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Science Trivia Question & Answer

List of Great Science Trivia Question And Answer

science trivia question and answers
science trivia question and answers


Our list of fun and interesting science trivia questions and facts will not only serve as an amazing brain teaser but also as a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family. By the end of the Science quiz game, children and their parent are certainly be acquainted with the adequate knowledge of the ever-advancing scientific world. Our purpose is to transform acquisition of scientific knowledge from a boring activity to an enjoyable event. You can handout printable sheets of science trivia questions to play science trivia jeopardy. We have categorized science trivia questions into different sections that work perfectly for both kids and adults.

Interesting Science Trivia Facts

  • 1 million earths are required to fill one sun
  • A person produces about 10,000 gallons of saliva in a whole lifespan
  • A human takes about 23,000 breaths in a day
  • An Ant can lift 50 times more weight than it’s body weight.
  • A sun can reach temperature of 15 Million degrees Fahrenheit
  • 997 are the largest three-digit prime number.
  • There are about 3800 minerals that are given names and still counting

Science Trivia Question And Answer For Kids

Q: What do bees use to make honey?Show
Q: Name the hottest planet in the solar system?Show
Q: Is water the nature of water?Show
Q: How many elements are there in a periodic table?Show
Q: What are omnivores?Show
Q: What is the symbol of magnesium?Show
Q: What are the animals with no backbone called?Show
Q: Which organ pumps the blood in the human body?Show
Q: What do sharks lack?Show
Q: The person who studies stars is called?Show
Q: What does earthworm lack?Show
Q: What does a Caterpillar is grown into?Show
Q: Write down the symbol of Gold.Show
Q: Do bees sleep?Show
Q: NaCl is the chemical formula of what?Show
Q: The line that divides the earth into two parts is called?Show
Q: How many taste buds are there in a human’s tongue?Show
Q: Which is the fastest land snake?Show
Q: Name the planet that has the longest day.Show
Q: Which continent have no bees?Show
Q: Which gas in the air makes us remain alive?Show
Q: Which three subatomic particles are known as building blocks of an atom?Show
Q: Which nerve affects the sense of smell in the brain?Show
Q: Which natural ability of human body provides resistance against certain diseases?Show
Q: Which is the only bird in the world with an ability to fly backward?Show
Q: Which antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections?Show
Q: Pearls are obtained from which sea creature?Show
Q: Which animals are mainly fed on seals?Show
Q: Which gas is in the higher percentage in the atmosphere?Show
Q: How many layers of the atmosphere are there?Show
Q: Which is the largest organ in the human body?Show
Q: Which is the fastest fish in the ocean?Show
Q: Which blood group is known as a universal donor?Show
Q: How much oxygen does our atmosphere contains?Show
Q: An octopus has how many hearts?Show
Q: Is tomato vegetable or a fruit or?Show
Q: Name the sugar found in Milk.Show
Q: Who was the first man to walk on the moon?Show
Q: What is the last element of the periodic table?Show
Q: Which fish is the largest in the world?Show
Q: The lead in the pencil is formed of which Mineral?Show
Q: Which acid does car batteries have?Show
Q: How many bones are there in Giraffe’s Neck?Show
Q: The outermost layer of earth is called as?Show
Q: The person who studies weather is called?Show
Q: Name the world’s largest ocean.Show
Q: Name the planet that is farthest from the sun.Show
Q: Who gave the three laws of motion?Show
Q: Clowder represents which group of animals?Show
Q: Which protein acts as a catalyst?Show
Q: Which Vitamin does Orange have?Show
Q: How many Vitamins are there in the world?Show
Q: Which blood group is the rare blood type in humans?Show
Q: Name the longest bone in the human body.Show
Q: Animals that spend half of their life in water and half on land are called?Show
Q: The planets outside our solar system are called?Show
Q: Animals that only relay on meat is called?Show
Q: Name the animal that has the largest brain.Show
Q: The animal that has the largest ear is named as?Show
Q: What is the other name for Vitamin C?Show

Science Trivia Question And Answer For Adults

Q: What is outer ear called?Show
Q: Is Broadway located in?Show
Q: Where does photosynthesis occur?Show
Q: Name the world’s tallest grass.Show
Q: What is the percentage of iron present in red blood cells?Show
Q: Where is hemoglobin found?Show
Q: What do waves transfer?Show
Q: Under what conditions body becomes free fall?Show
Q: What is the least count of meter road?Show
Q: What does IUPAC stand for?Show
Q: Which vitamin is produced in the human body when the sun is high on sky?Show
Q: ATP stands for what?Show
Q: What is Hypoglycemia?Show
Q: How is NASA abbreviated?Show
Q: Other than mercury which element of the periodic table is liquid at room temperature?Show
Q: Name the world’s largest Active Volcano.Show
Q: Name the four layers of the atmosphere.Show
Q: Name the strongest magnet in the Universe?Show
Q: When was Ozone hole discovered?Show
Q: What is the radius of the earth?Show
Q: Who is known as the Father Of Psychoanalysis?Show
Q: Celsius and Fahrenheit become equal at which temperature?Show
Q: Name the tree that produces aspirin.Show
Q: Name the psychological tests in which personality and emotions are assessed by using inkblot.Show
Q: How many bones are there in a human body?Show
Q: How many eggs does a queen bee lay every day?Show
Q: Which acid is used for digestion in the stomach?Show
Q: How many bases are there in a DNA?Show
Q: Write the name of the four DNA bases?Show
Q: For what does RNA stand for?Show
Q: The average human body contains how much salt?Show
Q: Of what does the Most of the dust in the home is made of?Show
Q: Why do people get taller in space?Show
Q: Which instrument is used to measure the pressure of a closed system?Show
Q: What is the resolving power of Light microscope?Show
Q: Scoville Heat Unit Scale measures what?Show
Q: What does EMF stand for?Show
Q: Name the hardest substance of the human body.Show
Q: Which cell is considered as the longest cell in the body?Show
Q: What is the function of bile?Show
Q: Name the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?Show
Q: Who was the first to invent a battery?Show
Q: Which organelle is known as a suicidal bag?Show
Q: Name the substance that causes fever?Show
Q: Who was the one to discover penicillin in 1928?Show
Q: Name the person who discovered the electrical telegraph in united state?Show
Q: What is the speed of light in Vacuum?Show
Q: Which organ in the body has the ability to regenerate the lost tissues?Show
Q: What is the name given to the trees that never lose leaves?Show
Q: What is the percentage of people having green eye color?Show
Q: Human have how many pairs of chromosomes?Show
Q: What has replaced carbonator in modern vehicles?Show
Q: Human red blood cell has a lifespan of?Show
Q: What does CNG stand for?Show
Q: Which atmospheric layer is closest to us?Show
Q: How much lightning is hotter than Sun?Show
Q: How much copper is present in Sterling silver?Show
Q: Which planet is closest to the sun?Show
Q: The sun is made up of how much of the hydrogen?Show
Q: Is Suez canal located in?Show
Q: Which Vitamin is known as “Sunshine vitamin”?Show
Q: Fe is the Symbol of what?Show
Q: Which scale is used to measure Earthquake?Show
Q: What is the weight of a human brain?Show
Q: What is the name of the last president of the Soviet Union?Show
Q: The first name of the Shakespeare was?Show
Q: Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in?Show
Q: What is the age of the earth?Show
Q: Which planet is known as the fastest spinning planet in our solar system?Show
Q: Notre Dame is located in?Show
Q: Does gamophobia refer to what?Show
Q: What is present between France and Spain?Show
Q: Name the bird that was first domesticated.Show
Q: Where is The Golden Gate Bridge?Show


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