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Seinfeld Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Seinfeld Trivia Questions

Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers
Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers


Are you a proud old school movie buff and in love with 90’s iconic Seinfeld American TV series? Our Seinfeld trivia questions quiz will definitely evoke your lost nostalgic emotions. Seinfeld, consisting of nine exciting seasons was broadcasted by NBC in 1989 to 1998 is a co-creation of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. Anything that ruled the old screen and the hearts of American teenagers was undoubtedly Seinfeld which was also ranked among one of the best television series of old times. It got so popular that most of its dialogues became catchphrases of young lads and can be popularly heard on American streets. Let’s test how much you actually remember about Seinfeld so roll up your sleeves to get through Seinfeld trivia questions and answers quiz. 

Seinfeld Trivia Fun Facts

  • Jerry wins $1000 in a basketball game.
  • ‘Seinfeld’ end in year 1998.
  • In the Seinfeld 389 times Kramer enter Jerry’s apartment.
  • According to Newman the post office has never broken 50% for mail delivered.
  • Jerry Seinfeld has made upto $400m from the show.
  • “Hello Newman” was said by Jerry only 15 times in the entire season.
  • Jerry had 73 girlfriends.
  • During the show shooting, the producers has to ask the audience to shut up.
  • Geroge’s costumes were too small in size for him.
  • Julia’s pregnancy was not planned on the show so she used to carry props to hide her baby bump.
  • Elaine’s character was not actually part of the cast at first.
  • Larry’s voice over was done by George Steinbrenner.
  • The coffee shop in Seinfeld is modeled after an Upper West side café called Tom’s restaurant.
  • Larry David made $1.7 billion after the ending of Seinfeld.
  • Jerry Seinfled had attachment to number nine so he got the show ended after nine seasons.

Seinfeld Character Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What is Kramer's mother name?Show
Q: What does Alan calls George?Show
Q: Whose first name is “Sally”?Show
Q: Name the person who first loses 'The Contest'?Show
Q: Who created “THE HUMAN FUND” charity?Show
Q: Who was Kramer’s lawyer?Show
Q: Who lived in Del Boca Vista?Show
Q: What name did Bizarro Kramer have in 'The Bizarro Jerry'?Show
Q: He falls ill, she falls in love is a dialogue spoken by which character in the series?Show
Q: What name is given to the Bizarro jerry?Show
Q: To whom did Jerry give $182 for her birthday?Show
Q: What name is given to the Bizarro George?Show
Q: Which name was given to the clown in the episode ''The Fire''?Show
Q: Name Jerry’s parents.Show
Q: Whose nickname was Coco?Show
Q: Who had negative point of view about jerry and thinks that he is a bad man?Show
Q: Jerry and who other says these words ''Hello Newman''?Show
Q: Name the horse that likes beefarino?Show
Q: Name the virgin who went out with Jerry?Show
Q: Who helped George save his high score on his machine in the episode ''The Frogger''?Show
Q: What was the name of Kramer’s old pal?Show
Q: Who hates the movie “The English Patient”?Show
Q: Jerry received the ''Astronaut Pen'' from whom?Show
Q: Who wanted to bring a bottle of barbeque sauce on the Charles Grodin show?Show
Q: Name the supermodel that called Kramer after meeting him in Bahamas?Show
Q: Who was Mr. Bookman?Show
Q: What name is given to the Golden Boy's son in ''The Marine Biologist''?Show
Q: Name the actor that Todd Gack think was in ''Star Wars''?Show
Q: What name was originally given to the character Babu Bhatt from ''The Cafe'' in the script?Show
Q: George gave himself a nickname what it is?Show
Q: Who cooked Mutton for jerry when he was dating Elaine’s?Show
Q: What name does Bizarro Jerry have?Show
Q: Who drops Junior Mints into a patient while watching an open room surgery?Show
Q: Who is Mr. Hayman?Show
Q: Estelle and Frank Costanza?Show
Q: Who ordered Crab Bisque from the Soup Nazi?Show
Q: Name the television star that never played one of Jerry's romantic interests?Show
Q: What was George's girlfriend name in the episode ''The Masseuse''?Show
Q: Elaine received how much from George on her birthday?Show
Q: Who wanted to name his first child as seven?Show

Seinfeld Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: When Jerry says, ''Anyone can just take them'' What is he referring to?Show
Q: What is the name of the restaurant where George's cousin worked?Show
Q: In the episode ''The Stall “What does Elaine's boyfriend Tony dislikes?Show
Q: How many horses did George have?Show
Q: To whom does Snoopy and Prickly Pete (horses) belongs?Show
Q: The gang daily visits which café?Show
Q: In “The Soup Nazi” What pet name did Jerry use for his girlfriend?Show
Q: George fiancé died of what?Show
Q: Name the author with whom Susan's father had an affair.Show
Q: What was the name of the book that Jerry fails to return to the library?Show
Q: Name the restaurant where bania insisted to go with jerry for lunch?Show
Q: To whom did Elaine's fake phone number go?Show
Q: Which thing did Jerry dropped by mistake in the toilet that belonged to his girlfriend in ''The Pothole''?Show
Q: In ''The Pony Remark'', for what purpose ponies are not used according to Jerry?Show
Q: Why did Newman pay a visit to Mrs. Seinfeld?Show
Q: Jerry, and Elaine get which sandwich while traveling on the subway in ''The Cigar Store Indian'' Kramer?Show
Q: Why does Joel want to change his name?Show
Q: In the ''The Race'' what relation did jerry and Duncan Meyer had?Show
Q: What was the reason that Jerry didn’t want to go to Isabella's restaurant in ''The Visa''?Show
Q: Which day of the week it is when Jerry takes over Newman's mail route?Show
Q: In ''The Calzone'' what was the reaction of the cook when George tried to the tip jar at Piesano?Show
Q: What was the intension of George while putting tip in the jar in ''The Calzone''?Show
Q: What did Kramer and Newman sell to Bleecker Bob's Records In the episode “The Old Man'?Show
Q: In ''The Subway'' what was the word, the lady wanted to know the meaning of from Elaine?Show
Q: At the end of the episode where the gang goes to the Hamptons What was thrown at George?Show
Q: According to Jerry face-to-face break-up is required after how many dates?Show
Q: How many actors played Lloyd Braun?Show
Q: What was the reason that Babu Bhatt's brothers disliked Snapple?Show
Q: The Newman called vile weed to what food in the episode ''The Chicken Roaster''?Show
Q: Where did Elaine want to go to grab a quick bite to eat while waiting for a table in ''The Chinese Restaurant''?Show
Q: Why Jerry refused to eat at Sky Burger?Show
Q: What dish did Elaine want to order from Chinese restaurant in the episode ''The Pothole''?Show
Q: Woman behind the service counter was allergic to a thing. Name that thing.Show
Q: How many seasons did ''Seinfeld'' had?Show
Q: From which restaurant did George get Steinbrenner calzones?Show
Q: What number of times did jerry said “Hello Newman” during entire series?Show
Q: Name the desert that Jerry and Elaine chooses to purchase for a dinner party?Show
Q: Name the game that Kramer and Newman played on the subway?Show
Q: What profession did sunsan had?Show
Q: Name the horse that pulls Kramer's horse drawn carriage?Show
Q: Which phobia did Puddy have?Show
Q: Was movie “Silent showdown” mentioned in series?Show
Q: Name the crepe shop run by the Mandelbaums?Show
Q: Name the actress who played Jerry's fiancé role in series?Show
Q: Poppie suffered from which ailment?Show
Q: Kramer was holding something in the ''Parking Garage'' episode. What it was?Show
Q: What does Jerry hates?Show
Q: What was the reason that Marlene dumps Jerry?Show
Q: Name the hockey team that Puddy's liked the most?Show
Q: Which alias does George's uses most of the time?Show
Q: What was the reason of Kramer’s disliking the doctors?Show
Q: Elaine first appeared in which episode?Show
Q: What was the code of ATM that belonged to George?Show
Q: Name the donut shop where Kramer sees Joe DiMaggio?Show
Q: Name the Jerry’s favorite Superhero?Show
Q: In order to make a statue of George what kind of pasta did Kramer used?Show
Q: George always represents himself as what?Show
Q: In order to do exercise what River did Kramer choose to swim in?Show
Q: Jerry’s father liked watching which Television show?Show
Q: When George say you can eat this food like apples. What he is referring to?Show
Q: Who asked for Pineapple flavor ice cream?Show
Q: Jerry drives a car at one point which car it was?Show
Q: Of which brand sponges does Elaine use most of the time?Show
Q: Which soup was Newman's favorite soup from the Soup Nazi?Show
Q: What did Barry (the monkey) throws at Kramer?Show
Q: What color does the Newman's couch have?Show


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