Kabaddi Rules: How to Play Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi Rules

Kabaddi is one of the popular games whose history goes back to the ancient times of India South Asia. If we talk about its origin purely, it is a Tamilian game and was played in different parts of South-India with full zeal and zest, since long until it gained international exposure on Berlin Olympics. There was thus a bit modification in Kabaddi rules, then. Kabaddi World Cup and Pro Kabaddi League have played significant rule in its popularity. Kabaddi is primarily a team sport that combine the rules of wrestling and rugby. Kabaddi rules are not stringent, and this is the reason that people modify them according to their ease. Due to the simplicity of Kabaddi rules, there is a large public out there who is always willing to play it and build their stamina.

The game is played by two teams with seven members each, in a large square ground. Players take a number of turns in the square arena towards the other teams’ half. During the course, they are required to tag the opponent players to win the game.

Let’s find out more about the rules and the objective of the game!

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The objective of the Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi was originally played to increase the stamina of the sportsmen and teach them the art of self-defense. It is the most inexpensive game that you will ever find, needing not a massive ground. Kabaddi rules have made it easy to understand the objective of the game. The basic objective lies in raiding the opponents’ court, tag them and grab the points as much as one can, without get caught. While the whole course is happening, players chant loudly Kabaddi, Kabaddi!

Kabbadi’s Game Play

Every team consists of 12 players only with seven on the court and five players in reserve. There is no hard and fast rule to come up with complicated equipment and court to play kabaddi. The only requirement that needs to be met for the court is its measurement of 12.5meters length and 10 meters wide. The court is spilt into two by drawing a mid-line in between. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the depth of the court i.e. 1 foot at least. Mud is removed, and the court is filled with the sand, instead.

Unlike other games, kabaddi in a true sense is a game that needs special equipment, clothing or shoes and this shows that it is intended to be played by everyone out there.

Rules to Follow in Kabbadi

  • Since Kabaddi is a physical game, so it is categorized on the basis of age and weight of the players. The game is supervised by six officials, referee, scorer, two umpires and the assistant scorers. The duration of the game is 40 minutes which carried out in two halves. Much like cricket, kabaddi also begins with a toss where the winner has the option either to raid the opponent or be a defender first. To earn a point, the raider has to enter the opponent’s court, tag as many members as possible in one breath and then return to their court.


  • To ensure that the raider had not taken a breath during the course, they are obliged to say the word “kabaddi”, continuously. Not doing so even for a second would mean that they raider has taken the breath and thus, has to come back to their court, without any points. But, the opponent team do earn a point in this case.


  • The raiding turn then shifts to the team which was defending before. The defenders can earn a point if they successfully prevent the raiders from tagging them. During this period, defenders are free to grab the raiders by their limbs and toes, while not crossing the center line. Each team raid and defend alternatively until the half-time.


  • The two teams then switch their court position and the team which began raiding first has to be the defender after the half-time. The game ends when the allotted time is over and the team with more points wins the game.

Kabbadi’s Scoring Rules

  • Kabaddi is quite interesting when it comes to earning scores. Each team has variety of chances available to grab points by putting the opponents out of the game. This is done in various ways. The defenders can earn the point by preventing themselves from being tagged and not letting the raider to go back to their court. Raiders can earn number of points by tagging number of the opponents.


  • In order for a raid to be successful, the raiders must cross the check line from one foot with other flying in the air. The raiding time is only 30 seconds. If the raider fails to come back in this time, then they move out of the game and the defenders get a point. Players getting out of the game are made to sit in a sitting block and return to the game in the same order, they moved out.


  • There are, however, bonus points available in Kabaddi. If someone moves out of the boundary, the opponent team earns a point. The raiders have the opportunity to earn bonus points by touching the bonus line in the opponent’s court. However, this line is active only when 6 or more players are in the opposition court.


  • Also, 3 points are given to the team when they successfully put all of their opponents out. The raiders shall not be held by clothes or any other body parts. If the defenders do so, then a bonus point is earned by the raiding team. Likewise, if a raider gets to tag 3 defenders in a row then they earn 2 bonus points, and this is called the super raid.

Rules for Winning the Kabbadi Game

There is not hard and fast rule when it comes to winning the game. The rule is quite evident until now that the team with more points win the game. In case of a tie, the game is declared to draw and there is no tie-breaker available, according to the traditional kabaddi rules.

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