Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy lays out the foundation how Meebily uses and protects the information we collect when you use our website.

Meebily is committed to safeguard the privacy rights of its users. Our privacy policy explains how your information is used good faith and without any violation. However, we reserve the right to make revisions to our privacy policy and update it through this page.

What Do We Collect & Why

At the time when you comment on our website, you shall be required to enter your name and email address. Such information is only collected to avoid spammers from flooding our comment box. However, any information you fill in our opt-in form will be used to provide a personalized user experience by delivering the right type of content and offering that you may be most interested and manage promotions, contests and surveys through our periodically sent emails.


Meebily uses cookies to acquire user specific information to determine user preferences and enhance their experience by accordingly customizing our website.

What are Cookies & How Do We Collect Cookies?

A cookie is a text document that is stored upon your permission to your computer whenever you visit any site. It must be clarified that each website sends its own cookie to your computer and can only access that cookie it has previously sent to you but cannot access cookies sent by other websites. Usually cookie acceptance is set to default in your browsers. However, you may choose to configure the default cookie acceptance setting and refuse accept any kind of cookies in future. You may also delete any existing cookies already store on your computer by going to the browser settings. Remember cookies are not meant to retrieve any other or send viruses.

Cookies facilitate our website to differentiate our readers/viewers from each other. They also allow us to collect accumulated sum of users on our website and the most popular website posts. This provide insightful information to consistently improve our website and enrich user experience. The cookies we use does not provide us with your any personal information nor do we intend store any such information about our visitors.

Sharing & Selling User Information

We assure you that we don’t sell, share, lease or lend any information that we collect during your visit to our website. Privacy of your personal information is our utmost priority.

Legally Bound Disclosure of Information

We reserve the right to disclose information under the legally compelled circumstances, however we truly believe in abiding by the law requirements and guarding our legal rights. We may also reveal user information only when we consider it is necessary take legal action in case there has been any violation of our Terms & Conditions of Usage and guard security of our users and general public at large.

Websites Linked to Us or Websites that We Have Linked

Meebily warranties no responsibility for the websites linked to us or the websites that we have linked to or the information/content contained within. The websites that we have linked to are merely pointers to information that relates our content and may be helpful to our readers/viewers.

It is to notify you that the moment you use the link and move to the other website, our Privacy Policy remains no longer effective. Your interaction taking place on other website is subject to that website’s dedicated terms of use and privacy policy. Please do review their privacy policy before continuing with your interactions on their website.

Data Security Commitment

We are committed to your data security regarding all information stored and processed on our server. Our utmost priority involves prevention of any data security breach and do so we have placed appropriate procedures to secure and protect all information collected online. If you happen to be a minor (under the age of 14) you are requested to do not provide any personal information and make sure you use our website with permission of your parents or guardians.

Subscription Choice

Our visitors have the choice to subscribe to our website to receive communication from us that can be latest articles, products or any other promotions that we feel fit for our Meebily audience. However, visitors have the option to unsubscribe and avoid receiving any further communication emails from our side and we will make sure to the emails sent are discontinued once requested.

Policy Revisions

Our Privacy Policy is subject to revisions and such changes will only be notified to those users who have subscribed to us. Visitors who haven’t subscribed to our newsletter will have to review our Privacy Policy page periodically. We assure you that no matter how many revisions are done to our Privacy Policy, your personal information will remain private, protected and secured.