60+ Funny Pick Up Lines for Tinder

Why should you directly ask someone out when you can twist your words, like a smooth talker? Some say it is a gamble because not everyone appreciates cheesy pick-up lines. Well, I say it is a win-win situation. If they do not respond to your hilarious pick-up lines with an even funnier answer, then you will know that they are definitely not the one. 

It is imperative that both of your humor match. Go over to that girl or boy in the club and try the best pick up line from our collection below. We might have just helped you find the love of your life. (PS these are not limited to a club only, you can find true love anywhere. Just like Ed Sheeran said, “the club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go”.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Boys

I am so sorry I could not be a part of your past. Can I make up by being a part of your future instead?

Girl, is your name winter? Because you will be coming soon

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk in the room again?

Girl, are you a drum? Because I would like to bang you all night.

Your heart looks like it is quite heavy, let me take care of it for you

If beauty could be quantified, you would be infinity.

Is this Paris? Because I think Eiffel for you

Is this a museum? Because you look like a masterpiece

I think I should start charging you rent for living in my heart.

Can you hold my hand? I want to tell my friends that I have been touched by an angel

Your daddy must have been a drug dealer because you are dope

There is an arrest warrant issued against you because you are accused of stealing my heart

Can we take our relationship from Pareto inferior to Pareto Optimal?

I think I lost my address, can you please give me yours

I am thinking if your lips taste as good as they look, mind if I try?

You must be a magician because every time I look at you everything else disappears

They call me Mark, but you can call me tonight

Hurry, call an ambulance. The way you look is taking my breath away

Am I in McDonald’s? Because I’m loving it, being here with you next to me.

Excuse me, but are you a parking ticket? Because all I see is fine all over

Do you have a bandage? I hit my head falling for you.

Are you Gillette? Because you sure are the best a man can get.

My name is (say your name here) just so you know what to scream tonight.

Nice pants, do you think I can get in them?

My alarm clock has a pretty good tune, do you want to come over and want it to wake you up?

Are you a Power Puff Girl? Because you are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice

Hey, what are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I am planning to spend it with you

Are you in distress? Because I think you are my damsel.

Your daddy must have been a mechanic that is the only explanation of the perfectly tuned body

Where do you hide your wings, Angel?

Are you a bandage? Because only you can put my heart back together

Can I take a picture of you? My mom wants to see what her daughter in law looks like

I might not be a professional photographer but I can still picture us together

Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls

Are you a choir director? Because you make my heart sing

Do you know what I asked Santa Claus for Christmas? A date with you

My heart without you is like an unsharpened pencil, pointless

They say nothing lasts forever, so will you be my nothing?

You must be from Tennessee. Because you are the only 10 I can see here

The gravity here is so strong I think I am falling for you.

Do you have any gloves? Because I think you are too hot to handle.

If a fat man in red tries to kidnap you, that’s just Santa. Because I asked him that all I want for Christmas is you

Will you pinch me? Because all this perfection has to be a dream

When is your curfew time for Heaven?

You must be a 90-degree angle because you look like Mr. Right to me

My lips won’t just kiss themselves!

Your daddy must have been an alien because there is nothing on the Earth like you.

If I were a surgeon, I would give you my heart

On a scale of one to ten, I think you are a nine. And I am the one that you need

I will cook you dinner tonight if you promise to cook me breakfast tomorrow morning

I am changing my name to Elmo so you can tickle me anytime

You have changed the meaning of edible for me

Looks what you dropped. All these jaws from your beauty.

Do you like to go shopping? Because there is a hundred percent clothing off at my place

My keychain is missing the keys to your heart

I think I am choking. Can you give me mouth to mouth, quick?

Someone needs to call the bomb squad because you are blowing my head off

Please don’t think of me a creepy stalker, I am only following you because my parents told me to follow my dreams

Dr. Phil says I am afraid of commitment, do you want to help me prove him wrong?

I think there is some fault with my eyes I cannot take them off you

The temperature just rose the moment you stepped in the room

Will you and the sun stop competing to see who is hotter?

If you were part of a computer, you would be a keyboard. Because you are definitely my type.

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