Thanksgiving Mad Libs Game Ideas

Want to feel merry and bright this Thanksgiving? Excited to have yummiest dinner parties with a fun-filled Mad Libs games to play this year with your friends and family? November is approaching soon and so Thanksgiving too! Mad Libs, been around for more than 50 years and still haven’t lost its charm. Brace yourself to start rolling on the floor with hilarious mad libs stories and poems ending up in unexpected ways! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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How to Play Thanksgiving Mad Libs Game

Thanksgiving Mad libs activity is a never-ending fun for kids, teens, and tweens and even for adults. There are a few methods mentioned below keeping the age group of your audience in consideration.

Method # 01

Mention nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs on given notecards. Each player has to draw any of each type of word and has to make a Grammarly correct sentence.

Each player will receive a score of four points for each correctly made sentence. In order to declare a player as winner, one has to succeed in exceeding fifty points to win the game.

Method # 02

Use any of the children’s book that your kids have been using or buy any used children’s book from a nearby bookstore.

You can shortlist some easy to understand short stories or poems. Kids can go through the whole story and identifying nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives on a chalkboard with a large piece of paper probably on a poster board so that those chosen words can be shaped in a form of the story.

Every player has to read the story aloud in front of other players. The story that gets most votes for the best story will be chosen as the winner.

You can this game to be played by individual players or by players in different teams depending on the age and number of players participating in the game.

Method # 03

Thanksgiving Mad Libs Game Ideas for Kids & Adults
Thanksgiving Mad Libs Game Ideas for Kids & Adults

Depending on the interest and age group of the game participants, you can choose any writing type may be a poem, short paragraphs based short stories, interesting extracts from famous novels or classic literature and type it with blank spaces for the players to fill the blank spaces with appropriate words.

Don’t forget to provide a list at the start or end of games indicating the definition of nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.

You can create on Mad lib for each player or each team and randomly pass it among your participants. When all the indicated blanks have been filled up, each player has to read their story loudly in front of other players and the most interestingly engaging story will win.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs Ideas for Kids

Playing mad libs with your kids is a wonderful activity as it is equally helpful in teaching kids about the basic concept about parts of speech. As November is approaching, you will surely be in need of exciting mad lib ideas for your kids.

Plan a road trip with friends and family or you can have an indoor activity for playing mad libs with kids. Take pintables mad lib with you to double the fun of Thanksgiving. Caution: Teary eyes by laughing continuously and belly laugh coming up as Thanksgiving Mad libs will bring the unlimited fun.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs Ideas for Adults

Keeping the theme, age and interest level of the participants you can go ahead with choosing an engaging extract from a newspaper, a leading magazine, any greeting card or any of your favorite product description.

One can compose a poem or short story just for laughter or an inspiring story just to inspire others. We bet that insightful stories will successfully bring a smile to everyone’s face with opening their heart full of gratitude for many things that they have been taking for granted.

Another idea is to discuss real-life experiences in which one has to express gratitude but could not do at that moment and at the get-together of thanksgiving, a chance to all the participants will be granted to say “Thank You” to their loved ones to which they had never said before or were too shy to express.

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