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NFL Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz

List Of Great NFL Trivia Questions & Quiz

NFL Trivia questions & Answers quiz game
NFL Trivia questions & Answers quiz game


Take our NFL trivia questions & answers quiz to ascertain your knowledge with USA’s most popular sports league, The National Football League is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, and the highest professional level of American football in the world. The NFL was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) before renaming itself the National Football League for the 1922 season. NFL has the highest average number of spectators with around 67,591 spectators of any professional sports league in the world. The NFL consists of 32 clubs divided into two conferences of 16 teams in each. Each conference is divided into four divisions of four clubs in each. During the regular season, each team is allowed a maximum of 53 players on its roster only 46 of these may be active on game days. Challenge yourself to play the ultimate NFL trivia questions & answers quiz game to excite and amuse you and your friends.

Interesting NFL Trivia Facts

  • The National Football League ranks first among professional sports leagues in the world by revenue 10,700 € million
  • Since no one could agree on the realignment of the NFC after the AFL/NFL merger, the five best plans were put into a vase and Pete Rozelle’s secretary selected one at random.
  • The Baltimore Colts made an 80-cent long-distance call to sign Johnny Unitas as a free agent.
  • The Arizona Cardinals had the longest postseason victory drought in NFL history (1947 to 1998).
  • Ed Sabol was the oldest Hall of Fame inductee. At 94 years old, he was 60 years older than the youngest, Gale Sayers.
  • The Chicago Bears have the most retired numbers of any NFL team with 13.
  • College juniors weren’t eligible for the NFL draft until 1990.
  • The defensive player with the highest total is Darrell Green, who played in 295 games.
  • Jerry Rice and Brett Favre are the only non-kickers to play in more than 300 games.
  • Before 1975, offensive holding was a 15-yard penalty.

NFL Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What Native American language was Super Bowl XXX the first to be broadcast in?Show
Q: What Cowboy's 99-yard run from scrimmage put him in the NFL football record book in 1983?Show
Q: What team hired the NFL's first professional cheerleading squad, in 1972?Show
Q: Who was the first athlete to rap at a Pro Bowl musical gala, in 1995?Show
Q: How many of the five Dallas teams Tom Landry took to Super Bowls were victorious?Show
Q: What teams played in the first all-California Super Bowl?Show
Q: What team has been drubbed in Super Bowls by scores of 27-10, 39-20, 42-10, and 55-10?Show
Q: What NFL team introduced the no-huddle offense during the 1980s?Show
Q: What quarterback got stuck with the given names Yelberton Abraham?Show
Q: What Baltimore Colts great led the NFL in passing in the 1960s, with 26548 yards?Show
Q: What Pittsburgh Steelers great was the first wide receiver to be named super Bowl MVP?Show
Q: What Division 1-A football team's fans cheer for the Yellow Jackets?Show
Q: What NFL team once had Bob Hope, Henry Mancini and Danny Thomas on its advisory board?Show
Q: What did a Buffalo fan hit Chuck Foreman in the eye with during a game?Show
Q: Who was involved as a player or coach in three Super Bowls with the Cowboys, two with the Eagles and one with the Bears?Show
Q: How many football teams play in the Big Ten Conference?Show
Q: What Vikings quarterback has been called the NFL's ''original scrambler''?Show
Q: What nickname did NFL great Lance Alworth share with a Disney movie title character?Show
Q: How many years must a player be retired to be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?Show
Q: What was Bob Griese the first NFL football player to wear in a game, in 1977?Show
Q: What pro football franchise did Tim Mara buy in 1925 for $500?Show
Q: Who had the most rushing yards in the NFL for the 1980s?Show
Q: What record-setting quarterback was the NFL's 82nd draft pick in 1979?Show
Q: What elusive Detroit running back has been dubbed ''the Lion King''?Show
Q: Who did the New York Giants beat by a point in the closest Super Bowl ever?Show
Q: How tall is 1974 top pick Ed “too tall” Jones?Show
Q: In 1992 what nickname did Sports Illustrated give to 1989 # 2 overall Tony Mandarich?Show
Q: What Jets quarterback, asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf, replied: ''I don't know, I never smoked Astroturf''?Show
Q: Five WRs were chosen in top 3 picks from 2003 – 2007, how many went in the top 3 picks from 2008-2014?Show
Q: Since 1991 the Detroit Lions have selected 6 WRs in round one, which of these is not one of them?Show
Q: Who was the last defensive player picked first prior to Jadeveon Clowney?Show
Q: How many teams have never had a first overall selection?Show
Q: The lengthiest first round was in 2007. How long was it?Show
Q: 2013 set the record with for foreign players, how many were drafted?Show
Q: In the last 70 years only 1996 and 2008 had the first __ chosen after the 29th pick.Show
Q: The last round one pick of a Crimson Tide QB was in?Show
Q: 2014 was the only time a Texas Longhorn was?Show
Q: How many receivers were selected before Randy Moss in the 1998 NFL Draft?Show
Q: Which TE ran the 40 yard dash faster than all of the receivers in his draft class?Show
Q: There are a total of 7 officials during an NFL game. Which person is in charge of the officiating team?Show
Q: In 1982 which team’s rep turned in the wrong card, thus selecting a player they had intended to pass on.Show
Q: Which WR was not chosen in round one?Show


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