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Naruto Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz

List Of Great Naruto Trivia Questions Quiz

Naruto Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game
Naruto Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game


Once upon a time a group of cagy Ninjas released a strange yet destructive nine tailed fox onto the village hidden somewhere in the leaves and the forth Hokage was called for the rescue. Minato and his wife Kushina did what they felt best to save their village that is capturing the brutal beast in the body of their newborn baby and the rest is history. Guess what is equally entertaining? Solving Naruto Trivia questions and answers quiz for free! Check out below real fun manga Naruto trivia questions and answers quiz game and put your thinking hat on right now to start the never ending quiz game fun.

Little Known Facts about Naruto

  • Among the biggest selling Japanese Manga titles, Naruto is the one of them.
  • Naruto contains many references to Dragon Ball Z.
  • A kissing scenes of two males in Naruto series was censored by Cartoon Network.
  • A contemporary setting was intended to have in Naruto.
  • October 10th is the birthday of Naruto.
  • Itachi actually had a girlfriend of his own.
  • The literal meaning of the name “Zabuza Momochi” is “Never Cut Twice”.
  • Kishimoto’s home is where Konoha village is based on.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam is what named after Kakazu’s techniques.
  • Cody Polter, a young boy was accidentally killed by his friends as they tried to recreate Jutsu as seen on the show.
  • Most of the characters in Naruto has one thing similar that is all have screwed up childhoods.
  • The meaning of Itchi’s name is Weasel.
  • The meaning of Kankuro’s name is Crow.
  • The meaning of Sakura’s name is Cherry Blossom.
  • The one character that has questionable tastes is Choji.

Naruto Characters’ Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Which of the Hokage sealed nine tailed fox in Naruto?Show
Q: Name the character that can only use Taijutsu?Show
Q: Who was planned to kill by Sasuke?Show
Q: Name the legendary Sanin who became the fifth Hokage.Show
Q: By which name every member of Akatsuki is called?Show
Q: Name the ninja who is a Kunoichi?Show
Q: Name the type of Jutsu to which Sharingan belongs to?Show
Q: State the count of Ninja who went to third stage of Chunin Exams.Show
Q: Name the master of Taijutsu.Show
Q: Who secretly liked Naruto?Show
Q: Who can use crystal iced mirrors?Show
Q: To whom Naruto calls “Bushy Brow”?Show
Q: Which of the character had puppet on his back?Show
Q: Name the puppet that Gaara on his back?Show
Q: Haku’s mom was killed by whom?Show
Q: Name the super power of Kabuto.Show
Q: What is the meaning of the name Sakura?Show
Q: How old was Sasuke brother when he got graduated?Show
Q: Name the monster that was inside Gaara.Show
Q: Who sang ‘Wind’ for first ending song?Show
Q: Who summoned five kage?Show
Q: What is Zabuza Momochi’s alais?Show
Q: Wo was Sannin’s Sensei?Show
Q: Name the Ninja that became Genin at youngest age.Show
Q: Which male character had ear piercing?Show
Q: Who was Sasuke after?Show
Q: Who was Rock Lee’s mentor?Show
Q: What is the meaning of the symbol on Gaara’s forehead?Show
Q: Name the person on which Naruto used Resengan successfully.Show
Q: State the count of songs till episode 98?Show
Q: What is other name of Kyubi?Show
Q: Whose body is Pein made out of?Show
Q: Name Tsunade’s boyfriend.Show
Q: Name fifth Hokage.Show
Q: Name first Kyuubi host.Show
Q: How many hearts Kakuzu have?Show
Q: Name the student of forth Hokage.Show
Q: Name Kakashi’s enemy.Show
Q: State the count of gates that Rock Lee can open.Show
Q: Which ending song did Tia sing?Show
Q: Name first Hokage.Show
Q: Name first person that Naruto forged a bond with.Show
Q: Name second Kyuubi host.Show
Q: Name Choji’s best friend.Show

Naruto Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Can you name Naruto’s last name?Show
Q: Name Naruto’s biggest enemy.Show
Q: By whom Naruto was tricked into stealing scroll?Show
Q: To whom Naruto showed his nine tails chakra during a fight?Show
Q: Name the forbidden technique used by Rock Lee on Dosu and Gaara?Show
Q: What is the meaning of ‘Chidori’?Show
Q: To what level of Shinobi, D-rank missions are given?Show
Q: Name Ninjutsu that Naruto learnt from scroll?Show
Q: Is Sasuke the sole survivor of Uchiha Clan?Show
Q: Name the Jounin that attacks Naruto and the group?Show
Q: Name the devil of the Hidden Mist tool.Show
Q: Is Kakashi of the Uchiha clan?Show
Q: Guess the nickname ofShow
Q: State the count of Chakra that Naruto have.Show
Q: Name the highest level of Ninja in Konoha.Show
Q: Name the first level of Ninja.Show
Q: Name the senior level of Ninja.Show
Q: Name the group of Ninjas in Konoha.Show
Q: Name the special group of Ninjas whose purpose is to track down renegade ninjas.Show
Q: Are there only two types of Jounin?Show
Q: Name legendary ninjas group from Konoha.Show
Q: What label is given to those Ninja who abandon their village?Show
Q: From where one must graduate to become a Ninja?Show
Q: Of which level of Ninjas serve as examiners of Chuunin exams?Show
Q: Name Naruto’s favorite food.Show
Q: To how many times did Naruto failed the graduation test?Show
Q: State the count of the “The Internatinal Arc” episodes.Show
Q: From where Kakshi got his eye?Show
Q: Name the Jutsu in which Naruto is most expert in.Show
Q: State the count of correct answers in Naruto’s Chunin exams.Show
Q: Which of the accessories Naruto wear before becoming a Genin?Show
Q: Who is Hagane Kotestu?Show
Q: Name the person who is respected by Naruto.Show
Q: Name the test in which Naruto was unsuccessful.Show
Q: Who does not have a Kekkei Genkai?Show
Q: Name Naruto’s catch phrase.Show
Q: What was Naruto’s dream?Show
Q: Name the crush of Naruto.Show
Q: Name something that Haku wear in battles.Show
Q: Name Hinata’s father.Show
Q: Who secretly like Naruto?Show
Q: Name Tsunade’s biggest fear.Show
Q: How Sakumo died?Show
Q: Name Kakashi’s tets for Genin.Show
Q: Name Sakura’s best friend and rival.Show
Q: Name elements that Mei possess.Show


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