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Star Trek Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Star Trek Trivia Questions

Star Trek Questions & answers quiz game
Star Trek Questions & answers quiz game


Are you ready for the ultimate Star Trek trivia questions & answers quiz game? Star Trek is a science fiction franchise comprising thirteen films, seven television series, numerous novels, comics, video games, reference works, and role playing games, along with a huge army of fans. Beginning with a single pilot episode, “The Cage”, filmed in 1964, Star Trek was not placed on the schedule of the NBC network until a second pilot episode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, was produced in 1965. After 12 years off the air, the franchise returned to the airwaves with its latest series, Star Trek: Discovery, which premiered in the fall of 2017.

Whether you call yourself a Trekker or a Trekkie, this trivia will definitely confirm if you are the ultimate fan that you claim to be. Test your knowledge and share this Star Trek trivia quiz with your friends, too.

Interesting Star Trek Facts

  • In 1995, 13 books were sold every minute in U.S. On the subject of Star Trek
  • In the original series, it was originally planned for Spock and Uhura to have the first interracial kiss. However, William Shatner stepped in and protested, saying he wanted Captain Kirk to kiss Uhura
  • They couldn’t afford to have scenes of the characters shuttling to planets in smaller space crafts, so they came up with teleportation to fix the problem.
  • While they were on a Star Trek movie set, Shatner and Nimoy both stood too close to an explosion and got a ringing in their ears. It never went away. Shatner sought medical treatment but was told he’d have to just live with it. Eventually, he found a device that emits white noise to cancel out the sound.
  • Bones almost played the role of Spock.
  • Tom Hardy looked at pictures of Napoleon and Hitler to get evil inspiration.
  • Known for playing Lieutenant Uhura, Nichelle Nichols planned to resign from Star Trek after a year.
  • Despite its popularity as a catchphrase, no one in Star Trek has ever said, “Beam me up, Scotty!”
  • J. Abrams used 721 lens flares in the first Star Trek.
  • Stephen Hawking played himself on Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Star Trek Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What is in Mr. Spock's blood that gives him green skin?Show
Q: What does Mr. Spock of Star Trek have to have every seven years?Show
Q: Who was the lead in the original pilot for the successful TV science fiction show Star Trek?Show
Q: Where did Captain James Kirk serve before the USS Enterprise?Show
Q: Scotty was played by James Doohan. What country is James originally from?Show
Q: Amanda Grayson, Spock's mother, was very fond of one author. Who was her favorite writer?Show
Q: Leo Francis Walsh was a known galactic criminal and a con man. What was his real name?Show
Q: How does Kirk call McCoy?Show
Q: Which state is the birthplace of James T. Kirk?Show
Q: What was the invention of Zefram Cochrane?Show
Q: The physiology of the alien race Horta, that caused problems in the mines of Janus VI, is based on which element?Show
Q: What was used as Dr McCoy's medical scanner in Star Trek?Show
Q: Data's cat was named what in Star Trek Next Generation?Show
Q: Dr McCoy was played by what actor in the original Star Trek series?Show
Q: In Star Trek, what is the name of Mr. Spock's father?Show
Q: Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek had two radical ideas, Spock’s Ears and what?Show
Q: In the Star Trek series, the part of Ensign Chekov was played by who?Show
Q: What actor played the part of Data in Star Trek, the Next Generation?Show

Star Trek Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What size crew did Captain Kirk command aboard the starship Enterprise?Show
Q: The Wrath of Khan was what number Star Trek movie?Show
Q: What famous former Star Trek actor directed Three Men and a Baby?Show
Q: Before gaining fame on Star Trek, in what movie did actor Leonard Nimoy first appear as an alien from outer space?Show
Q: In TV's original Star Trek series, how did a salt shaker serve as a prop on early episodes?Show
Q: In TV's Star Trek, who commanded the U.S.S. Enterprise before Capt. James T. Kirk took command?Show
Q: What science fiction TV show was originally going to be called ''Wagon Train to the Stars''?Show
Q: The original Star Trek series took place over how many years?Show
Q: Originally, the creators of the show intended for Spock to be from Mars. Later, however, they changed it to Vulcan. Why?Show
Q: Who was supporting the people of planet Neural with weapons (Episode 19, Season 2, and ‘A Private Little War')?Show
Q: Who designed the costumes for the Star Trek crew?Show
Q: In one episode, James T. Kirk engaged himself in a fight against an individual of the Gorn race on the surface of a desert planet. What was the title of the episode?Show
Q: One of the members of the crew was chief communications officer Uhura. Her name comes from Swahili word ''uhuru''. What does it mean?Show
Q: Which series was described by its creator as ''just another horse opera except they ride in a spaceship not on a nag.''?Show
Q: In Star Trek what was the vulcan Sha Ka Ree?Show
Q: In the Star Trek series, seven of nine in Voyager is played by what actress?Show
Q: In the cartoon version of Star Trek, who voiced Mr. Spock?Show
Q: Kate Mulgrew, a former Ryan's Hope star, became the first woman to captain what kind of TV series?Show
Q: What was antimatter used for on the starship Enterprise on the Star Trek TV series?Show
Q: In the original draft for the Star Trek TV series what was the name of the U.S.S. Enterprise?Show
Q: How long was the USS Enterprise's mission supposed to last?Show
Q: Apart from Star Trek, the actors Kirk, Scott, Spock, and Sulu appeared on what other program?Show
Q: Which science fiction TV program first used the word hell?Show


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