100+ Icebreaker Questions for Dating

I am pretty sure everyone has met a cute person they just wish to go out with and even scored a date, but when you go out for the first time you two are just sitting in an awkward silence.

You do not know what to talk about and all your dreams of being a power couple are shattered right there and then.

We have made a list of icebreaker questions for dating that you can ask your date to get the conversation going without any weird pauses.

Rather than asking basic questions ask something that will get them thinking like below mentioned super cool icebreaker questions. Go and hit it off like you planned it to be.

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Funny Icebreaker Questions for First Date

  • What is your funniest childhood memory?
  • If you could play a role in a movie, which movie and what role would it be?
  • What Disney character were you afraid of as a child?
  • What is the best thing about your hometown?
  • What is the weirdest thing you had to eat?
  • What would you rather be completely bald or extremely hairy?
  • If you could spend one day as a celebrity who would it be?
  • How many languages can you curse in?
  • What is the worst job you had worked in?
  • Your favorite guilty pleasure?
  • What sort of things that make you laugh out loud?
  • What do you prefer a rich but ugly girlfriend / boyfriend or a pretty but poor girlfriend / boyfriend?
  • Are you into fashion and trends?
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • Have you ever gotten so high that you forgot about it all the next morning?
  • Name a movie that you secretly love but would never admit aloud.
  • Do you play any instruments?
  • What is the one thing you cannot live with?
  • Do you believe in stars and signs?
  • Have you ever been on a long drive at 2am all by yourself?
  • What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?
  • If you had to choose between a million dollars and true love what would you go with?
  • If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
  • What is the worst thing about your hometown?
  • Is there something from your childhood that you refuse to let go of?
  • Which character do you relate the most to from Friends?

Icebreaker Questions for Conversation Starters

  • What is one controversial thing you believe in?
  • What artists do you listen to?
  • Do you believe in God?
  • What is your favorite decade? “60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, 90s, 00s or ‘10s?
  • Do you like sports? What do you like to play?
  • What is that one thing about you that people are always surprised to hear?
  • Do you have, or have you ever had any pets?
  • What do you do when you are feeling lonely?
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  • What is your dream career?
  • What has been the best year of your life?
  • In a city what kind of attractions do you go to?
  • Do you like to go to movies or watch Netflix at home?
  • How would you define happiness?
  • Do you support feminism?
  • Is there any movement that you support?
  • What do you miss the most about your childhood?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • How would you describe yourself in three words only?
  • What is your dream vacation?
  • Is there any song that you feel describes your life perfectly?
  • What is your most prized possession?
  • Would you rather be a child all your life or an old man?
  • Do you prefer beauty over brains or the other way round?
  • Do you have any tattoos?

Icebreaker Questions for Speed Dating

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Are you the romantic type?
  • Do you like to dance or sing?
  • Are you scared of commitment and long term relationships?
  • Do you believe in love?
  • What do you value more, time or money?
  • What is your favorite love ballad?
  • Would you marry someone your parents force you to or stay single for the rest of your life?
  • Do you like to be the center of the attention or prefer your own company?
  • Do you like double dates or prefer privacy?
  • What is the biggest challenge you are facing currently?
  • What is the best compliment that you have received?
  • What (or who) is your biggest regret in life?
  • Do you have any nickname?
  • Where do you see yourself in a decade?
  • What is the most romantic place you have been to?
  • What does love mean to you?
  • What are you most grateful in life for?
  • Do you like kids or kittens more?
  • If you could reverse time what would you tell the 16 year old you?
  • If you had to marry someone in this room who would it be?
  • What deed makes you the happiest?
  • Are you lose to your parents and your family?
  • Would you rather have a kid at the age of 16 or at the age of 75?

Icebreaker Questions for Dating Apps

  • Where are you from?
  • Do you think people can actually start a proper relationship meeting on the internet?
  • Do you like to listen to music?
  • What kind of music do you listen to?
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • Would you date someone who is ten years older that you or ten years younger than you?
  • When is your birthday?
  • What are two truths and a lie about you?
  • What is your favorite pick up line that you use most of the time?
  • If money was not a concern, how would you spend your life?
  • What is your favorite restaurant?
  • What is your favorite city?
  • How do you spend your weekends?
  • Do you read? What kind of books do you read?
  • Do you like winters better or summers?
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Tell me something about your family?
  • Which artist dominates your playlist?
  • What shows are you currently watching?
  • What is your greatest phobia?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • If you could go back in time what would you change?

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