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Sports Trivia Questions & Answers

List of Great Sports Trivia Questions

sports trivia question and answers meebily
sports trivia question and answers meebily


This Sports trivia will not only provide you with an opportunity to exercise your brain but also aids you to acquire knowledge regarding diverse range of sports all over the world. Our wide variety of sports trivia questions are best suited to all kinds of sports fans. Kids and adults both can use the listed sports questions and transform them into an enjoyable activity. You can create printable sports jeopardy quiz questions and answers on worksheets and play a family or friends get together activity game. Plan your next friends party with challenging yet entertaining sports trivia questions game.

Interesting Sports Trivia Facts 

  • Football goal has a height = 2.4m and width = 7.3m
  • A footballer Tony Adams has an autobiography called Addicted
  • Tour de France is a Bicycle race
  • The lightest ball is used in table tennis
  • The football world cup is held after every four years
  • Decathlon is formed by ten athletic events
  • In ”New Zealand” there is a tradition for rugby teams to perform a war dance before a match begins and this dance is known as “Haka”
  • In the 1980’s “The Los Angeles Dodgers” win two World Series
  • In 1994 Bob Woolmer left Warwickshire to become coach to South Africa
  • The first t20 world cup was won by India
  • 2020 Summer Olympics will going to held in Tokyo
  • Swimming, cycling and running forms a triathlon
  • The white target ball is known as ”Jack” in bowls
  • Nigel Mansell become world champion in 1992

Sports Trivia Question & Answer For Kids

Q: How many sports are there all over the world?Show
Q: How many players are in cricket?Show
Q: Word 'love' is used in which game?Show
Q: What does the word love means in tennis?Show
Q: Which is England’s national sport?Show
Q: The Olympic rings have how many colors?Show
Q: How many players a hockey team has?Show
Q: In snooker how many red balls are used?Show
Q: Name the country that hosted Football World Cup in 2006?Show
Q: What is the color of standard tennis ball?Show
Q: What is a jockey's uniform called?Show
Q: In a standard ten-pin bowling ball how many number of holes are there?Show
Q: In a speedway race how many motorbikes take part?Show
Q: Which two players formed a record of longest tennis match?Show
Q: Which city’s host hosts Wimbledon Tennis Championships?Show
Q: Mo Farah is associated with what type of sport?Show
Q: Into How many periods an ice hockey game is divided?Show
Q: How many rings are combined to form an Olympic logo?Show
Q: Name the sport that involves these three things; wickets, a ball and a Bat.Show
Q: The height of center of tennis net is how many feet?Show
Q: Davis cup is awarded in which sport?Show
Q: Which two colored flag is waved to represents the winner in motor racing?Show
Q: What is the national sport of Pakistan?Show
Q: How do umpire signals for no ball?Show
Q: What do umpire do to show that the player has hit the six?Show
Q: In which year did Pakistan win the cricket world cup?Show
Q: Donald, Cronje and McMillan play for Which country?Show
Q: Name the first batsman who scored 10,000 runs in Test cricket?Show
Q: Jack Hobbs play for which country?Show
Q: A football team has how many players?Show
Q: Which sport is watched the most in USA?Show
Q: What is the nickname given to the baseball's Lawrence Peter Berra?Show
Q: Detroit Pistons plays which game?Show
Q: Who invented Basketball?Show
Q: What is the highest number on an American style roulette wheel?Show
Q: How many players are there in a “rugby league team”?Show
Q: What is a “Latin inspired dance based on workout” called?Show
Q: Name the first three members of the ICC.Show
Q: How many numbers of pockets snooker table have?Show
Q: After Martin Keown who was the captain of the England football team?Show
Q: In 1990 and 1991, which county won the Championship?Show
Q: Ice hockey team has how many players?Show
Q: Name the national sports of America?Show
Q: What letters are written on South Africa's Olympic athletes Vests?Show
Q: In which year was the longest tennis game ever played?Show
Q: How many times does India won the cricket world cup?Show
Q: Which country won 2015 cricket world cup?Show
Q: Which country won the first world cup?Show

Sports Trivia Question & Answer For Adults

Q: Name the world’s youngest heavyweight-boxing champion.Show
Q: The William Webb Ellis Trophy is the official name of which trophy?Show
Q: Which England footballer is known as the first European Footballer of the Year?Show
Q: What was “Frisbee” known as earlier?Show
Q: In the 1966 World Cup Finals, who was the one to score the final goal?Show
Q: Name the sport that is associated with Costantino Rocca?Show
Q: Name the country that invented Volleyball?Show
Q: Facial hairs are prohibited in which Olympic sport?Show
Q: What is the flat rubber disc that is used in ice hockey called?Show
Q: In year 1986 “FIFA World Cup” held in which city?Show
Q: Which nickname is given to famous baseball player “Ty Cobb”?Show
Q: In the 2006 world cup final who scored the winning penalty?Show
Q: An archery target center is in which color?Show
Q: Name the horse that won Melbourne Cup In 2002.Show
Q: In golf, what does the term 'birdie' means?Show
Q: In September 1996 who won all seven races in one day at Ascot Racecourse?Show
Q: What is “Munro” according to climbers?Show
Q: Baseball is originated from which country?Show
Q: What is the nickname of snooker player “Jimmy White”?Show
Q: What is the most important piece in the game of chess?Show
Q: When did Ben Curtis win the British Open golf tournament?Show
Q: In a game of roulette the bet on numbers 1-18 is called?Show
Q: Long jump sports involves running and jumping as far as possible onto what?Show
Q: Name the first U.S. volleyball player who won three Olympic gold medals?Show
Q: When were American professionals allowed to enter “The World Basketball Championships”?Show
Q: Name the sports that the Miami Dolphins play?Show
Q: Name the sport that is played by the Atlanta Braves?Show
Q: The rules for modern ice hockey were formulated in which country?Show
Q: Which team was the first to win the Super Bowl?Show
Q: Name the sport played by Buffalo Sabres?Show
Q: Stanley Cup awarded is in which sport?Show
Q: In 1986, which team won the first Budweiser Bowl?Show
Q: What does NFL stand for in American football?Show
Q: Baseball team has How many players?Show
Q: Name the two American men who won “ice skating Olympic gold” in the 1980’s.Show
Q: Which team bats first in baseball?Show
Q: At Basketball, other than the United States which two countries have won Olympic gold medals?Show
Q: The Redskins American football team comes from Which city?Show
Q: Aside from Botham, name the English bowler who achieved the 300 Test wickets?Show
Q: Name the bowler who was the first to take 300 Test wickets?Show
Q: What was “Nat West Trophy” earlier called?Show
Q: Who is known as “bodyline” bowler?Show
Q: Before 1965, ICC stand for what?Show
Q: Name the two cricketers who are known as BBC Sports Personality of the Year between 1956 and 1981?Show
Q: Name the radio commentator who is known as 'Aggers'?Show
Q: Name the Australian tycoon who started a 'circus' in the 1970s?Show
Q: Who was the one to win the Gillette Cup from 1970 to 1972?Show
Q: Name the bowler who for the first time formed a record to hit six sixes in an over?Show
Q: In 1985,Which England batsmen scored double centuries in the same innings against India?Show
Q: Abdul Qadir played for Which country?Show
Q: The Barnacle' is the nickname given to which batsman?Show
Q: In 1992 when Pakistan win the cricket world cup who was the captain of the team?Show
Q: Name the golfer who was responsible for the US Masters?Show
Q: Before Richie Richardson, Who was West Indian captain?Show
Q: C and b stand for what in scoring?Show
Q: In 1994 and 1995, which team won County Championship?Show
Q: Alan Ball begins his playing career With whom?Show
Q: Which country was the first to win the World Cup four times?Show


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  1. Great collection of sports trivia!

    Love learning new facts, I honestly had no idea that Dr. Naismith invented basketball. Did some more research and apparently he was a college teacher in 1891 and had to come up with a new sport because of the rough winter weather.

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