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Supernatural Trivia Questions & Answers

List of great Supernatural Trivia Questions

Supernatural Trivia Questions & Answers
Supernatural Trivia Questions & Answers


Take a dig at America’s favorite horror show with ‘Supernatural’ trivia game featuring the most eminent characters and monsters from the Supernatural TV series that shall make your family get together amazingly fun. ‘Supernatural’, an American fantasy horror television series broadcasted on Warner Bros is a sensational creation of Eric Kripke. The story revolves around are two fearless brothers who love to hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural beings. With its electrifying and enchanting stories, Supernatural has gathered an impressive fan following and has become the longest-running American live-action fantasy TV series that has been renewed staggeringly for the thirteenth season. Give your brain a warm-up teaser about your favorite American TV series with a bunch of interesting Supernatural Trivia questions and answers. Challenge your friends and families who are crazy fans of Supernatural TV series to brush up their memory skills about their much-loved TV series.

 Interesting Supernatural Trivia Facts

  • Azazel killed John Twice in the “ supernatural” once in the episode “In The Beginning”, and the other time in “In My Time Of Dying”.
  • The Bloodlust episode from supernatural doesn’t involve any ghost
  • Dean and Jessica have same birthday in the series “Supernatural”.
  • The episode Monster Movie” was shoot in black and white version in order to give it an old horror movie look.
  • It was considered as the longest running North American fantasy series with its eleventh season.
  • “The pilot” has approximately 5.69 million viewers.
  • The first four episodes of Supernatural got much fame and prompted WB to continue the series for seasons
  • Supernatural was first decided to be a three season series but later on it was extended to five.
  • When it was time to give names to the leading characters Kripke decided it to be “Sal” and “Dean” but later on “Sal” was changed to “Sam”
  • Most of the main villains on the show were killed by Dean

Supernatural Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What was Winchester’s last name?Show
Q: Whose last name is Campell in the series?Show
Q: Name the girl with whom Dean went live?Show
Q: Which two characters were born on the same date on 'Supernatural'?Show
Q: Name the girl who stole the Colt was killed by the hellhounds.Show
Q: First name of Castiel's vessel's was _______?Show
Q: Who was Ellen?Show
Q: Last name of Gordon was ________?Show
Q: Who runs the bar where hunters hung out?Show
Q: When did Mary Winchester expire in the supernatural?Show
Q: What is the name of Michael’s true vessel?Show
Q: What was Ellen and Jo's last name?Show
Q: What was Dean and Jessica’s date of birth?Show
Q: Name the two Winchesters who are directly killed by Azazel in the series?Show
Q: In which year the original colt was built?Show
Q: Sam is afraid of what since his childhood?Show
Q: Name the psychic friend of John Winchester.Show
Q: What was Sam’s age when his girlfriend died?Show
Q: Who killed Gwen?Show
Q: Name the one who was killed by Sam in episode “Fresh Blood'.Show
Q: Name the character that tortured Dean in hell.Show
Q: When Sam celebrates his birthday in “ Supernatural”?Show
Q: Who killed Dean in the series “Supernatural”?Show
Q: Name the two kids who have special powers like Sam.Show
Q: Name the kid Dean thought was his son.Show
Q: What did Sam and Dean used to fill their shotgun shells?Show
Q: Sam and Dean Winchester were named after which relatives?Show
Q: What was Mary’s parent's name?Show
Q: What is Sam's date of birth?Show
Q: Who killed Sam?Show
Q: What character does Jared Padalecki plays in “Supernatural”?Show
Q: When was Dean born in this series?Show
Q: What is the real life name of Dean Jensen?Show
Q: Name the angel who wanted to kill Sam.Show
Q: To whom did Rumsfeld (dog) belong?Show
Q: What is Sam's girlfriend’s name?Show

Supernatural Trivia Creatures Questions & Answers

Q: Name the supernatural creature that is been featured in “Heat”.Show
Q: What does changeling creature do?Show
Q: In “Faith” which creature was featured?Show
Q: In “ Something wicked” Sam and Dean fight with which creature?Show
Q: Name the creature that by which Dean is sent to an alternate reality.Show
Q: How a leviathan can be killed according to supernatural?Show
Q: Name the creature that like to suck the souls out of children?Show
Q: In the sixth series which supernatural being was first seen?Show
Q: Who tried to suck the soul out of Sam?Show
Q: What metal can cause pain to Leprechaun?Show
Q: What kind of monsters does Benny belong to?Show
Q: With what did Sam shot the leprechaun?Show
Q: How can ghoul be harmed According to ''Supernatural''?Show
Q: What is the name of the creature that live in Purgatory?Show
Q: What was first introduced as “trickster” and later was found to be Gabriel?Show
Q: Name the first creature that Colt killed?Show
Q: In the episode ''The Third Man'' Sam and Dean find out that in exchange of what did the angel Balthazar was selling heaven's weapons?Show
Q: What did the boys realized they were hunting In ''Hell House''?Show
Q: How many episodes of “supernatural” involved witches?Show
Q: With whom did Mary make a deal to bring John back to life?Show
Q: Name the demon that became king of Hell when Lucifer was stuck in the cage?Show
Q: In episode 'In My Time of Dying', why did demon kill John once again?Show
Q: In the episode 'All Hell Breaks loose' who played Ava’s role?Show
Q: Name the supernatural being that can be identified easily through a CCTV camera?Show
Q: In which season you can see “the king of witch”?Show
Q: To what does Sam became addicted?Show

Supernatural Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: In which episode did John Winchester expire?Show
Q: An angel sent Dean to which year in the future?Show
Q: There is difference of how many years between Sam and Dean’s age?Show
Q: What was Dean and Sam’s age when their mother died?Show
Q: How many episodes with shifters do the first six seasons of ''Supernatural'' had?Show
Q: Which shifter does Season 2 had?Show
Q: In which episode did Sam say these words “What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak''?Show
Q: While Meg was dressing up what did Sam saw Meg had on her left shoulder?Show
Q: In ''No Exit'' What song was playing on radio by the band “Foreigner”?Show
Q: Who was the one to bring Castiel back from Purgatory?Show
Q: The brothers were trying to prevent something in season 4. What was it?Show
Q: What color car does Dean has?Show
Q: In the episode “Long distance call” what color does Sam’s rental car was?Show
Q: Who is Chuck in the “ supernatural”?Show
Q: Pamela dies in which episode of supernatural?Show
Q: In the episode “My bloody Valentine” who was been punched by Dean?Show
Q: “My daddy shot your daddy in the head” who spoke these word?Show
Q: In order to bring Sam back to life what did Dean do?Show
Q: What eye color does Azazel had?Show
Q: Gordon sent whom after Sam in ''Bad Day at Black Rock''.Show
Q: What did Sam used to kill Gordon?Show
Q: What was killing people in the episode ''The Benders''?Show
Q: Where did Azazel kill Mary?Show
Q: Why was Bobby forced to kill his wife?Show
Q: In which episode Dean said this I'll man the flashlight!Show
Q: Why did Dean refuse to take the gun when Sam asked him to?Show
Q: The Sheriff's brother drives which car in the episode ''The Benders''?Show
Q: In which episode did Jessica die?Show
Q: I'm a whole new level of freak!” Who said these words and in which episode?Show
Q: Who is called as “A knight of hell” in the series?Show
Q: What coordinates did police pointed out to John from the Journal?Show
Q: Where did the coordinates lead the brothers?Show
Q: In which episode the song ''Crystal Ship'' by The Doors was playing?Show
Q: Dean and demon Meg came into contact in which episode?Show
Q: Which drink does Dean likes having?Show
Q: Why was Crowley trying to find Purgatory during season 6?Show
Q: Bobby Singer for the first time appeared in which episode?Show
Q: You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain'' are the words of which character from Supernatural?Show
Q: What was written on the window while Sam and Ruby where having their dinner in the episode ''The Kids Are Alright''?Show
Q: In what three colors these words were written?Show
Q: Who loved to eat Hamburgers from the seaside shack in Delaware?Show
Q: To open the portal to Lucifer's cage who gives Dean the ring?Show
Q: What were the last 4 security digits that Dean told to the cell phone company in the episode ''Lazarus rising''?Show
Q: What did Castiel told boys she was doing in the heaven?Show
Q: Sam and Castiel met each other in which episode?Show
Q: In which episode does dean says, ''If you say 'I told you so', I swear to God, I'll start swinging”? And to whom does he say this?Show
Q: How can Wendigo be killed?Show
Q: At the end of season 3 where does the Dean go?Show
Q: What was the only episode in which one of the brothers was possessed?Show
Q: In ''Red Sky At Morning'' What response did Sam gave to Dean when he said, Can I shoot her?Show
Q: What were the last four digits of Dean's cell phone number?Show


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