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NHL Trivia Question & Answers

List Of Great NHL Trivia Question

NHL Trivia Questions & Answers quiz game
NHL Trivia Questions & Answers quiz game


A perfect opportunity for any NHL fan to put their knowledge to test by giving a go to our intriguing NHL Trivia questions & answers quiz game. Founded in November 1917 by Commissioner Gary Bettman, National Hockey League is an ice hockey league with matches between 31 teams. 24 of these teams are in the United States and rest of the 7 are from Canada. Annually, one team wins the Stanley Cup, which is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. The team that has the most points in the regular season is awarded the Presidents’ Trophy.

Interesting NHL Trivia Facts

  • The National Hockey League ranks fifth among professional sports leagues in the world by revenue (3,700 € million)
  • A labor-management dispute that led to the cancellation of the entire 2004–05 season, the league resumed play in 2005–06
  • The jersey is sometimes called a sweater because, during hockey’s early years, players actually wore sweaters and not the mesh-like jerseys of today.
  • The survivors of a league that had grown at times to as many as 10 franchises, and had seen teams change names and cities with regularity in the 1920’s and 30’s, would settle in an era of stability, known as the age of the “Original Six.” The Red Wings, the Blackhawks, the Rangers, the Canadiens, the Bruins, and the Leafs; these few teams would symbolize hockey for fans across North America.
  • Maurice Richard was the first player to score fifty goals in one season. He reached the 50 goal mark in 50 games in the 1944-45 season.
  • Clint Benedict was the first goalie to ever wear a mask, after a shot by Howie Mornez knocked him unconscious back in 1927. The mask was made out of leather, but when wearing it he could not see low shots, so it didn’t last.
  • On Wednesday, September 23rd, 1992, Manon Rheaume made sports history by being the first woman to play in one of the four major sports leagues in the United States. She goaltended for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League in a pre-season game against the St. Louis Blues.
  • Rumor has it that a Toronto haberdasher gave players in the 1940s free hats if they would score three goals in a game
  • Almost 1.7% of Canada’s population is a registered hockey player, giving them 572,411 players, which is over a third of the world’s registered hockey players.
  • No player has served as captain of a team longer than Steve Yzerman, who was captain of the Detroit Red Wings for 1,303 games. 

NHL Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What infraction is a hockey referee calling if he clasps his writs?Show
Q: Who scored a record 10 hat tricks in an NHL season?Show
Q: What coach for St. Louis, Montreal, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Detroit has the NHL's highest career winning percentage?Show
Q: What NHL team plays in an arena called The Pond?Show
Q: Who won the only NHL MVP award not bagged by Wayne Gretzky in the 1980s?Show
Q: Who was the first defenseman to win the NHL point-scoring title?Show
Q: What city hosts the annual Beanpot Tournament for its collegiate hockey powerhouses?Show
Q: What is a hat trick?Show
Q: What hockey team has won the most Stanley Cups?Show
Q: Who is the NHL's all-time leading goal scorer?Show
Q: What did players commonly play with before the hockey puck was invented?Show
Q: What hockey speedster is nicknamed the Russian Rocket?Show
Q: Each year, the Maurice Richard Trophy is given to whom?Show
Q: Who became the first father and son to win the NHL's most valuable player award?Show
Q: Who's the first player to captain two different NHL championship teams?Show
Q: What is the penalty for fighting in the NHL?Show
Q: In which city was the NHL started?Show
Q: Which NHL team holds the most Stanley Cup titles?Show
Q: What is the area behind the opponent's net is often referred to as?Show
Q: Which two teams played in the finals for the Stanley Cup in 2012?Show
Q: What NHL team, playing between 1967 and 1976, was located in California?Show
Q: What material is most often used for the goalie's chest protector?Show
Q: As of 2013, who is the head coach of Chicago Blackhawks?Show
Q: Who is the only player of Russian nationality on the Philadelphia Flyers team in 2013?Show
Q: David Jones plays for which NHL team (2013)?Show
Q: Where is the Boston Bruins player, Tuukka Rask, from?Show
Q: Who was the captain of the Ottawa Senators in 2013?Show
Q: Who won the Stanley Cup in the year 2010?Show
Q: What does the ''five-hole'' in hockey refer to?Show
Q: What hockey position player is most likely to wear a throat protector?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Washington DC?Show
Q: How many NHL franchises were there in California, by 1995?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Montreal?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Dallas?Show
Q: What song did the U.S. hockey team forget the words to while celebrating a win over the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics?Show
Q: What NHL team emerges onto the ice from the giant jaws of a sea beast at home games?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Colorado?Show
Q: What was Craig McTavish the last NHL player to play without?Show
Q: What do hockey wags dub the ''sin bin''?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Nashville?Show
Q: What infraction is a hockey referee calling if he waves his hand below his knees?Show
Q: Who's the only player to average over two assists per game in a single NHL season?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Phoenix?Show
Q: How many designated face-off spots are there on a hockey rink?Show
Q: What NHL team hoisted 24 Stanley Cup flags before its first game in Molson Center?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Buffalo?Show
Q: What is the name of the NHL team from Ottawa?Show


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