The first president to celebrate Hanukkah in White House is Harry Truman.
  • 5 Million Jelly Donuts are being consumed in Israel alone throughout the celebration of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: State the count of Matisyahu’s sons who fought Greeks.Show
Q: What was the name of Matishyahu’s son?Show
Q: State the count of players needed to play dreidel game.Show
Q: To which other reason Maccabees are also known as?Show
Q: Name the modern day country in which Greeks are based in.Show
Q: State the count of nights to which Chanukah lasts.Show
Q: On which day does Chanukah start every year?Show
Q: State the count of lamps which Menorah have in Temple.Show
Q: Which prayer is usually said during the lightening of Menorah?Show
Q: Which two foods are traditionally linked with Chanukah miracle?Show
Q: Which type of oil is used for Menorah?Show
Q: For how much time, Chanukah candles must be burn?Show
Q: For how long. Chanukah lasts for?Show
Q: What is the most important Chanukah observance?Show
Q: Name the 9th candle on Menorah (used to light the others).Show
Q: What is the starting and ending date of Hanukah?Show
Q: To whom the prayer of Al Hanissim offers thanks to?Show
Q: What is the special scroll called which is once read on Hanukah holiday?Show
Q: State the count of blessings said when lightening Hanukah.Show
Q: Hanukkah is one of the Jewish holidays not mentioned in the Bible.Show
Q: According to Talmud, one should give how many gifts on Hanukkah?Show
Q: What is the alternative name of Hanukkah?Show
Q: Name the king that played the central role in the Hanukkah story.Show
Q: How one should light candles on Hanukkah?Show
Q: Over whom Jews got victory in the story of Hanukah?Show
Q: In which order, the candles are placed on Hanukkah?Show
Q: During which Hebrew month, Hanukkah takes place?Show
Q: What is the Shamash?Show
Q: For what Maccabees, fought for?Show
Q: By which way, it is best to light Menorah?Show
Q: What kind of foods are eaten on Hanukkah?Show
Q: State the count of branches of Menorah in the holy temple.Show
Q: State the count of blessings Jews say on first night.Show
Q: For how many days, Hanukkah is being celebrated?Show
Q: During which month, Hanukkah is celebrated?Show
Q: What is Hanukkah candelabrum called?Show
Q: Name Hebrew warrior that's commemorated in Hanukkah?Show
Q: Name someone who ordered the Hebrews' Second Temple destroyed?Show
Q: From which country did the king that belong who ordered the destruction of the Second Temple?Show
Q: What Hannuka game is based on an old German gambling game?Show
Q: What traditional Hanukkah dish is the Jewish version of potato pancakes?Show
Q: What is celebrated through eight nights of Hanukkah?Show
Q: Does the dates of Hanukkah change every year?Show
Q: Does Hanukkah ever concided with Thanksgiving?Show
Q: When does Hanukkah concided with Thanksgiving?Show
Q: What Jews prefer giving rather than giving gifts?Show
Q: Does the letter on Driedal form an acronym?Show
Q: Is music a significant part of Hanukkah celebration?Show
Q: Who lit the first National Menorah in the White House lawn?Show
Q: What is Menorah also known as?Show
Q: What are children encouraged to do on Hanukkah?Show
Q: What is the Yiddish name for money?Show
Q: Is Hanukkah referred as “Jewish Christmas”?Show
Q: What is recited during eight of Hanukkah?Show
Q: Why the practice of consuming fried food is followed on Hanukkah?Show
Q: Are Jewish people encouraged not to work on Hanukkah?Show
Q: Name the most famous song that children sing on Hannukkah.Show
Q: Which fried sweet food is mostly consumed on Hannukkah?Show
Q: Name ancient Hannukkah song.Show
Q: Name Jewish holiday that is not mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.Show
Q: What is the game called that includes spinning the top?Show
Q: What are donuts called in Hebrew?Show
Q: In which Holy Book, Hanukkah is mentioned?Show
Q: In which Bible’s chapter, Hanukkah is written?Show
Q: In which book story of Hannukkah is alluded?Show
Q: In which chapter of first book of Maccabees does the story of Hannukkah is mentioned?Show
Q: What is the middle candle called on Menorah?Show
Q: What is Hanukkah menorah called?Show
Q: In 2018, when Hanukkah will begin?Show
Q: In 2018, when Hanukkah will end?Show


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