200+ Thanksgiving Charades Word Game Ideas

There are so many things that we are thankful for, and reading our collection of thanksgiving charade words, you will be assured. Thanksgiving charade word ideas range from the foods that are specially made for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner to the autumn vibes of this festive holiday.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in November on the fourth Thursday every year. Thanksgiving has always been the holiday on which families reunite and gather to celebrate and cherish each other.

It was first celebrated in 1621 when the Pilgrims had their first harvest and that is known as the First Thanksgiving. This festival which is being celebrated for the past four centuries is one of its kind in the United States.

No Thanksgiving is complete without delicious meals and fun trivia and games. and to make sure that your Thanksgiving party is the best gathering in the neighborhood, you have to include a Thanksgiving Charade Game. Charade is a fun and inclusive game and lights up any party.

It requires to act out the phrases that you are going to get randomly and get a point every point your team is able to guess that word. By giving it a traditional Thanksgiving holiday twist and enjoying it with some freshly cooked Turkey and apple pies, you will be able to have an amazing time with the blessings of Thanksgiving as well.

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How to Play Thanksgiving Charade Game

Thanksgiving Charade game is easy to play and is similar to other guessing games. Following are the steps to play thanksgiving charade game.

Step 01: Gathering Family

Gather your family and friends and form their teams. Make sure that each team has at least two members.

Step 02: Writing Thanksgiving Charade Words

Distribute pens and papers among the teams. Once they have got those, ask the teams to write many Thanksgiving charade words on paper. A good number would be somewhere around 15 to 20.

Step 03: Playing & Winning Thanksgiving Charade Words

The teams can include hard and funny words connected to the Thanksgiving holiday to minimize the chances that the opponent team wins. Then the teams can fold the papers and put them in a basket or a bowl. These baskets or bowls would be given to the opposing teams and each team would have to guess the words decided by the opponent teams.

Another Method of Playing Thanksgiving Charade Game

Another way of playing this game would be deciding a coordinator and let them write the Thanksgiving charade game ideas on paper and using those words only to play. Each team member would get up and randomly choose the paper chits.

Then they would get sixty seconds to act in order to make their team members guess the words. Every time the team is able to figure out the correct word, they will get a point added. If the teams end up having a tie, a bonus round can be added where the teams would get three minutes to guess six charade words having thirty seconds for each word.

To make the participants excited and motivated, you can offer caramel apples as a prize to the teams who guesses the most words and wins the game.

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Easy Thanksgiving Charades Words

Playing charades for the first time or confused which words to use so it is not too hard to act them out? Here are some easy Thanksgiving charade words for you to try and make the most out of Thanksgiving.

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Apple cider Mashed potatoes Honey Ham
Turkey Apple Cobbler Apple pie
Travel Acorn Applesauce
Autumn Baking Pies Blessings
Bonfire Care Candlesticks
Corn Corn Maze Crow
Fall Festival Food
Football Free time Grace
Grateful Grateful Harvest
Gravy Hayride Haystack
Home Hoodies Imagination
Leaves Love Maple Syrup
Mashed Potatoes Mayflower Memories
Nature Parade Picking Apples
Playing Football Resting Rolls
Squirrel Sunflowers Sweet Corn
Table Setting Tablecloth Teachers
table table table
Thankful Vacation More

Hard Thanksgiving Charades Words

If you want to put your friends through their paces to play the most incredible and competitive game of Thanksgiving charades, you have to include these Thanksgiving charade words. These Thanksgiving charade word ideas are hard enough to give you the best tricky game of charades.

1st Thanksgiving Autumn breeze Bobbing for apples
Bread pudding Brussels sprouts Buffet
Building a Fire Carving pumpkins Casserole
Centerpiece Changing colors Children
Chill in the Air Chopping Wood Coffee
Cornucopia Cranberry Cranberry Sauce
Croissants Falling leaves Feast
Firefighters Foliage Food Drives
Freedom Good health Gratitude
Gravy Green Bean Casserole Hayride
Indian Corn Jesus Christ Knitting a Scarf
Leaf piles Macys Parade New England
Nurses Nutmeg Owl
Pecan Pie Pilgrims Pinecones
Plymouth Rock Potluck Praise
Prayer Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Spice Latte Rake
Raking leaves Red Parade Rejoice
Retirement Savings Scarecrow in the field
Scarecrows S’mores Squanto
Stuffing Stuffing a Turkey Surviving the cold
Sweater weather Sweet Potato Casserole Sweet Potatoes Stuffing
The Great Pumpkin Thursday Turkey Bowl
Venison Wealth Wild rice
Wisdom Wish on the Wishbone Worship

Thanksgiving Charade Ideas for Kids

Festivals and holidays are days for which kids patiently wait (well, not really) all year. Kids can also use these Thanksgiving charade words and spend their day playing games and living the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Some Thanksgiving charade word ideas for kids are:

Biscuits Bread Caramel apples
Carrots Celebrate Celebration
Cooking Cornbread Cranberries
Deep-fried turkey Drumstick Dumplings
Eating corn Family Gather
Good weather Holiday Indians
Kids Table Mashed Potatoes Moon
Napkin November Orange
Pets Platter Pumpkin
Pumpkin pie Rolls Rolls Baking
Spinach Squash Stuffing
Sweet Potatoes Thankful Thanks
Turkey Walnuts Watching TV
Winter More

Thanksgiving Charade Ideas for Adults

Thanksgiving is never complete without having some fun games and friendly competitions. Thanksgiving charade words can include some traditional ideas and can put your guessing abilities to the test. Below are some Thanksgiving charade word ideas for adults.

1621 Blustery Wind Cleaning the house
Creamed Corn Democracy Dressing
Eating a burnt Turkey Employment Faith
Gobble Happiness Having a great conversation
Inviting friends over Leftovers Making a toast
Maple syrup Massachusetts Massasoit
Meeting people after a long time Native American Parade Floats
Pilgrims Police officers Proclamation
Pumpkin Seeds Samoset Sweet potato pie
Thanksgiving dinner Travel to aunt’s house Turkey Pardoning
Yams More

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