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Will you be amazed if you get to know a DIY stress therapy procedure that won’t cost you a million bucks? Hold tight as we unveil the ways to achieve mental peace without going to the therapist or physiatrist. Mandala coloring pages, also known as Mandala art therapy, is nothing but a blessing from heaven. Grab a cup of herbal tea and explore Mandala’s history, fun facts about Mandala, types of Mandala designs, and much more.

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10+ Interesting Fun Facts about Mandala

Interested to know more about Mandala art? Head over to some little known yet interesting facts about Mandala art.

  • Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means “A Circle.”
  • There are five-axis in Mandala in which the most essential axis is the central one.
  • Mandalas come from numerous cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jewish culture.
  • Mandalas are considered to be a useful meditative tool in many cultures.
  • Mandala have three-layered meaning, namely outer, inner, and secret meanings.
  • The primary two types of mandalas are said to have healing and teaching mandalas.
  • Mandalas usually have circular shapes, but they aren’t always supposed to be circular.
  • Mandala flower is considered to have a sacred geometrical pattern and have the ability of spiritual enlightenment.
  • Celtic mandala is said to be an emblem of spiritual growth.
  • Most of the Mandala design represents the Universe, the Sun, and the Stars.
  • Mandalas have five geometric components, which are Symmetry, Geometry, color, number, and intention.
  • In Buddhism, Mandala represents the Universe.
  • Moon Mandala is a symbol of the mind of enlightenment.

How to Draw Mandala Designed Coloring Page

Before moving forward to the methodology of drawing Mandala, let’s understand the meaning of different geometrical shapes that are being used in Mandala art.

  • Mandala Circles: Life infinity and Eternity is usually represented by circles. In Mandala art, the sun is symbolized by circular shapes.
  • Mandala Triangles: Trinity is exhibited by triangles. The new era of Christian trinity shows the trinity of the father, son, and the Holy Ghost or it shows the modern trinity notion about body, mind, and spirit. If the triangle is made pointing towards upwards, it symbolizes growth in spiritual means. If the triangle is made with the point pointing downwards, then it means the real physical world.
  • Mandala Flowers: The best depiction of life and renewal is by Mandala flowers.
  • Mandala Leaves: Rebirth and eternity is the best portrayal by Mandala leaves.
  • Mandala Hearts: Love and Compassion is the universal symbol represented by hearts.

Materials Required to Draw Your Own Mandala

Luckily, there is no long, expensive list of documents required to design Mandala art. If you’re doing Mandala by DIY approach then you only need a pencil, an eraser, a paper, and a ruler. If you love coloring Madalas, then you can have your favorite shades of colored pencils, crayons, pastel colors or watercolors or whatever you like. Don’t forget to take a compass or a cup or a bowl with you to draw circles.

Learn Steps to Draw Your Mandala: DIY Mandala Art

Drawing Mandala art is not much difficult as it seems to be! The primary purpose of drawing Mandalas is to provide yourself inner satisfaction and relief from stress. All you need to do is to follow the stepwise approach of drawing Mandala, as mentioned in the sequence below:

Step 01: Grab a pencil and draw a circle on a piece of paper. You can draw a circle with the help of a compass or a cup or bowl.

Step 02: Relax and meditate after drawing the circle until your mind is calm.

Step 03: You can draw another circle within that previously drawn circle. You will feel indescribable guidance of making circles within circles.

Step 04: Continue drawing Mandala until you get the final shape.

Step 05: Start filling up your favorite color shades with the help of markers, watercolors, glitter pens, or whatever you like and are easily available for you.

How to Color a Mandala Design

To color a Mandala design, you can use crayons, markers, glitter pens, watercolors, or whatever you prefer. Some people prefer using only two colors in Mandala while some prefer colorful Mandala designs. You can use a Black Bold marker to outline the boundaries of Mandala design before coloring it to make it a solid look. You can also add a splash of color while painting the Mandala designs.

Types of Mandala Designs

Aztec Mandala

Aztec Mandalas are the emblem of Aztec calendars which are similar to Eastern Mandala designs. Aztec Mandalas represents complex meanings of life. To your surprise, the circular Aztec calendar is in the form of mandala art.

Animal Mandala

The design of animal mandala differs from various cultures and geographical locations. Most commonly peacocks, lion, elephant, wolf are used in designing an animal mandala. Wolf used in animal mandala depicts loyalty and security towards family or tribe whereas, at some places, the wolf represents the enlightenment of the spirit.

Bodhi Mandala

Inspired from Buddhism culture, Bodhi Mandala leads to the meaning of “circle of awakening”.

Celtic Mandala

Spiritual growth and divine ancestry are best depicted by Celtic mandala designs. Celtic mandala is specifically used to raise the level of awareness that aids in clearing the turbulence in mind and intuitive channeling.

Circle Mandala

The most popular type of mandalas is circle mandalas. Circle mandalas depict different meanings in different designs of mandalas. The completeness of psychic ground can be depicted by circle mandalas.

Geometric Mandala

Geometric mandalas are all about symmetry, normality, and regularity that can give you inner satisfaction.

Henna Mandala

If you know how to apply Henna, then designing henna mandalas will be an easy job. Usually, circular mandalas are most popular in Henna designed mandalas.

Kalachakra Mandala

The cycle of Time is the meaning of the word Kalachakra. The Kalachakra mandala is mainly designed by sand (usually colored). The Kalachakra mandala is one of the biggest mandala designs and is in the form of a vast palace.

Yantra Mandala

Also known as Sri Yantra mandala is inspired by the practice of Hindu tantric. It consists of triangular shapes interlocked together.

Lotus Mandala

Peace, purity and mental spirituality are depicted by white lotus. The highest spiritual form of the Lotus Mandala has 1,000 petals.

Flower Mandala

Flower mandalas do not have any specific type of designs as flowers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the mandala designs are made with only one flower in the center along with the petals surrounding the center.

Maya Mandala

You will be astonished to know that Mandala is a dance part too which is another way of meditation and mind relief.  

Islamic Mandala

Want to gain meaningful experience while coloring mandalas? Try coloring Islamic mandalas. Islamic mandalas have perfect geometrical designs with the translation of Quranic verses while being thoughtful over God’s words.

Online Mandala Coloring Apps to be Played

With the highest positive reviews on Play Store, a few hundred pages of Mandala designs are what you will need to meditate and relax.

Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala Coloring Book is a brilliant coloring app that duplicates real coloring experience. With rich patterns, including Mandala Alphabet Mandala Art Mandala Flowers Primary Mandala Senior Mandala, etc. You can both cultivate a sense of color and unwind yourself.


  • Engaging and creative designs
  • Mind nourishing activity and stress relieving


  • Slow downloading speed

Mandala Coloring Pages Games

Don’t you miss coloring sometimes after being an adult? Download Mandala Coloring Pages from Play Store – adult coloring book with amazing mandala designs and coloring pages for adults.


  • Amusing and Entertaining
  • Pleasant background music
  • A good run away from stress


  • App sometimes hangs

Benefits of Coloring Mandala Designs

Following are the benefits of coloring mandala designs:

  • Art Therapy: Mandala has now being recommended by counselors and psychologists to relieve stress.
  • Increase in Concentration Span: It helps in making concentration span a bit longer and aids you to have a powerful focus.
  • Mood Elevator: It helps in the production of happy hormones, lower BP and refines controlled hand movements.
  • Muscle Relaxant: Mandala art therapy helps in great ways to relax muscles and reduce anxiety.
  • Self Confidence: While coloring your own mandala, you can enjoy the freedom of coloring outside the lines that will boost the self-confidence in your personality.
  • Creativity: Coloring mandalas increases creativity and enhances the power to think out of the box.

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