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Teen Wolf Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great Teen Wolf Trivia Questions

teen wolf trivia questions and answers
teen wolf trivia questions and answers

Teen Wolf is an American TV series which was initially progressed by Jeff Davis. It is a multiple genre television series. Being a mix of horror, comedy-drama, romance and action, Teen Wolf has always been a top-rated television series, both for teens and adults. We have managed to compile a comprehensive list of Teen Wolf Trivia Questions & Answers that serve as an addictive quiz game.

With huge success coming its way, all of its six seasons combined have a tally of over a hundred episodes that have been already been aired. Obviously, who wouldn’t love a mix of some drama, comedy and some thrill?

Are you a huge fan of this hit Werewolf TV series too? Well, we thought so, which is why we have accumulated this downloadable and exciting Teen Wolf trivia questions and answers quiz which will certainly develop your interest in the series even more. For all those die hard Teen Wolf fans, this trivia quiz game worksheet is definitely something to relish. So, get a chance to explore, dig deep into the mysteries and find out the minor details which you probably missed while watching. Let’s see how big fan you really are!!!

10 Most Interesting Teen Wolf Trivia Facts

  • Tyler and Dylan are best friends in real life.
  • Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman.
  • The series was originally shot in four different locations; California, Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles.
  • The popular television series “Teen Wolf “premiered for the first time back on June 5th, 2011 and last aired on September 24th,
  • Linda and Susan are real married couple.
  • The series was nominated for Best Youth-Oriented Series on Television and also got to win the Saturn Award for this nomination.
  • The series has been nominated for a total of 50 different awards out of which it won 19 and 31 remained just nominated.
  • In the United Kingdom, BSkyB aired the first two season on two different channels, Pay Television and Sky Living. But unfortunately, just after season 1’s finale, they stopped airing any season, anymore.
  • Tyler Posey’s dad was also included in the show cast.
  • It normally takes up to four and a half hour to turn the actor Tyler Posey into a werewolf.

Teen Wolf Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: What was the name of the second episode of season 1 on the famous television series Teen Wolf?Show
Q: Which body part of Derek’s sister did Scott find?Show
Q: What was the color of the liquid inside the bullet, Derek got shot with?Show
Q: According to Derek, Wendigos were described as?Show
Q: Who was Malia Hale?Show
Q: Last person, to forget that Stiles ever existed was?Show
Q: Which type of supernatural creature was Mr. Douglas?Show
Q: Wild Hunt disappeared the Citizens of Cannan on?Show
Q: Who is Stile’s crush among the girls?Show
Q: Occupation wise, Scott’s mom was basically a?Show
Q: Even though in Season 3 it was revealed which supernatural creature Lydia was but even before that in Season 2, Jennifer Blake identified Lydia as?Show
Q: In the episode Illuminated, who was the person who helped Kira access her mobile phone while she was at the police station?Show
Q: After Doctor Valack got a little information from Lydia, it was finally revealed that Theo let his sister die because?Show
Q: How was the maid of Gevaudan, Marie-Jeanne Valet related to the beast?Show
Q: After Scott, Allison and Stiles drowned what did Scott realize?Show
Q: What were the three words which let Liam stay human during his trip to Mexico?Show

Teen Wolf Characters Trivia Questions & Answer

Q: Name the real-life twins who played the one-time Alphas, Ethan and Aidan?Show
Q: Tyler Posey is best friend with whom in real life?Show
Q: In real life, Shelley Hennig is best friends with?Show
Q: Before he played Chris Agent, which werewolf hunter from Teen Wolf played a role in the famous television series The Secret Circle?Show
Q: Out of 2000 applicants which Teen Wolf character got a chance to play a role in “Road to Perdition”?Show
Q: Whose real-life dad played a role in Teen Wolf as a doctor?Show
Q: Whose older brother has cerebral palsy in real life?Show
Q: Which cast member has more bloopers than any other cast member?Show
Q: Which cast member was a real-life beauty queen (2004’s Miss Teen USA)?Show
Q: How many hours does it take to turn Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) into a werewolf?Show
Q: Crystal Reed played Allison Argent in which seasons?Show
Q: Arden Cho who plays quite a hardcore role in the series is a lot more different in real life. What does she really do in real life?Show
Q: Two of the cast members are also band members though they are not in the same band. Who are they?Show
Q: Instead of Taylor Lautner, which Teen Wolf cast member was being cast in famous movie series Twilight?Show
Q: Which two Teen Wolf actors were dating in real life?Show
Q: Which Teen Wolf characters are married in real life?Show


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