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Mean Girls Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Intriguing Mean Girls Trivia Question and Answers

Mean Girls Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game
Mean Girls Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game


You know a movie is iconic when references and quotations from that movie are used even after a decades’ worth of time. ‘Mean Girls’ is one of the most popular high school dramedies ever, whose classic lines are still used in day to day conversion. Underneath its hysterical and witty aura, this 2000’s movie has the credit of being a cult-status classic. In addition to promoting a subculture that resulted in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation, ‘Mean Girls’ is regarded as the ‘ Pre-modern-day internet cultural touchstone’. Through the petty antics, silly pranks, and a bunch of horseplay let’s take this Mean Girls Trivia Questions to find out if you are in need of a re-watch or if you are fit to be part of ‘The Plastics’. This Mean Girls Trivia Quiz is a guaranteed to unveil your inner-obsessed Mean Girls fan.

Interesting facts about Mean Girls

  • Mean Girls was inspired by a self-help book for parents.
  • Amy Poehler is only SEVEN years older than her fictional daughter Rachel McAdams.
  • Amanda Seyfried almost played Regina.
  • Tim Meadows broke his hand before shooting and had to wear a cast.
  • The skirts for the Christmas talent show are made of plastic.
  • Lindsay Lohan originally wanted to play Regina George.
  • Lindsay Lohan missed the first day of shooting because she had pink eye.
  • Lindsay had over 50 costume changes throughout the movie.
  • Glen Coco is named after a real-life friend of Tina’s from home.
  • “Talk to me again and I’ll kick your ass” is producer Lorne Michaels’ favorite line in the movie.

Mean Girls Characters’ Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Where is Mean Girls set?Show
Q: Swedish language in the one that can everybody read in where?Show
Q: Which color was supposed to be worn on Wednesdays?Show
Q: Which character was dressed as a mouse on Halloween?Show
Q: Four candies were given to?Show
Q: What did Gretchen Wieners' father invent?Show
Q: Which hairstyle can be worn only once a week?Show
Q: What was the name of Regina's mom?Show
Q: Who plays Mrs. George in the movie?Show
Q: Which character is named after a real-life friend of Tina’s from home?Show
Q: Where did Gretchen Wieners get diarrhea?Show
Q: What is Kevin's surname?Show
Q: Which character wore a blonde wig while filming the movie?Show
Q: When Cady got drunk at her own party, she threw up on?Show
Q: Who danced with Kevin G at the dance?Show
Q: Who used the word “fetch”?Show
Q: Who asked Cady why she was white?Show
Q: Damian performed which famous singer's song for the talent show?Show
Q: Who told Gretchen she couldn’t wear hoop-shaped earrings?Show
Q: Who prints and distributes the pages from the mean girls’ book?Show
Q: Who won the crown at the dance?Show
Q: Who gives the bars to Regina for weight gain?Show
Q: Who asked if Cady needed her muffin buttered?Show
Q: Who was hit by a bus?Show
Q: The costume of Playboy Bunny was worn by which character in the Halloween party?Show
Q: In order to keep up with the plastics' dress code, who does Cady borrow a pink shirt from?Show
Q: Who stages a prank phone call from Planned Parenthood?Show
Q: An original rap song at the talent show was sung by?Show
Q: What is Regina's little sister's name?Show
Q: Whose hair is big because it is full of secrets?Show
Q: What is Mr. Duvall’s nephew’s name?Show

Mean Girls Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What is the name of the high school?Show
Q: What town is Mean Girls set in?Show
Q: The Regina's favorite radio station was?Show
Q: What does Cady think Aston Kutcher is?Show
Q: What is the slogan on the top Regina wears during the mall scene?Show
Q: How many teachers have felt personally victimized by Regina George?Show
Q: When did the back building burn down?Show
Q: Who was first cast to play Karen?Show
Q: What was the name of Cady's crush when she was 5?Show
Q: What was Kevin Gnapoor's phone number?Show
Q: As a group, what are Regina, Gretchen, and Karen called in Mean Girls?Show
Q: Where does Damian claim that Gretchen hides her secrets?Show
Q: The Plastics' book name was?Show
Q: The color red is worn by?Show
Q: What costume was Cady wearing at the Halloween party?Show
Q: What kind of car does Regina drive?Show
Q: What is Janis’ talent?Show
Q: The theme of the high school talent show was?Show
Q: From where did Cady transfer from?Show
Q: The word the home-schooled girl has to spell in the spelling bee was?Show
Q: Regina wanted to lose how many pounds?Show
Q: Which class do Aaron and Cady take together?Show
Q: The real life Janis Ian is what by profession?Show
Q: Gretchen compare herself and Regina to which historical figures?Show
Q: The name of Cady’s math team?Show
Q: Regina’s little sister danced to which song?Show
Q: What lie did Karen tell Regina to avoid hanging out?Show
Q: The punishment for not following the mean girl dress code was?Show
Q: Cady first observed the mean girls in which class?Show
Q: What are the bars called that Cady gives Regina to cause weight gain?Show
Q: Cady pretends to be bad at which subject in front of Aaron Samuels?Show
Q: Cady eats her lunch on her first day of school at?Show
Q: Cady's parents leave town to see which band when she throws the party?Show
Q: How many times does Gretchen say “fetch” in the film?Show
Q: On what day does Aaron ask Cady for the date?Show
Q: Which fashion company's purses does Regina have?Show
Q: How many Fendi purses does Regina George have?Show
Q: Who did Regina meet on a plane?Show
Q: In what class did Damien and Karen sit next to each other?Show
Q: In which year was Mean Girls released?Show
Q: What is written under the Plastics name in the map for Cady?Show
Q: The original name for the movie was actually?Show
Q: Regina eats how many percentages of calories from fat?Show


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