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Minecraft Trivia Question & Answer

List of Great Minecraft Trivia Question

minecraft trivia question and answers meebily
minecraft trivia question and answers meebily


Most of the people all around the world love playing games in their spare time. So if you are a game lover and all above if you are a Minecraft game lover so it’s the best thing you are reading, as we have an amazing collection of Minecraft trivia quizzes and many other Minecraft game questions for you guys. The wide collection of Minecraft trivia question and answers and list of interesting fun facts will make you guys more aware of the Minecraft game’s rules and regulations. Moreover, you can also use our collection of Minecraft jeopardy and pursuit questions to make interesting Minecraft quizzes.

Interesting Minecraft Trivia Facts

  • Minecraft game was first created in only 6 days
  • Enderman will not turn hostile if you wear a pumpkin on your head and look through a transparent block
  • Creepers and skeletons are unable to see you through glass when not aggravated
  • Obsidian is not armor. It is a glossy block
  • You can get milk from all cows, as all cows in Minecraft are female
  • If Shears are used to destroying blocks of wool they won’t take durability damage
  • If you are under or over the skeleton it will shoot itself
  • It takes one hit to kill a chicken with a wooden sword
  • Five different night creatures are there in “Minecraft” game
  • Jungle Leaves has the smallest chance of dropping a sapling
  • If the water is encased in something you can move faster through it
  • A chest plate is best to craft before fighting if you have 8 iron ingots and a sword
  • A creeper doesn’t drop anything when it is killed
  • During the day, if Zombies and skeletons are standing on soul sand they won’t burn
  • “Mine craft” was inspired “Infiniminer” game.

Minecraft Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Which new food does sheep drops?Show
Q: Of what two colors clothes do Zombie wears?Show
Q: Which was the first enemy introduced to 'Mine craft'?Show
Q: What does the creeper mob drop after you kill it?Show
Q: Which mobs scare the Creeper in “Mine craft”?Show
Q: When does Zombie Pig-Men attack you?Show
Q: In the un-modded game, which mob spawns underwater?Show
Q: Ghasts were added in which ''Mine craft'' stage?Show
Q: During the Pretty Scary Update which hostile mob was added?Show
Q: Creepers drops what when killed by the skeleton?Show
Q: Name the only mob that is found in two different dimensions?Show
Q: Which tool does Skeletons use to shoot when you get into their sight?Show
Q: How is enderman provoked in-game “Mine Craft”?Show
Q: What is the best way to kill spider in the game “ Mine craft”?Show
Q: When you kill them what is the only thing dropped by Endermen?Show
Q: Which mob can swim against a current in “Mine craft”?Show
Q: To craft a book how much paper is needed?Show
Q: Who is known by it’s demented growling sounds?Show
Q: In minecraft game which character drops Ink sacs?Show
Q: Among zombie pigman, blaze, wither skeleton which mob is neutral?Show
Q: What enemy below was released with the adventure update?Show
Q: When Ender men is killed what does it drop?Show
Q: Which character in “mine craft” drops Bones and arrows?Show
Q: Which item is dropped by slimes in ‘Mine Craft”?Show
Q: Name the weapon that Skeleton wields normally?Show
Q: To make a bed how many wool is needed?Show
Q: What type of sound does a Spider mob produce?Show

Easy Minecraft Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Who created the game “Mine craft”?Show
Q: The development on “Mine craft” begins in what year?Show
Q: ''Mine craft'' is written in which programming language?Show
Q: In which “Minecraft” version Skeletons were first added?Show
Q: What is full name of Notch who discovered “Mine craft” game?Show
Q: Where are Dungons found in “Minecraft”?Show
Q: Name the country were Notch the founder of ''Mine craft'' was originally born?Show
Q: Name the most precious thing found in “MineCraft”.Show
Q: What type of game does “Minecraft” is?Show
Q: Which tool is used to get wood faster than usual in “mine craft”?Show
Q: Among Pumpkins and diamonds which is the rarest to find?Show
Q: Which two main weapons don’t exist in the game?Show
Q: Which is the second largest mob in ''Mine craft''?Show
Q: Ender men most commonly spawn in which dimension?Show
Q: How many aggressive mobs are there in 1.6 versions?Show
Q: Which block type can’t be crafted into armor?Show
Q: What protects you from 12% of the damage?Show
Q: In a full set how many pieces of armor are there?Show
Q: How many seconds does it takes for coal or charcoal to fuel a furnace?Show
Q: What do you need to mine obsidian?Show
Q: How many wooden planks do you need to craft 4 sticks?Show
Q: For crafting a table how many wooden planks are needed?Show
Q: Which is the second rarest ore in “Mine craft”?Show
Q: For which purpose bone meal is used?Show
Q: What number of hearts does an average Steve has?Show
Q: To collect water or lava what do you use?Show
Q: What grows on a sand block next to water?Show
Q: How a large chest is made?Show
Q: To make arrows how many ingredients are needed?Show
Q: Among roses and dandelions which is the rarest to find in “Minecraft”?Show
Q: How many blocks of soul sand are needed to spawn the Wither?Show
Q: Diamonds are more found In Which layer?Show
Q: A baby villager takes how many minutes to grow up?Show
Q: What do Zombies attack without being provoked?Show
Q: What is a function of slime block?Show

Harder Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

Q: Name the material that you couldn't collect without using tools?Show
Q: Which two materials are used to make a bed?Show
Q: According to Minecraft 1.6 version how many mobs are there?Show
Q: From how many slime balls slime block is made?Show
Q: What was Notch trying to program when it came out to be creeper?Show
Q: What does Rotten Flesh do?Show
Q: Which one is the latest version of “Minecraft”?Show
Q: How is wolf's health determined?Show
Q: In creative mode which block can only be broken?Show
Q: With how many hits blocks are broken in creative mode?Show
Q: To craft a brewing stand what ingredients are used?Show
Q: Which ingredients are used to craft a clock?Show
Q: A compass is crafted from which ingredients?Show
Q: From which ingredients cauldron is crafted?Show
Q: A diamond chest plate provide with how many armor points?Show
Q: What is produced when flowing water hits a lava source block?Show
Q: What is used to make a nether portal?Show
Q: Name the most rare material in the game “Mine craft”?Show
Q: Name the Rarest item in a typical survival world?Show
Q: How many unique blocks are there in ''Mine craft''?Show
Q: Diamonds can be discovered in which level range?Show
Q: Where does Redstone dust can only be placed?Show
Q: Which two blocks are affected by gravity in the game ''Mine craft''?Show
Q: In which “Mine craft” version Zombie was changed to drop rotten flesh instead of feathers?Show
Q: To collect wool from sheep which tool is used?Show
Q: Which is the most important block type in mine craft and is used to make everything else?Show
Q: Do leggings protect you from how much damage?Show
Q: What is the function of Silk Touch?Show
Q: How much time does TNT take to explode?Show
Q: To completely fill a cauldron how many water bottles are needed?Show
Q: In the game “Mine craft” which is the smallest animal?Show
Q: In how much duration does Chickens lay eggs in “Mine craft”?Show
Q: When you create a portal out of obsidian, where does it take you?Show
Q: What is the size of the large chest?Show
Q: To spawn the Wither which block is needed?Show
Q: When were diamonds first added in “Minecraft”?Show
Q: In which shape soul sand should be arranged and what is put on it?Show
Q: Which ingredients are required to make arrows?Show
Q: What are the two things that you cannot see through glass that is being broken?Show

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