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Stranger Things Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Stranger Things Trivia Questions

strander things trivia questions
strander things trivia questions


Anyone who love the genre of Science fiction would definitely love to take a deep dive in fictional series of “Stranger Things” too. The synopsis of Stranger things is wrapped around a young lad who unveils mystery treasures of horrible supernatural forces, some questionable secret experiments and guess what? He discovers one little strange girl during uncovering the blankets of mysteries. The Duffer Brother’s co-created “Stranger Things” dominated the territory of Netflix over a significant period of time even overpassing the super-hit shows like “Daredevil” and “House Of Cards”. Get your thumbs start fidgeting over the list of challenging list of Stranger Things Trivia Questions and Answers quiz so that your thirst of being more knowledgeable about the series of Stranger things can be quenched in a pretty exciting way.

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Interesting Stranger Things Fun Facts

  • At the start Bob was meant to be a smaller part but later on the director was so inspired from Sean that they made him into a star in the series.
  • As Finn Wolfhard was sick so he recorded his audition tape from his bed and was selected for Mike’s role.
  • Billy and Steve were trained with a basketball coach for months in order to make their game seem genuinely impressive.
  • Billy’s character was inspired by Rob Lowe’s character in the 1985 film St. Elmo’s fire.
  • The first actor to be cast in the show was Gaten Matarazzo, who played Dustin’s role in the show.
  • Originally the upside down was called “Neither” but later on it’s name was changed as people were making fun of it.
  • Caleb McLauglin’s favorite video game is GTA V in real life,
  • Millie Bobby Brown who played Eleven’s role in the show is deaf in one ear.
  • The kids created a group chat with the name “Stranger Texts” to text each other on set.
  • While shooting the show whole gang went trick or treating together because they were wearing costumes, and can’t be recognized public.
  • What is eleven’s father name? Brenner
  • What is Joyce Byers’ ex-husband name? Lonnie
  • The first season of strange things was released in July 2016.
  • All the kids on the show are best friends in real life.
  • Hawkins lab’s scenes were filmed at Emory University’s Briarcliff Campus.

Stranger Things Character Trivia Questions & Answers 

Q: What is mike’s older sister’s name?Show
Q: What is eleven’s father name?Show
Q: What is Joyce Byers' ex-husband name?Show
Q: What is Will and Mike’s last name?Show
Q: What is Dustin and Lucas' last name?Show
Q: What is the name of Will's Older Brother?Show
Q: Name the agent who shoots the Diner.Show
Q: Who is Joyce?Show
Q: Name the one who disappeared in The Night Of Steve's Party?Show
Q: Eleven’s sister has tattoo on her arm what number it is?Show
Q: At the snowball who Dustin has a dance partner?Show
Q: What name did Dustin give to his new pet?Show
Q: What is the name of eleven’s mother?Show
Q: Barb's second name is __________?Show
Q: What name does the upside down originally had?Show
Q: Name the person who replaced Dr.Brenner from the post of head of Hawkins lab?Show
Q: What is the age of Will Bayer when he disappeared?Show
Q: What was the name of Dustin’s cat?Show
Q: Who was the one to find AV club?Show
Q: Name the clown who gave bob nightmares.Show
Q: Who was dressed in a Ghost’s costume for Halloween?Show
Q: What is the real life name of “Eleven”?Show
Q: Who wrote the story of stranger things and also directed it.Show
Q: Who asks “Eleven” to a school dance at the snowball?Show

Q: What nickname does Mike give to ''Eleven''?Show

Q: Chief hopper’s first name is _______________?Show
Q: What is the name of hopper’s ex girlfriend’s partner?Show
Q: What is the name of the character that cussed the most during the series?Show
Q: What is Nancy’s best friend name?Show

Stranger Things Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What is the boy’s middle school name?Show
Q: In order to find Will who helped Joyce?Show
Q: Which song will likes the most?Show
Q: Which power does Eleven Have?Show
Q: When eleven uses her power what happens to her?Show
Q: When boys found eleven what color shirt was she wearing?Show
Q: Name the thing that Eleven Steal From The Store.Show
Q: Name the fictional town where the show is set.Show
Q: ''Mornings are for coffee and contemplation'' is saying of which character?Show
Q: When Mike's father tried to fix the TV aerial which TV show was playing at that time?Show
Q: Which 1982 horror movie’s poster was hanging in the Wheeler's basement?Show
Q: Joyce surprised Will by buying tickets of which 1982 horror film?Show
Q: Name the animal that eleven killed for food in the wood.Show
Q: Name the game that the gang was first playing in the arcades.Show
Q: What picture was painted in the wall where eleven was kept while she was a baby?Show
Q: Which transport did Dustin asked Eleven to move with the help of her power?Show
Q: In order to stop Billy from attacking Steve what did max used?Show
Q: What costume did Max wear for Halloween?Show
Q: What gift does Nancy and Johnathan received from Murray?Show
Q: Who dressed as The Three Blind Mice on Halloween?Show
Q: Name the U.S state in which the show is set.Show
Q: The first season of stranger things took place in which year?Show
Q: Which film did Duffer brothers showed to the child actors in order to prepare them for their roles?Show
Q: What is the name the executive producer of the stranger things?Show
Q: In the first season of stranger things how many episodes are there?Show
Q: What is the real life name of Nancy?Show
Q: From what disorder is Dustin suffering from in real life and in the show too?Show
Q: What profession does Jonathan Byers like?Show
Q: In season 1 other than Will which other character disappeared?Show
Q: What role is given to Finn Wolfhard to perform in the show?Show
Q: What does Eleven’s mother used to take that resulted into giving eleven superhuman powers?Show
Q: Boys decided to build what contraption to save Will?Show
Q: With the help of what did Joyce and will communicated with each other?Show
Q: Will’s body was discovered at the local quarry in which episode?Show
Q: What is the color of hat that Dustin have?Show
Q: When did will got missing?Show
Q: Name the university where Jonathan Byers wants to go to.Show
Q: What was Jonathan’s age when he started thinking to go to New York University?Show
Q: Carol, Steve, Nancy, and Barb go to the party on which day of the week?Show
Q: Steve and Jonathan get in a big fight in what episode of stranger things?Show
Q: For how many days Will was in upside down?Show
Q: On what date did the first trailer for Season 2 was released on YouTube?Show
Q: Name the book that hopper was reading for Sarah in the hospital.Show
Q: What is the color of the dog that belongs to will?Show
Q: When was first season released on Netflix?Show
Q: Why did “Eleven” refused to meet Mike’s parents?Show
Q: From who’s home did Scientists from the laboratory find a substance oozing from the walls?Show
Q: While searching for Will what did Mr. Clarke discovers outside the laboratory grounds?Show
Q: To what place does Joyce go to see will’s body?Show
Q: What does Hopper discovers in the basement of the lab?Show
Q: What animal did Nancy and Jonathan find in the woods?Show
Q: On October 28, 1984, to escape from whom did Kali and her gang use her psychic powers?Show
Q: From where did Dustin hear a noise outside his home?Show
Q: In season 2 after escaping from upside down where do “Eleven” go?Show

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