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Marvel Trivia Questions & Answers

Cool List Of Marvel Trivia

Marvel Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game
Do you consider yourself a comic book or a Marvel Cinematic Universe geek? If yes then play a fun filled Marvel trivia questions & answers quiz game for every true fan.


Thinking of yourself as Superhero geek? Want to impress your friends and family with your mastership skill knowledge of Marvel? What if you fail the ultimate Marvel Trivia Questions and Answers quiz? You have to start Marvel’s Movie Marathon then! So good luck for Marvel Trivia Questions and Answers quiz try!

Little Known Marvelous Marvel Fun Facts

  • The first Marvel Superhero was “The Human Torch” appeared in Marvel’s comics in 1939.
  • The richest Marvel’s superhero is “The Black Panther” which made $100-500 billion.
  • Michael Jackson was a big fan of Marvel comics as he once tried to buy them so that he could play Spiderman.
  • Kevin Feige is known as a walking encyclopedia of Marvel.
  • Quicksilver challenged the Flash in a race and lost it.
  • Many Marvel’s superheroes like Captain America, Beast, Iceman, and Bullseye are of Irish descent.
  • Marvel’s superhero named Throg is actually a frog.
  • Marvel’s superhero named Mr. Immortal has no special powers except that he is immortal.
  • Galactus in Marvel comics is inspired by God with Silver Surfer based on fallen angel.
  • Few characters of Marvel has been licensed as She-Hulk and Rogue so that women can be allured to read comics.
  • Marvel used the death of Barnes as a canon excuse.
  • A supervillain exists in the world of Marvel by the name of Doctor Bong which is based on bell theme.

Marvel Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What was the first incarnation of the Ant-man?Show
Q: What was the color of the original costume of Dormammu?Show
Q: What was the real name of the Nightcrawler?Show
Q: Name the figure in purple who is always hidden, always watching but never speaks.Show
Q: Name three creatures appeared in Animal Man.Show
Q: What was the last name of Alfred (Batman’s Faithful Butler)?Show
Q: Name Hawkeye’s real name.Show
Q: Name feline oriented superhero.Show
Q: Name pulp magazine publisher of Marvel comics # 1.Show
Q: Name the character that acts as Narrator in “What If” Vol 1.Show
Q: Name Marvel’s superhero that made a guest appearance in Prisoner of War.Show
Q: Name the school Rina attended.Show
Q: Name someone who signed funding agreement with United Planets.Show
Q: What gets Bruce transformed into The Incredible Hulk?Show
Q: Name the villain who killed Spiderman’s first love.Show
Q: Name the comic in which Hawkeye made first appearance.Show
Q: Name the creator of the “Question”.Show
Q: Name the Blackhawk that dies in 1942.Show
Q: Name the Marvel comic in which Silver Surfer started soaring the skies.Show
Q: Name Superman’s secret identity.Show
Q: Before Superhero, what was the job of Captain America?Show
Q: Name Marvel’s first major title.Show
Q: Name Captain Marvel alter ego.Show
Q: Name Saturn Girl real name.Show
Q: Name someone who patrols St. Roch.Show
Q: Name the real name of Spiderman.Show
Q: What is the real name of Aquaman?Show
Q: What is real name of Cosmic Boy?Show
Q: What is the location of the home of Fantastic Four?Show
Q: Name something that Nazi brought back from time machine.Show
Q: What is the real name of Yellow Jacket II?Show
Q: What is the real name of Carnage?Show
Q: What is the other name of Emil Blonsky?Show
Q: Name the first Marvel hero to encounter Living Tribunal.Show
Q: Name Nightwing’s father first name.Show
Q: Name the first issue in which Fantastic Four first appeared.Show
Q: What is the name of Aquaman Atlantean?Show
Q: What is the real name of Kingpin of Crime in New York?Show
Q: Who is Dr. Reed Richard?Show
Q: Who is Scott Lang?Show
Q: Who is Matt Murdock?Show
Q: Name the team of Superheroes which Captain America leads.Show
Q: What was Black Adam’s name in ancient Egypt?Show
Q: Name the real name of Arclight.Show
Q: What was the real name of half-vampire blade?Show
Q: What was Rina’s mission in her very first solo issue?Show
Q: According to Element Lad’s concept, what is death?Show
Q: Name the occupation of Iron Man.Show
Q: Name Sir Nicholas Fury’s assistant.Show
Q: Name the father of Tom Bronson.Show
Q: Which hero was found by Detective Chimp?Show
Q: Name Logan Wayne’s alter ego?Show
Q: Name someone who designed Spiderman’s new suit.Show
Q: Name the real name of the Question.Show
Q: What is the alternate name of Clarice.Show
Q: Name someone who destroyed JLA Watchtower.Show
Q: Name newest member of Infinity Incorporated.Show
Q: Name the planet from which The impossible man belongs.Show
Q: Which Legionnaire-to-be is hit by his father?Show
Q: From whom Superboy cloned from?Show
Q: Which heroes faced “The Fury of Exiled Creature” in a fight?Show
Q: Name the Guardian of Coast City.Show
Q: Who was Warren Worthington III?Show
Q: What is the superhero name of Kent Nelson?Show
Q: Name Cosmic boy’s planet of birth.Show
Q: Name strongest member of Fantastic Four.Show
Q: Which superhero is up for execution?Show
Q: From where did Symbiote costume came from?Show
Q: What is alternative name of Jerome Beechman?Show
Q: Name the heroine which is married to Mr. Miracle.Show
Q: Name Dick’s mother name.Show
Q: From which offshoot of humanity does Thanos belong to?Show
Q: Name the first Avenger to die.Show
Q: Name Aquaman’s biological father.Show
Q: Who is Carl Crusher Creel?Show
Q: Who is Mac Gargan?Show
Q: Who is Scott Summers?Show
Q: Name the team to which Shatterstar belongs to.Show
Q: Name the radio station to which Billy works at?Show
Q: What is the real name of Banshee?Show
Q: Which team was founded by Night Thrasher?Show
Q: Name the controller of power cosmic.Show
Q: Who is A-bomb?Show
Q: Name the human who copied Optimus Prime’s personality into floppy disk.Show
Q: What is the way through which Shadow communicate?Show
Q: By which way Thor got his supernatural power?Show
Q: What is the code man of Maxine Hunkel?Show
Q: Who reformed Teen Titans?Show
Q: Name someone who paid hospital bills for Mary Marvel.Show
Q: Which hero fought Lex Luthor?Show
Q: From what Amazon’s lasso made up of?Show
Q: Name someone who attacked the new infinity incorporated.Show
Q: Name the best man at Elongated man’s wedding.Show
Q: Name the Jewish member of Fantastic Four.Show
Q: Name Legionnaire that wants to quiz.Show
Q: Name someone who kidnapped Lois Lane.Show
Q: Name someone who killed Superman.Show
Q: Name the New Warrior that is related to Namor.Show
Q: What is the super power of Saturn Girl?Show

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